Late Nite Jam

Acoustic magician Preston Reed, followed by “Purple Haze” from Jimi.

Dang.  Hendrix’s bass player and drummer look like they came from “Goobers-R-Us”

Fear, Insanity, and Islamic Supremacism

The following post from Bubba’s Pravda is both timely and thought-provoking. (h/t n2l). And, if anyone thinks that voting for democrats next month is a good idea, then please have a look at your future, being played out now in Britain and across Europe. (hyperlinks and emphasis mine)

If a Christian wanted a separate prayer room in the Queen’s palace, it would never be granted. If a Christian demanded that they must be allowed to wear a hood in order to please God, corporate board rooms would laugh. If a Christian cab driver refused to carry blind people with sight-seeing dogs, he would be fired. If a Christian working for the US federal government demanded separate washroom facilities because his co-workers were messy, he would be counseled and disciplined for intolerance. If the Southern Baptist association complained about advertisements that made fun of the KKK, they would be burned in effigy in the MSM.

Well. Guess what? Muslim cab drivers refuse to carry seeing-eye dogs and people carrying alcohol and the airport authorities are allowing them to do this. If any cab driver refuses a fare, he is sent to the back of the line which is very long. But to accommodate the intolerant Muslims, the airport authority in Minneapolis set up a color coded light system to identify Muslim cab drivers to the heathen US citizens. Never mind that the cab driver population is 75% Muslim. So if you are blind or carrying duty free alcohol in Minneapolis, you are potentially able to use 25% of the cabs available. The Muslims in the FBI translation department in DC have lobbied for separate washroom facilities. The supervisors have refused so far. That’s it. No sensitivity training for the intolerant Muslims. CAIR routinely vilifies the US business that use “jihad” and “beheading” in advertising saying that it is insensitive to Muslims.

Why does the West appease these intolerant Muslims? Fear. There is no other answer. read it all

images.jpgThere is another answer that comes to my mind…. Insanity. To borrow a few thoughts from my AA friends, insanity is repeating the same behaviors, and somehow, expecting different results. It isn’t going to change until we change, and it isn’t going to get better until we get better.

Daily Cup Of Tech

Tim at the Daily Cup of Tech has a great article on how to program your USB drive in the event it gets lost…. including a free download. Check it out.

I shudder at the thought of losing my USB drive. As you could tell from my Zen and the Art of the USB Drive Series, my entire life is on that USB drive. “So,” I thought, “what could I do to help ensure that I get my lost USB drive back?” After some consideration, I came up with a few ideas.

Hello, My Name Is USB Drive

The very first thing that I thought of was to put a luggage tag on my drive. This seemed like a pretty good idea on the surface since pretty much every single USB drive comes with a lanyard and/or keychain attached to it. Why not put on a luggage tag in it’s place?

Unfortunately, the luggage tag was too bulks and took away from the convenience of the drive. I then put label with my name and address on the drive but there was so little space on it that it was hard to get my entire message on the drive. There had to be a better way.

Use The Tools At Your Disposal

I then got thinking that the USB drive has a lot of storage space. I could easily fit an entire novel on the drive. A “Send Me Home” message should be simple.

I figured that if I created a text file with instructions on how to return the drive on the drive root, the finder would probably be able to open it and read the instructions.

But what do you call the file? “Readme.txt”, “Help! I’m Lost!.txt”, and “Reward If Found.txt” all came to mind but there was nothing that really grabbed your eye. People often gloss over and ignore text files.


Saturday morning ‘toon.

Hi Nuke and fellow Stateside bloggers. It’s nearly 3pm over here GMT. Rise and shine!

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Letter from across the pond: The long and winding divorce…

“It’s getting to look like Viet Nam”, not (you understand) Iraq or Afghanistan, but Sir Paul and Heather McCartney’s increasingly bitter divorce proceedings. Forget the state of the world, the increasingly maniacal statements from Ahmadinejad and the belligerence of North Korea; this ex-Beatle’s D.I.V.O.R.C.E. is today’s hot topic. The British tabloid papers will be dining out on this story for some time to come – and given today’s revelation that Heather kindly taped their domestic rows, this one should rock and roll.

The other front pager is about Aishah Azmi – she of the full frontal Burka, employed as a bi-lingual teaching aid in a Church of England School. Although she had removed the veil for her job interview, she point blankly refused to do so in front of a class of children when a male teacher was present. The tribunal found against her on all accounts but never-the-less awarded her £1,100 for hurt feelings. Mrs Azmi intends to take the matter to the High Court. It has all the ingredients for a Monty Python sketch.

Now here’s the thing, have you noticed the hysterical paranoid ranting of Islam whenever it feels affronted? In this instance Mrs Azmi announced that she was “increasingly fearful of the consequences for Muslim women in this country who want to work.” Er, no, not ‘fearful’ – that is much too loaded a word for such a silly confrontation. And er, no it’s not a problem for Muslim ‘women’ per se. It is only a problem to those who insist on wearing veils in jobs that clearly require face-to-face contact. Like teaching language to little kids.

F.W.Deeds who knows a thing or two about Islam summed up the present situation:

“It is vain to say; “well if they come here they must conform with British Society and it’s ways”. Muslims will not do that, their religion forbids it” Why do you suppose India had to be partitioned?….”” Why indeed?

Much less publicity was given to the passing away of Lord Harris of High Cross. Who he? Lord Harris was one of the founder’s of the Institute of Economic Affairs. He brought legitimacy back to free market economics and social libertarianism in the early 1980’s after decades of heavy-handed socialist ascendancy. His ideas gave the structure to the economic thinking of one Margaret Thatcher. Her policies were heavily indebted to Mr Ralph Harris who she duly recommended to the Queen for a Knighthood. His ideas quietly influenced this country for the better, and given the great friendship between Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Regan, his influence may well have seeped through to your side of the pond. So a tip of the hat and a fond farewell to a man who in his own quiet way left his stamp on history.

And finally 40 years ago today, in a little village about 10 miles away from where I write, the heavy rain stopped. The torrent had undermined a slagheap adjacent to the local primary school. It slipped and the slurry covered the building within seconds. 140 children died. A generation wiped away before the parent’s eyes. Today Wales remembers Aberfan.

Kind regards to one and all,


Hell No, I Ain’t Forgettin’

elephant.JPGThe leftist jihaddist media alliance is out in full force to bring home an electoral victory for the dems. It started in earnest with the finger wagger in chief on Fox News Sunday, and continued on to the democrat leak of the NIE to the NYT, to the democrat front group CREW and ABC with the Foley email kerfluffle, to an all-out attack on gay Republicans, a continued assault and attempt to marginalize Christian Republicans, to Poll-driven news stories about the disarray and demoralization of the Republican base, to the CNN broadcast of snipers taking down American soldiers, to the complete pass given outrageous and scandalous behavior by dem politicians. I’m tired of their hate-based paranoia, I’m tired of their racist, elitist bullshit, and since Charlie Rangel promised to resign if the dems fail to take over the Congress, well then that just adds a little more motivation.

I’m pissed, and I ain’t forgettin’ about it either.

There’s nothing I enjoy more, politically that is, than kickin’ donk ass on election day, and then listening to them whimper, moan, commiserate, self-flagellate, finger-point, accuse, and have an all-around head-explodin’ time. It’s great. I love it. I laughed my head off when Sarah D. posted the thread from dkos post-election night 2004. Poor babies! Heh.

Just 18 more days. I can’t wait.


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