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 Update 2:  Interesting video over at 5 min “How to hack myspace”

UPDATE: Updated myspace code from The Geek

Interesting hack posted over at Edge… with the controversy surrounding sites like MySpace, and parents who want to be able to make sure their kids aren’t getting in over their heads….here is (new) code to view Private MySpace Pages…
from The Grown Up Geek

OK, i’ve had this code to view private comments for a few days and i told The Geek about it, but she told me i could not post it yet..

replace the XXXXXX with the friend ID
replace the XX with the page number (0, or 1, or 2, or 3, etc)

Saturday Nite Jimi

No2Liberals had some great comments on the SRV thread. Thanks, bud…

I saw the man, front row balcony stage right, and had my binocs too. He was the first entertainer I saw, and there haven’t been many, that truly had a weird glow around him…an aura, if you will. He and his guitars were indistinguishable and inseparable. There was something more than a talented man playing a guitar going on…as though he was not of this earth, or was just a visitor, passing through the universe. I was already a fan, and had what albums were available at the time, and his live performance was astounding…Hey Joe really jumps out of my memory as being the best of his sets, which is odd, as I didn’t really like the studio version as much as most of his other songs.

Jimi Performs at Woodstock

Fence Fixing And Saturday Morning Rants

I was putting my trailer away a week or so ago, and clipped the fence with my truck, taking out two sections of fence in the process. Since it rained last weekend, I was able to postpone having to repair the fence until today.

So, this morning, I thought I would just read a little before I began the repair job, andfence.jpg I wandered over to lgf to have a looksee, and followed a link to a website that I had never visited before. It was pretty good. So good, in fact, that I added it to my blogroll. That led me back to my home twenty, where good folks like n2l, vimto, and john had begun commenting on another thread. As a good host, I didn’t feel it to be proper to go and fix the fence while company was visiting. Y’all can understand that, I’m sure.

But I kept going back over to that other website. There was a mighty fine rant from a fellow named RT who said many of the same things that I wished I had said on quite a few other occasions, this one in particular. I’m going to excerpt a couple of lines, and give y’all a link to the rest. It’s kind of long, and I almost didn’t read it all, because I’ve got a fence to fix.
But, I digress. And now, I’m glad that I did read it all, fence or no fence. Besides, I’m going out there to fix the fence just as soon as I finish this post. I promise.

I need to chill, and be like the vast majority of our fellow Americans and stop caring so much about the long term indicators regarding America’s prosperity at home, and our status in the future global pecking order, and just let inevitability pass while I am oblivious to the decline. So what if we fail to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of every 3rd world megalomaniac that wants them. Who cares if Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal falls into the hands of Islamic radicals the MSM refers to as “civilians”. Why should I give a shit if America ranks somewhere near the bottom of the pack in education by the middle of this century. I’ll be dead by then man. Let my kids figure out what to do about that, just like our parents left the North Korean problem for us to deal with. I am going to make it a point to sit down and watch Oprah everyday, just so I can get in sync with the majority of my fellow Americans. I bet she has plenty of good advise on whats best for us, and I need to start keeping up with Dancing with the Stars too, because everybody at the office is always asking me if I seen the last episode, so it must be great. You know, the people in Spain, Italy, and Turkey have gotten used to being a former superpower, hell I guess I can too. I never really liked be a member of the Anglosphere anyway. Do they sell Che’ T-shirts at Wal-Mart? I am thinkin those radical hippies in the 60s were on to something with this “make love not war” stuff. I betcha if we just stopped sending our soldiers into foreign countries the world would not hate us so much. Then maybe all the world’s conflicts would come to an end if all the world leaders would just sit down at the UN and work out our differences in a civilized diplomatic matter. Diplomacy works, our diplomats know more about how the world works than I do, and there’s nothing wrong with compromising with our enemies if that will keep them happy for awhile.

Kumbaya baby, Kumbaya. (Read it all)

Oh….that Glenn Hughes

h/t vimto


Peace And Freedom

Today’s post by our friend, John E. Carey at Peace and Freedom is powerful, thought-provoking, and one of his best efforts ever. And that’s saying a lot. John is a prolific writer , a wordsmith with a keen eye for detail.

I first became aware of the injustice being perpetrated upon Mrs. “Cuc” Foshee, an American citizen, several weeks ago in a post at Peace and Freedom. I am grateful that John has decided to champion the cause of Mrs. Foshee, and all Americans who fall prey to injustice overseas, and I am happy to lend my support in this forum.

If your Mother was jailed overseas in Vietnam or Cuba or China or some other hostile place; what would you do? Well, the Communist government of Vietnam has been holding an American citizen, Mrs. Thuong N. “Cuc” Foshee, without charges, medical care or legal council for over a year. Cuc Foshee’s daughter and family have petitioned their government to no avail. So we lend our voice to the cause and we ask you to petition your Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen in the cause of a little guy overlooked in the big world of international politics. We ask you to stand up and be counted for Cuc Foshee.

read more at Peace and Freedom.

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