The Rockets’ Red Glare

Regarding the escalation of violence by Hizbollah’s (or the Iranian Revolutionary Guard) firing of missiles into Haifa, what’s the difference between a rocket and a missile?

An interesting discussion of this is taking place between the pundits at GCP. I’ll let Rayra explain it.

The Katyusha is a bombardment rocket the Soviets came up with during WWII. A ‘ground to ground’ ballistic weapon. Elevate it, aim it, it goes up, it comes down. Same in principal to the original Congreve’s rockets of the Napoleanic era (the rockets red glare).It’s a short- to short/mid-range weapon.Our MLRS system is of a similar genus (but with much more technologically advanced warhead systems).
The difference between a missile and a rocket is that the rocket is ‘dumb’. It follows a ballistic trajectory and that’s that. You can fuse it to do different things at the end of its flight, and we’ve created all manner of clever frightfulness for their warheads. A Missile is guided/ has a brain, can steer itself to arrive at a set point or target.
The Sagger’s a guided anti-tank weapon, small penetrating warhead and trails wires connecting it to the launcher so it can be steered onto its target. You don’t do that over an 18mi flight – at least not in the sense that ‘Iranian upgrade’ statement infers. Sounds like another piece of Iranian bullshit weapon claim, repeated unchecked by western MSM.
We learned a lot about rocket artillery in my training and short career, but I never learned much about Comm-Bloc intermediate ballistic rockets. I had enough to worry about with the soviet field artillery that always outranged our own, and about Soviet doctrines that called for counter-battery fire being conducted by saturation of a 1km-square box centered on where their radar said our fire came from.
/not meaning to step on Reaganite’s field of expertise

thanks, Rayra.


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