This Breaking News Just In — Part 2

CASTRO DEATH WATCH (I certainly hope someone has him in the Dead Pool)

(h/t Summer, FR)

from Focus News (Brazil) Cuba’s leader Fidel Castro has cancer, N-TV TV station announced citing Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo considered to be well informed about Castro’s health.According to the newspaper Brazil’s President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva has been informed by Havana that Fidel Castro has a cancer formation in his stomach. “It looks like we are losing our friend,” the Brazilian newspaper reads citing Luis Inacio Lula da Silva. Even if he recovers from the stomach operation Cuba’s leader most probably won’t be able to run the country again, Folha de São Paulo comments.


Jihad leader’s suicide bomb warning

After more than 100 balaclava-clad “jihadis” demonstrated their martial arts skills in Pontianak, on the Indonesian island of Borneo, yesterday, the group’s leader said he was preparing to launch bombing attacks against Israeli interests in several countries, including Australia, Britain and the US.
“If, after the 48-hour deadline, the aggressions continue, we can’t be held responsible if there are suicide bombings in countries that support the aggressions of the Israeli military, if it is America, Australia or other countries,” Asian Muslim Youth Movement (AMYM) leader Suaib Didu said. ~snip~However, the number of fighters who attended yesterday’s morning’s show of force, was far less than the 3000 jihadis Didu had earlier claimed he would dispatch.
Didu said that the men consisted of the former mujahideen or holy war fighters who had been selected to be sent overseas.
“They are militants that have experience and carried out operations in Afghanistan and Moro [Philippines]. So we don’t doubt their ability,” Didu told The Sun-Herald.

You can’t tell too much from the photo, but they look like baby-faced teenagers with goat’s milk on their breath to me.

We certainly live in interesting times.

read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.

SNP–Homeland Security News

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CNN — All The Moral Relativism That’s Fit To Broadcast

Mark Finkelstein has a great article at Newsbusters: Here’s an excerpt:

The moral relativism never ends at CNN. In the wake of shootings by a Muslim at a Seattle Jewish center that left one person dead and others injured, CNN somehow managed to equate the fears of American Jews that there could be other such incidents . . . with the fears of American supporters of Hezbollah.
The focus of the ‘Safe at Home?’ segment narrated by CNN’s Kelli Arena on today’s Saturday Morning show was indeed the aftermath of that Seattle shooting, and how Jewish groups around the country are expressing fears and taking precautions.
But you could almost hear the CNN producer’s gears grinding: “Wait! We can’t have a segment that focuses exclusively on Jewish fears. Quick: get me some balance!” What CNN came up with was an interview with Rami Nuseir, an Arab-American activist.
CNN’s Arena started the relativistic slide by claiming that the FBI’s program of reaching out to Arab-American leaders for help in identifying potential threats has ‘backfired’: “Arab-Americans feel as though they are constantly under suspicion.”

Good grief.

read more at Newsbusters

Saturday Morning Seethe

Several vocal moslems in California are seething because LA Mayor Villaraigosa appears to be taking sides in the Israel-hizballah conflict.

“We’re fed up,” added Maher Hathout, chairman of the Islamic Center of Southern
Moslem leaders say they were also offended because Gov. Schwartzenager was a featured speaker at a pro-Israel rally.

Hmmm, moslems offended, moslems seething, moslems angry….. what a surprise. An event like this could skew the hit count at google.

read more at Mercury News


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