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It’s not like I can’t remember her first name. In 1968, teachers didn’t have first names. She was simply, “Mrs. Hartfield”, the History and Civics teacher. It was a wonderful class. Our discussions of current events were full of the news of the day, and in the Spring of 1968, there was much to discuss: Vietnam, campus demonstrations, Israel, Ulster, LBJ, the Civil Rights struggle, the Soviets, elections, and on and on. Those discussions sparked the interest in current events which follows me to this day. One in particular was the discussion of tolerance as related to the violence in northern Ireland.

“Tolerance”, explained Mrs. Hartfield, “means simply: You don’t kill someone just because they believe differently than you.” None of us in that hot, humid, classroom had much of an appreciation for the importance of religious and political tolerance. We had been raised in a society that, for all of its imperfections, was politically and religiously a tolerant one. The thought of Protestant on Catholic violence seemed totally foreign to me, as it would have meant that the Catholic family who lived across the street from me would have been my enemy, instead of my best friends.

And, I’ve had close to 40 years of additional life experience since that time to reflect again, and again on the importance of tolerance. And it all goes back to, “you don’t kill someone simply because they believe differently than you.”

This isn’t a column about muslim intolerance. If you need a column to tell you that the muslim world has produced the most consistently intolerant and repressive society that the world has ever seen, then you just haven’t been paying attention for the last 400 years or so. This column is about the democrat party and the upcoming elections. There are a few categories of unpersuadables to whom I no longer pay attention.

1)  The fools.

2)  The opportunists.

3)  The “committed leftists”.

There are millions of other democrats in our nation who do not fit into the above categories, who, simply put, only want everyone to get along, and for our nation to return to a September 10, 2001 world. Would that it were so easy. I sympathize with you. But to return the left to power in America will not bring you any closer to achieving what you want. There is, sadly, a long and difficult struggle ahead for the Western world. And the sooner we face it, the better for all of us.

“If not us, who?   If not now, when?”

dtomFor the fore-mentioned groups, there is but one way to deal with them in a tolerant society. And that is to kick their collective asses at the ballot box. I will make this commitment: I will vote, I will make sure that my family votes, I will try to influence as many like-minded friends to vote, and I will do everything I can to bring the Republicans to victory.   After that, I will leave the outcome up to The Almighty. That’s where my faith comes in.

It’s time for me to put on my Game Face. I suggest you do the same.

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  1. I’m witchu!
    There isn’t anything the dhimmicrats can say or do, to convince me not to vote at all, or not to vote for the GOP. I can’t have much of an impact on the electorate, as I don’t have any close personal acquaintences or family that are dooped either. Further, I never believed the early predictions that the dhimmis would win it all. I will concede, at this point, that they may reduce the margin the majority holds, but that is the most I can realistically concede.
    Oh…and I have my game face on…and it ain’t pretty.

  2. That’s a fine game face.
    Won’t too many exit pollsters be seekin’ you out for an opinion. Heh

  3. Henh…they never do.

  4. I don’t know if this will work or not, but here goes….

  5. Nope, it didn’t work

  6. This is my game face when I encounter dhimmis wearing buttons and distributing handbills.

  7. Good night, with a parting thought.

  8. That was nice. Thanks.

  9. […] One more week folks. Hope you have your game face on. […]

  10. […] One more week folks. Hope you have your game face on. […]

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