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Digg Conspiracy Theories Abound

Today’s announcement that News Corp is considering the purchase of Web 2.0 giant Digg caught many by surprise. The social networking, and news-rating heart of the new media being acquired by Rupert Murdoch sent shivers down the collective spines of millions of Diggsters.

Top 5 anticipated Digg posts:

– Murdoch: “I like IE better than Firefox”
– Top 10 Reasons Why NewsCorp-Digg merger bad idea
– Rove said to be behind merger talks
– NewsCorp, Haliburton, Murdoch, Cheney: Satan’s Spawn
– Kevin Rose: closet neo-con?


Meanwhile, conspiracy buffs and tech-bubble 2.0 watchers will have a field day over this. Count on it.

Photo: protective headgear (.91 beta) said to prevent spontaneous diggster head explosions.

Vimto Zots Madonna

Vimto has returned from his London business trip with an exclusive report on the Material Girl’s adoption. Apparently, she doesn’t care too much for all of this publicity. What are the odds?


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Counterpunch: “I Am Spartacus”

Sometimes I can’t help but date myself with a movie or song reference that makes our younger readers go, “huh?” I guess that goes with getting older, grouchier, and perhaps a tad wiser, though the latter is still with the jury.

The political party which touts its openness, tolerance, acceptance, and enlightenment began a cynical campaign to out various gay Republicans a few weeks ago. In the age of the 24-hour news cycle, that was eons ago: actions, charges, and political momentum still unchecked and un-responded to by the supposed political masterminds of the Rovian Right.

kirk.jpgBy now, most on the left believe that it is too late for Republicans to respond in a meaningful and effective way to the Foley email kerfuffle, as well as to the “scandalous” revelations of “gays in our midst.” Maybe not. I had been thinking of the climactic scene of the movie Spartacus, when the entire army of rebels decided to protect the anonymity of Spartacus by declaring to the Roman interrogators, “I am Spartacus.” See, I can’t help but date myself with an old movie reference.

I thought it would make a great counterpunch. And then, I read The Anchoress‘ idea, which is similar, but uses a much more contemporary movie reference.

I’d love to see an GOP campaign ad based on Roger Simon’s bit of fun, and that great, “I’m a drag queen,” scene from To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar, wherein a whole town of (probably conservative) formerly unglamorous people – newly made fabulous – help out a few drag queens who are being pursued by a stupid hick of a sheriff.

I like it. I like it a lot.

And, just for good measure, ask President Bush to take a strong stand on the illegal immigration issue, by issuing an immediate pardon for Border agents Ramos, and Compean. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it will rally the Republican base in a way that no other issue can.

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