Top 5 Things I Didn’t Know (or care) About Markos

After reading Ana Marie Cox’s (Time/Wonkette) puff piece on Markos “Screw ‘Em” Moulitsas, here are the top 5 things I didn’t know.

1. Since backing Ned Lamentos’ successful primary effort against Joe Lieberman, Markos considers himself to be the Netroots King-Maker. This after his personally endorsed candidates had previously gone a combined 0 – 16. [Note to Wonkette and The King: Primary wins are one thing, but if Lieberman wins the General Election, that makes you a combined 0 – 17 in elections that matter.]

And, this was priceless:

The day after Lamont’s win, Moulitsas came to lunch in a Lamont T-shirt. But he fumbled when a woman walked over to our table, pointed at his shirt, and said, “Can you tell me anything about that guy other than he’s antiwar?” He couldn’t.

2. Markos pulls down about $600,000/year from Daily Kos

3. He plans on stopping his blogging duties at Kos next year.

4. His next idea? To build leftist “cultural outposts” all across the midwest. … “a chain of giant meeting places “replicating megachurches for the left” – complete with cafés and child care.”

5. He’s short, really short.

Suffer Your Poor Eyeballs No More

After experimenting with just about every background theme offered by, and listening to your suggestions and comments, I think I have found one that works pretty well. It’s called the “rubric”, by a man named Hadley Wickham. I’d like to be able to give you a link to see more of Wickham’s work, but alas poor Yorick, I cannot find one.

rubric.jpgAnyway, the rubric is clean, well-spaced, and the colors don’t overwhelm you. Plenty of room to add pages, which I’ll be doing as I continue to unpack and get the blog situated in the Wonderful World of WordPress.

By the way, the blogroll policy is still wide open, if you have a blog that you want me to link, just add me to your blog, and drop me a line to let me know.

All of that will change after I break into the top 100 blogs on Technorati, sometime in 2009. So, hurry while the time is right, and the getting is good. Yes friends, you too can be on the ground floor of Nuke’s news and comment as we grow this blog from a humble popcorn stand to become the next Orville Reddenbacher, or the next  Jiffy Pop, or maybe I can just call it Popcorn Media.

Zucker Campaign Ad

I Smell a Rat

Over the weekend, a story broke from Iraq describing a mysterious illness that affected hundreds of policemen from a unit in Iraq. The symptoms were unusual in the sense that they were not consistent with what would be expected from the use of a biological or chemical weapon. They were consistent, however, with the symptoms of ingesting rat poison, discussed here, and on this thread at GCP.

Interestingly enough, a similar substance was found to be the contaminant of a Danish water reservoir, during a routine check.

A vial labeled rat poison found in the bottom of the well has been traced to the pharmacy where it originated, investigators told the Post.

A coincidence? Perhaps. But, I smell a rat.

Breaking…(It’s still the economy, stupid)

This just in…..

The world economy continues to strengthen. Bad news for the democrats.

Bloomberg: U.S. Treasuries declined for a third day on speculation government and central bank reports this week will show faster growth in the world’s biggest economy.

Japan: “The confidence level on corporate earnings that are expected soon is pretty high,”

France: French industrial production rose in August for the third time in four months as faster growth in the 12-country euro region buoyed exports.

Australia: Australian stocks rose to their highest in almost five months.

Oh, yeah, one more little item…home heating bills are expected to be much lower this winter…heh™

PC Jihad

In newswire lingo, “youths” has come to mean something more than just a group of adolescents.

It’s true. Western news agencies fear using the “m”-word, because it may incite further violence by the m’s.

Reporting the news: who, what, when, where, and possibly how and why, has fallen victim to political correctness. “Youths” is the new media code-word for Muslim men in their late teens to mid thirties, intent on causing mayhem and waging a low-intensity civil war against the domestic peace, or directly against the economies in dar-al-harb. But, you already knew that.

Isn’t political correctness wonderful?

From Forbes: Nigerian Youths Seize Shell Oil Flow Station…

Three Card Western

Amidst the handwringing, finger pointing, and political posturing that has followed in the aftermath of L’il Kim’s most recent attention-seeking ploy remains several cold, hard truths that are conveniently overlooked, if not avoided outright by the opinion shapers of the mass media.

Truth #1. Nothing has changed. The situation on the ground in North Korea is no different today than it was last week. Politically, however, a collective international consensus is emerging that draws attention to L’il Kim in a way that brings him not to center-stage, but to the center of the bulls-eye.

Truth #2. Whether or not the test was a successful detonation, an unsuccessful detonation, or a conventional detonation employed as a ruse, the unwillingness of the US to acknowledge the deed, but rather, to condemn the intent must be driving L’il Kim crazy. This deliberate American strategy allows intelligence to be gathered and observations to be made, keeping an eye on Iranian involvement.

Truth #3. Bush will play the China card, and China will respond. Certainly not because the Chinese want to help the Free World, but rather because of what China fears: a nuclear Japan, and a nuclear Taiwan.

Hang in there, folks. The NKorea situation is not as dire as our panic-stricken friends on the Left would have us believe.

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