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laser3.jpglaser3.jpg The WordPress Dashboard is a lot different than blogger. Not quite as user friendly, or maybe I just got used to the other setup. Anyway, I’ll be tweeking and setting up for a while now. Please feel free to comment.

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  1. Hey, Nuke! I was looking everywhere for you; found the old tactical nukes website back up when the other one was down.

  2. Hey Hey Hey!
    Glad you made it.
    The other site is down indefinitely.
    I really am beginning to hate Blogger.

  3. Blogger slowed my puter like none I’ve seen.

  4. I spent a few hours this afternoon looking at different blog platforms, and registered at three of them before deciding WordPress looked like it would work. Of course, I got kind of spoiled with all the javascript shortcuts at blogger. I’ll have to spend some time on some php tutorials to get the most out of wordpress.

  5. I thought it was just my computer that blogger slowed! When I was working and switched over during a slow period, I had to shut down the window in order for my computer to function at a normal speed.

  6. I guess I just got used to it, and didn’t really notice it.

  7. n2l- what do you mean- busy?

  8. Yeah, good question, Nuke. I was thinking that maybe you needed to do a little painting.


    Just in case anybody wanted to do a little light reading of the I-CAP audit results on various unions.

  10. good grief swamps — dol aaudits?

  11. This is the MInimalist Template.
    Not very busy at all

  12. I meant busy, as in all the stuff crowded into the right column. I don’t want to talk about no painting or decorating, just easy on the eyes, with all the info laid in a friendly and usable manner.
    You ever look at Free Thoughts? She uses word press.

    Dang, have y’all read the below Babalu post?

  13. Who’s gonna get their head cut? Hunh? You…chicken boy?

  14. Yep, I read that Babalu post. One of those that I visit quite often.

  15. Watching Ride With The Devil…never knew about it…interesting.

  16. Heh. Daughter came over a few months ago so we could go to the beach, and caught a rerun of that movie. We had to watch the dueling guitars again before we left.

  17. Good movie. Never a big commercial success.

  18. Just got back from the head cuttin’.
    finest kind…

  19. Oh, you’re watching the Plastic Surgery channel too? (Heh).

  20. The babalu post was special.
    The Mrs. and I visited DC last year. My first time. The descriptions in babalu’s post were just as I remember.

  21. HEY! I could have sworn those mushrooms at dinner were perfectly benign.

  22. I see the Nukester has been busy, in my absence. Looks much better…clean!

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