Botox Burqa Babes

“Malaysia’s highest Islamic authority has banned Muslims from using Botox injections for cosmetic purposes.
The National Fatwa Council ruled on Thursday that the injections were not to be allowed because they contained some substances that were banned.The council technically has no legal power, but Muslims who go against their rulings are said to be committing sins.
It made its decision “after studying reports from abroad, local specialists and fatwas made in Middle Eastern countries”, council chairperson Shukor Husin told the newspaper.”

National Fatwah Council?
Holy sh*thouse mouse.
My question is this: burqua-clad women obviously have no need for botox. So, has there been a rash of muslm men getting botox injections?
Let the seething begin.


Time To Crank Up Ol’ Sparky

It’s a Small World After All

“Like other rural residents of southern Mississippi, Jamie Lucenberg, 35, faced a huge cleanup job last fall in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. He needed a tractor fast to clear debris and trees from his 17-acre family farm, just 16 miles north of devastated Biloxi. “We literally had to cut our way up and down the blacktop roads,” he recalls.

But rather than buy an American-made John Deere or New Holland, brands he grew up with, Lucenberg chose a shiny red Mahindra 5500 made by India’s Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. “I have been around equipment all my life,” says Lucenberg, who also used the tractor to earn extra money clearing destroyed homes along the Gulf Coast. But for $27,000, complete with a front loader, the 54-hp Mahindra “is by far the best for the money. It has more power and heavier steel,” Lucenberg says. “When you lock it into four-wheel drive, you can move 3,000 pounds like nothing. That thing’s an animal.” The local dealership in nearby Saucier, Miss. (population 1,300), figures it has sold 300 Mahindras in the past four months.”

Emerging multinational corporations from China, Brazil, Russia, and India are fast becoming major players in the world business scene. The landscape is changing quickly. The worst thing we can do is to underestimate them.

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Here’s a great gift idea for your Trial Attorney, or for lawsuit fans everywhere.
And just in time for Christmas!

Different state editions of the ‘Hurricane Blame Game’ for each of the hurricane-prone states are offered, such as the Florida Edition(shown above). The players represent trial lawyers who compete to see whose law firm can collect the greatest wealth from filing lawsuits against ‘Big Oil’ companies, or against individual states that failed to respond to hurricane strikes.

The players do not have to prove that global warming caused individual hurricanes to be able to win lawsuits against the oil companies. “Just like in the real world, public displeasure with oil company profits after the 2005 hurricane season is expected to lead to successful lawsuits and large monetary awards, just like in our game”, explained Mr. Tarrow. “Every player ends up being a winner.”

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Atlas Live-blogs Bolton Hearings

Live-blogging the Bolton hearings.
here’s the link


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some people think this may be a cynical attempt to drive up my traffic count by putting the picture of Atlas at the top.
(I’ll let you know when I check the sitemeter at the end of the day. Heh™)


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