‘the jihad will continue until the whole world is Muslim’.

Rarely have I read anything like this. It explores the subject of “Sudden Jihad Syndrome” in an interesting and thought provoking way. The article is by an author named The “Avenging Apostate” and is posted at the Pedestrian Infidel.

Here is an excerpt: “The difference today though is that now the enemy is among us. If a Muslim is seemingly peaceful, normal, and jolly one day, but shoots six women (one of them pregnant) the next, what guarantee do you have that your next door Muslim neighbor won’t do the same? I can tell you, as a former Muslim, that if it doesn’t happen today, there’s absolutely no guarantees that it won’t happen tomorrow. And then your supposedly ‘peaceful neighbor’ who just happens to follow a certain religion will be the one committing mass murder in the name of one and only one thing, Islam. Are they misguided? Yes. Do they misunderstand Islam? No. One or two people can misunderstand, but one billion?

To Muslims, nothing is as important as fulfilling the will of Allah. Mohammed gave two explicit orders on his deathbed–‘the only religion on the Arabian peninsula should be Islam’ and that ‘the jihad will continue until the whole world is Muslim’. Muslims all over the world are still marching to those orders to this very day.” CLICK TO READ MORE

Where Is Israel Headed?

“There are nearly six million Jews living in Israel today. I find the number of Jews now living in our homeland compared to the number murdered by Hitler an interesting phenomenon. Here we are today, again under attack from our enemies, and the potential to destroy six million again is at hand.”

Zachary Rowen Taylor, an American volunteer serving in the Israeli Army, takes an unflinching look at the hard road to co-existence at PoliticsCentral

Meanwhile, “Norway up in arms after author asserts Israel has lost right to exist….An article in a leading Norwegian newspaper last weekend lambasted Israel and Judaism and said Israel has lost its right to exist in its present form.”…
[Author Jostein] Gaarder said he does not question Israel’s right to exist, “but not as an apartheid state.” more at haaretz

Israellycool has the Quote of the day from Aussie Dave: “All the nations are one day going to come together and start talking peace amongst themselves. This talk of peace will have one underlying goal: to destroy Israel. And their rationale shall be: because they [the Jews] established for themselves their own government; and though the Jews will be in tremendous danger at that time, nevertheless they will not be destroyed; in fact, from that very situation they will be saved.”

Van has some new ideas for airline security at KesherTalk

Mazel tov to Carl and Adina on their 25th

Friday Open

Saw this over at Joe Citizen

Windshield Time

US Hwy 61.
Go North to the home of the Delta Blues.
Go South to the home of Dixieland Jazz.

MIT’s Energy “Manhattan Project”

Alternative Energy Sources.
Nothing gets my spidey-news-senses tingling like that phrase. Heh™.
Want to stop enabling ME terrorists? Then find a way to quit feeding the Oil-Ticks who bleed the wealth of the Western world, and then use the proceeds to fund terrorism. Here’s a great article from C-Net about a project underway at MIT.

Solar cells made from spinach. Algae-based biofuel fattened on greenhouse gas. Plasma-powered turbo engines. These are just some of the technologies being developed by a Manhattan Project-style research effort for new energy technologies at MIT.

Scientists at MIT are undertaking a big, ambitious, university-wide program to develop innovative energy tech under the auspices of the university’s Energy Research Council.

“The urgent challenge of our time (is) clean, affordable energy to power the world,” said MIT President Susan Hockfield.

Inaugurated last year, the project is likened by Hockfield to MIT’s contribution to radar — a key technology that helped win World War II.~snip~

We’re at the starting line now,” said Moniz. “The idea of a portfolio of different energy research areas — but also a portfolio in terms of time-to-yield — is certainly in our minds.”

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The End Of The World Gang

Days that changed history: August 12, 1981. IBM introduced the 5150 Personal Computer. “We had no clue it would be developed into what it developed into,” said Mark Dean, a member of the IBM project team, which rejoiced in code names including “The End of the World Gang.”

“We developed this as a productivity tool mostly for business,” Dean said.
“They had the IBM name in business, which meant a lot at that time, and the DOS (Disk Operated System) which allowed for the development of software that really took off and made the machine go beyond the stars.”

A fledgling company named Microsoft bought the rights to the “Quick and Dirty Operating System” for 50,000 dollars and developed it into the cash cow Windows software used on approximately 90 percent of the world’s computers.

In what might rank as the biggest business mistake of all time, IBM failed to secure exclusive rights to the DOS system touted by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, enabling the Harvard dropout to become the world’s richest man.

“DOS was the grandfather of all the machines we have today, pretty much,” Garcia said.

In a move that fueled the proliferation of PCs, IBM encouraged other firms to clone its machines.

“The clones were the ones that moved things forward,” Dean said. “The fact that everyone who built a PC had to make it 100 percent compatible was pivotal.”

read more at physorg

This Breaking Report Just In – Part 3

CASTRO Death Watch Update

Until there is confirmation that the Generalissimo has assumed room temperature, you can dance along with the Dead Castro Dance

It’s got a beat, and you can bop till you drop. I give it a “7”

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