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Ask The Ayatollah

I can’t tell you how many news articles I’ve read since 9/11 that have quoted one or several “islamic scholars”. It is obviously an occupation in the muslim world that is in great demand, and commands great respect. I’ve often wondered “Why are there so dang many islamic scholars?”

mullahsmissiles.jpgOne reason might be that other than crude oil, there is very little of export value coming from muslim countries. So, there is no real upward mobility that is common in countries that thrive on manufacturing, trade, service, or technology. The only true domestic industry these countries have is religion. Kind of like a Johnny-One-Note, and they play that one note for all it’s worth. Continue reading

Eurabia Watch

I enjoy reading Paul Belian of The Brussels Journal. His writing style is crisp, and he has a way of telling a story that keeps his readers interested in the subject at hand. Paul also represents the traditional way of European thinking that has lost favor with the media and governmental types who have fully embraced multi-culturalism and political correctness to the exclusion of common sense. I sympathize.

Swamps sent me this article from Paul’s archives, and I wanted to excerpt this small portion to comment on, especially since nothing’s much changed today. today:

If there is “anger” of a kind, it is no more than infuriation at the, from their point of view, arrogant presumption of the French politicians that Muslims would even consider adopting, let alone abiding by rules that the French have set…. Their message is: get out of our way, get out of our territory, and: you act like you think you’re the boss but we’ll show you who really is.

It is imperative that Americans realise that Western Europe has ceased to be a continent of more or less likeminded cousins at the other side of the

Continue reading

SF Fleet Week

fleetweek_angels1.jpg Fleet Week begins this morning with survey flights by the Blue Angels. All air events will take place over San Francisco Bay. Ought to be a fun time for all. A full schedule of events, and ticket information can be found here.
Go Navy.

Pennsylvania man indicted for pipeline bombing conspiracy

A Federal grand jury returned an indictment against a Pennsylvania man for “trying to conspire with Al Qaeda to destroy major oil and gas pipelines in the United States”

Michael C. Reynolds, 47, could face up to 80 years in prison and fines totaling $1.5 million if found guilty, according to the indictment filed Tuesday in the Federal District Court…. The F.B.I. arrested Reynolds in a sting in December 2005. The prosecution said Reynolds began communicating with what he believed were Qaeda operatives through a Web-based chat group in October 2005. His contact in the forum was not a member of Al Qaeda, however, and began cooperating with the authorities.


Muslim Cop Won’t Guard Israeli Embassy

A story from The Guardian

Metropolitan Police have ordered a review of policies which allow officers to refuse duty based on ‘Moral grounds” after a muslim officer objected to being assigned to protect the Israeli embassy in London yesterday.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said Sir Ian had ordered a rethink of the service’s policy to consider special dispensations on moral grounds.

“Having learned of this issue I have asked for an urgent review of the situation and a full report into the circumstances,” he said. A Met spokesman earlier said allowances were occasionally granted to officers who objected to duties on moral grounds.

I suppose that “To Serve and Protect” doesn’t apply to muslims protecting Jews. This

cannot be allowed to stand, else it is the beginning of the end for British civilization

Step One

laser3.jpglaser3.jpg The WordPress Dashboard is a lot different than blogger. Not quite as user friendly, or maybe I just got used to the other setup. Anyway, I’ll be tweeking and setting up for a while now. Please feel free to comment.


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