NorKom nukes… Yup, It’s Bush’s Fault

Thanks to the Editorial Page at the Khaleej Times, we now know that Li’l Kim’s nuclear ambitions are totally and completely the fault ofGeorge W. Bush…

That historic speech of his after September 11 events when he warned the world that kerry.gif“you are either with us, or against us” and promised action against the so-called axis of evil — Iraq, Iran and North Korea — must have convinced ‘dear leader’ he should lose no time to build the Bomb. After all, Iraq was invaded because contrary to US claims and Saddam’s own delusions, it did not have any nukes. And you can’t blame Iran — the third member of Bush’s axis of evil — too if it goes nuclear tomorrow. What we therefore desperately need is not another round of nuclear doublespeak but bold and meaningful steps to rid our world of all weapons of mass destruction.

The answer, of course, is total world nuclear disarmament. This is starting to sound like a Kerry campaign commercial, circa 1980. sheesh.

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  1. This from TCS is giving me a headache.

    Just imagine, we could just stealth beam an explosive device to people that really needed one. It bet it would do wonders for politeness and civility.

  2. The Prez just took a question about whether he was ready to live with a North Korea with Nukes, and the answer was a resounding NO!

  3. I was reading the Guardian last nite, some lefty writer said, “Bush either needs to bomb’em, or learn to live with it.”
    If that’s the case, I wouldn’t want to be Li’l Kim right now.

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