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The Secret Garden

It sounds like something you would expect to see in the latest Star Trek feature film, and at last check, scientists thought the technology was at least five years away.  But in a breaking story from BBC, a team of US and British scientists have successfully tested a cloak of invisibility.

The device mostly hid a small copper cylinder from microwaves in tests at Duke University, North Carolina.

It works by deflecting the microwaves around the object and restoring them on the other side, as if they had passed through empty space.

But making an object vanish before a person’s eyes is still the stuff of science fiction – for now.

We’ve opened the door into the secret garden

Prof John Pendry, Imperial College London

The cloak consists of 10 fibreglass rings covered with copper elements and is a “metamaterial” – an artificial composite that can be engineered to produce a desired change in the direction of electromagnetic waves.

This is done by tinkering with the physical structure of the material, not by altering its chemistry. In this case, the precise variations in the shape of copper elements patterned on to the ring surfaces determines their properties.


Dow closes above 12,000. Foley Still Gay


Preist denies having sex with Foley

FBI finds no underage sexual contacts with Foley.

Clinton did not have sex with Foley.

Dow Closes over 12,000. All-time High.      FOLEY STILL GAY.

Confessions of a Yankee Running Dog Lackey

John E. Carey has a piece at Peace and Freedom that put a smile on my face, and would have warmed my heart, if I had one.


I guess this story has to start with the fact that I am married into a very beautiful and loving Vietnamese family. East meets West is a daily occurrence for us. Most of our lives are blissfully happy but the cultural differences between us do sometimes make for awkward moments and strange situations.

I have a brother in law, for example, that has not really spoken to me in four years. He grew up in rural Vietnam before the war ended in 1975. There was a saying in his village: “To marry outside the village is to marry a dog.” He grew up in the Central Highlands. I grew up in Ohio.

Ergo: I am a dog and not worthy of polite conversation.

It isn’t so bad. After all, they EAT dog in Vietnam! Silence is a small sacrifice and isn’t so bad!

Read it all

Consumer Confidence reaches new high. Foley Still Gay.

The Rasmussen Consumer Index, which measures the economic confidence of consumers on a daily basis, jumped two and a half points Thursday to reach its highest level of 2006. At 120.5, the Index is up ten points from a month ago and up thirteen from three months ago. This is just the second time in calendar year 2006 that the Index has topped the 120 mark.

The Rasmussen Investor Index also gained ground on Thursday, moving up two points to 145.5. That’s up 18 points from a month ago. Only twice this year has the Investor Index measured higher levels of confidence than today.

BOLO – Missing Persons


Reid Land Scheme: Influence Peddling And Mob Ties?

FR contributor, Phsstpok responded to the earlier post with an interesting take on the growing scandal which threatens to take down the Senate Minority Leader.

Eveyone is still concentrating on the wrong thing, the “he didn’t own it” portion of this scandal. That’s sleazy and clearly was done to avoid tax and other liabilities, which is incredibly hypocritical, but probably technically legal (unless they were really dumb in how they did it).

The meat of this scandal is how Reid acquired this particular property through his misconduct in office and abuse of his position in the government. His (mobbed up) partners acquired a stretch of worthless desert land, quite possibly through illegal transactions (there’s even rumor of a murder of a reluctant owner of one parcel). They then got Reid to have that portion of land designated as environmentally important. Further he was instrumental in engineering a complicated land swap of this worthless but “environmentally important” land for valuable land in booming Las Vegas. When that swap was accomplished, lo and behold, Harry ended up with a key parcel of land at a strategic location, with the only partner who has been named owning the adjoining parcel. Next to that was yet another strip of federally controlled land that was critical to their plans. Harry managed to get that thrown in by the Feds, as well.

Further distorting and abusing the system his sons then went to work through their positions on local boards and commissions. They pushed through, over the objections of the local government, rezoning of the land from strictly residential to commercial, which tripled the value of Harry’s land and allowed them to sell it to a developer for building a shopping mall. Voila, Harry hit the jackpot in Vegas.

It’s about the abuse of office, not the minor details on a title. They want to concentrate everyone on that so that they can then discredit that one piece of the puzzle and hope that no one will then pursue the rest of it.

Great post phsstok. Thanks for your analysis. And, since the sex-obsessed agenda media will not take their collective noses out of Foley’s ass long enough to actually report the news, I thank you for your good work

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