“Reporting For Duty”… The Kerry Apology

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Much of what we know about recent history exists in our own selective memories. Whether it has been shaped in part by the latest TV docudrama, or a full-blown cinematic production, things we know and commonly accept as true and verified comes from the research of then-current reports, as well as the reflective power of our own perspective. The reporting of current events leads inexorably to the commonly accepted version of events in history texts, true and accurate, or not. Throw in a dash of PC revisionism, and you have a recipe for the distortion of historical events of cartoonish proportions.

In a recent court deposition involving one of John Kerry’s fellow VVAW leaders, Kenneth Campbell, one of the first things he disclosed challenges the very heart and soul of the Vietnam anti-war movement past and present, as well as forty years of reporting by the mainstream media which was sympathetic to that movement then, and remains so to this day.

Campbell disclosed that the pre-trial deposition was the first time he had actually been put under oath in over 35 years of “testifying” about Vietnam “war crimes.” Neither he nor any of his fellow “war criminals” – Kerry included – had ever been sworn in at any hearings, not before the Senate, the House of Representatives, or anywhere.*

The recurring question that remains is simply, were Kerry and his fellow VVAW’s actually the Genghis Khan baby killers that they professed to be, or were they simply over-zealous liars.

All of the so-called “testimony” the mainstream media has trumpeted for nearly four decades — graphic, sickening and grisly “testimony” about savage atrocities committed by Vietnam veterans, “testimony” to which Congress and the media gave so much weight and credibility — wasn’t “testimony” at all! Just speeches told without limitation or fear of consequences, least of all penalties for perjury.*

For those who want to defend John Kerry’s “botched joke”, and simply cannot understand the visceral reaction to latest perceived anti-military swipe, to have your world-view challenged is discomforting. I am not trying to make you defensive. I am not writing these words to you at all. It’s not about you.

It is about the hundreds of thousands of men whose honorable service to our nation has been dishonored, and to this day, feel much left out of the mainstream of society, because of the version of history that they know in their heart, and from their experience is a vicious lie. To you, I say, “Gentlemen, it has been a long time coming. Well done. Thank you for your service, and most of all, Welcome Home.”

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