The Pelosi Agenda. Part 5


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Rove offers Pelosi amnesty after election (scrappleface)

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vimto has left for a few days of vacation……

10 Responses

  1. Rove offers Pelosi Amnesty.


  2. Heh, check out the embedded hat-tip

  3. Woohooo! I can see Nuke’s site again! I’m cured! Hallelujah!

    Well, maybe not.

  4. Embedded do what now?
    So Swampie saw the doctor.

  5. Oh…now I see it!
    /was that there before?

  6. /before what?

    Hi swamps!

  7. Before I posted the linkie-dink.

  8. hehe.
    Nah, son. I stole that link and put it there right after I saw your comment. So, I embedded the hat-tip.

  9. Alrighty then! 😛
    Here’s another bed you can tip your hat to.

    The societies that forget how to fight for their freedom cannot keep their freedom. And the societies, cultures, nations and tribes that forget the necessity of sustaining a Warrior culture have nothing with which to fight for their freedom.

    Warriors & The Myth of Peace

  10. On FOX this morning, they were saying that if Mitt runs, he wants JEB for his VP. Actually, JEB would make a better President. But I’d vote for them.

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