Muslim Manifesto

Yesterday, I made the following comment about the true meaning of islam:

Saying that these attitudes do not represent true islam is either a true statement, or it is not. It is, however, not the responsibility of the Western world to learn the meaning of true islam through CAIR-sponsored sensitivity training, or by listening to the pious pronouncements of talking-head taquiya saying that islam is a Religion of Peace™.

Honor killing, intimidation, intifada, riot, murder, mayhem, and the constant seething against a perceived insult or slight, speaks with a volume and intensity that words simply cannot excuse. It is time for the islamic world to “Spring Forward” a millennium, and clean up its act, or face marginalization, if not outright separation, from civilized society.

If this article from Chronwatch had been available yesterday, I would have included a link. Just as well. This is a significant read. Listen to Alan Caruba: “The next time anyone tells you that Islam preaches tolerance or peace, think again.”

Plus, I’ll be tagging those same authors that I pinged in yesterday’s rape-sheik post, just in case you missed them.

Also, FYI, Chronwatch provides a pdf link to the 32 page “Muslim Manifesto”. It follows here…



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  1. ah the page looks great now..ty for the link ..and yes you are spot on with
    this observation…where are the moderates hmmm…

  2. hi again..welcome to my blogroll!..don’t be a stranger eh?.. 🙂

  3. Thanks, Angel. It means a lot.
    See you soon.

  4. CAIR – 1, FREE SPEECH – 0
    Islamonazi CAIR Intimidates Yet Another American Business In Dhimmitude – MSNBC video

    Free Patriotic Corner Banners:

  5. Haloo
    nice blog
    i refuse violence… but psycologically think;;;; every action has a reaction….
    the action is us & britain interfering in middle east politics for self-benifits not for spreading democracy out
    but i refuse the reaction of some ignorant muslims who got understanding islam wrong way.

  6. So, you ignore everything before Spring 2003?

  7. Aliaa, I can understand, to an extent, your belief that the ME is being interferred with, by the U.S., and others, but I find it interesting that I never hear anyone in the ME mention how they are involved/interferring with other countries with their politics(self-interest) and manipulation of the mineral resources that are needed by the entire world.
    The GWOT involves every country, regardless of locale, whether they are fighting extremism or supporting it.

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