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It’s been a long and difficult campaign season, full of negativity, manipulation, and downright dishonesty on the part of the opposition party. The war in Iraq, despite unreported progress, and despite the fact that the President has often repeated that “difficult times lie ahead”, has become difficult to watch as our own casualties mount. As the violence and destruction, and the golden opportunity for independence and liberty is seemingly slipping through the fingers of the Iraqi people like so many grains of desert sand, even the intelligence and bravery of our military men and women has become fair political game.

Our political opponents want victory so badly they can taste it, and if you believe the polling, they are well on their way to a victory the size of Gingrich’s victory in ’94. I well remember Peter Jennings’ “angry white male”, “temper tantrum” explanations for the ’94 results, and I’m sure that the talking heads have their talking points memorized and teleprompters ready to explain the ins and outs of the Democrat victory in tomorrow’s election. That is, of course, if you believe the polling. Captain Ed at CQ Blog has a look at some internal numbers by Pew Research that should make conservatives more than cautiously optimistic. I’ll post a link below.

bullelephant21.jpgPew Research actually confirms much of what I’ve thought regarding the overall mood of the electorate. It’s going to be an interesting night.

Evangelicals (which includes me) are pretty tired of being told that Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and whats-his-name Dobson from Focus on the Family are the exclusive faces and voices of Christian Republicans. I don’t give a hoot about their political opinions. Their job is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus, and anything else they’re saying or doing is on their own time.

The latest round of “Preachers Gone Wild” is no different now than when Jimmy Swaggart, and Jim Bakker got theirs. Preachers are just men who are subject to the same temptations that all of us are, except when they fall, it makes a much larger and louder crash. Of course, our opponents on the left like to hold them up as shining examples of Christian hypocrisy, as if we need another reason to accept the fact that absent the grace of God, we are all a pathetic bunch. And, the fact that we can remember the times in our lives that we thought we were invincible, infallible men of our own creation, doesn’t give us any great satisfaction to see people in charge of churches fail miserably. Instead, it reminds us of where we were and what we were doing when God got our attention, even if He had to use a 2X4 as His tool of choice. Frankly, we’re tired of being held up for ridicule by the talking heads of the secular media because of our faith. The constant bashing we get from the left reinforces rather than discourages our political participation. Despite their best efforts to depress the Christian vote with gay-bashing, outings, and scandal mongering, Evangelicals will befuddle the left again with a large turnout, overwhelmingly for Republican candidates.

Another group of Republicans that will be there at the polls are the ones I call “9-11 Republicans.” They see quite clearly that their normal proclivity to vote Democrat would only ensure that the power of governance would be granted to the political party that just doesn’t “get it” with regards to National Security. They are concerned about social issues, but they rightly believe that staying free from the threat of islamic supremacism takes precedence over social concerns. They’ll be there, and vote Republican by a large majority.

Military families, Check. Michael Steele Republicans, Check. Ronald Reagan Republicans, Check.

As a matter of fact, the only ones that I’m not too sure of are the moderate Republicans, which, unless there is a scandal involved, are the only ones that seem to get any press. They are more likely to have a defeatist BDS attitude, and more likely than others to either stay home, or not enthusiastically support conservative candidates. But, they’ll be at the polls, if it doesn’t rain.

I could be totally wrong about this, and may even have to eat a little crow. I’m told it tastes like chicken. I don’t believe so. I believe instead, that I will be doing some crowing.

Here’s the link to the CQ analysis that I was talking about. Read it. Have faith. And trust that whatever the outcome, God will continue to bless this nation.

See you at the polls.


Update at LateThirty: The momentum continues with a fourth poll in recent days showing Republicans gaining ground on Democrats in the closing days of the election. James Carville and Stan Greenberg’s Democracy Corps poll (November 2-5) confirms the findings of three other polls released in the last two days that show Republicans gaining ground in their competitive district survey……Rove, you magnificent bastid

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  1. Ah yes the Good Lord will bless us as long as we remain worthy of the
    blessins my friend…keep burnin the light of Truth Nuke! 🙂

  2. thanks Angel!

  3. See you at dawn. Show your photo ID and take photos.

  4. Heh. Been there, done that, got the “I voted” sticker. Early voting is GREAT.

    I’m reading Bill Wittle’s essay now, in between jobs.

  5. I don’t know when I will get to EjectX3. Was trying to catch up on my reading, but kept getting distracted.
    I have reviewed Ace of Spades Hq, Riehl World, Hugh Hewitt, and Hot Air, as they all have some excellent analysis, links to many of the ones nuke hyperlinked to above, as well.
    One thing I didn’t know, and thanks to Riehl World for this, was that J Effing Kerry is The Bee Gees.

  6. Oh, dang. Now I’m going to be listening to the Bee Gees all evening.

  7. Sorry Swamps!
    /J Effing has it goin’on…don’t he

  8. Back in a while.
    Need to watch some tv.

  9. Just don’t watch anything politically oriented. You might have an irresistible urge to go damage something.

  10. Nah. Those dingus’ don’t get to me.
    Watching the tivo-ed LSU game.

  11. I woulda recorded the State-Bama game, but whoulda thunk we were gonna beat Bama?

  12. State hasn’t done jack since I lost my luck hat.

  13. that’s lucky hat

  14. even talking about that hat makes my fingers quivver

  15. see what I mean? I just mention losing my luck hat, and everybody leaves.
    It’s that Hoo-doo!

  16. and I misspelled “lucky” again.

  17. WooHoooooooo. My Luck is changing, even without the lucky hat. What’s 15% of 10,500,000? 1,575,000, right? I just did that in my head, like calculating a tip for a waiter.
    Anyways, check out this email I just got! I’m RICH…..RICH I tells ya’

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    Ah Lillien, my little sugar plum. You’re going to make Nuke a rich ol’ bastid!

  18. ROFL! I dunno, now, Nuke, what with you bein’ a married man and all and she seems to want a daddy to shower with. Or something like that.

  19. Henh!
    I think you would be better off finding that luck hat, regardless of it’s condition.
    Or getting a new hat and putting some happy hoo-doo on it. Maybe spitting some sacremental rum on it, and some chicken blood.
    I always had a bit of a soft spot for the boys from Starkville. My blocking partner in high school, he was the right tackle, I the guard, went to MSU on a full ride and put in a good word for me. State sent a questonnaire to my head coach, but he never returned it in time for the start of the season, along with the others, to Arizona State, Missouri, and some smaller schools. Almost went to LaTech, when Bradshaw was still there, but in the end, the shoulder and neck injuries I had, kind of took the fun out of it for me, and after about three weeks after my last high school game, and I could just climb out of bed and not have any pain or soreness, that was pretty much the clincher for me.
    Still love the game though, and wouldn’t trade the experience of playing high school ball for nothin’.

  20. Yeah Swampie, and she’s so danged smart, too. I mean going to high school when she was ten…that’s a smart young’un there.

  21. ROFL, I completely missed that high school at 10 thing. Well….what are you waiting for? Send her your bank account number!

    /She sounds perfectly trustworthy to me, although innumerate.

  22. Whooohoooo! That was good.

  23. Almost went to LaTech, when Bradshaw was there…
    68-70? dang you’re old

  24. Swamps, Orson buggy thinks she’s Mafia, and has hit men. Te cocoa and gold stuff is just a fron for the MOB. And I posted her email address on the internet.

  25. I KNEW I was sleepin’ with a Neanderthal.

    SwampMan said SOMEBODY had to marry the fatass Cro-Magnon women. I think there might be an insult in that statement.

  26. Let No2libs use his suave persona with her. She won’t know what hit her.

  27. Nah, it wasn’t anything to it. It’s not like that at all. He just saw you with your hair up in a ponytail, jumpin’ aroud the computer, and he just couldn’t help himself.

  28. Or let Miz Nuke handle her.

  29. She can. No doubt. She can

  30. did you check your email?

  31. No, I try to avoid it whenever I think somebody from work may be trying to get in touch with me.

  32. Yep, gradumawaited in ’68…sonny!
    Had I gone there, he would have been a junior when I would have been a freshman. Funny, he almost gave up football, and concentrated on the javelin, as had set a national record for high school his senior year.
    Funny…I don’t feel old. Guess not blowing out any knees was a benefit of leaving the grid-iron when I did.

  33. tha’s the truth about the knees.
    I got all carried away with getting back into shape a few years ago, and between 2 softball leagues and taekwando, I lasted about 4 months before I was shot. Back to the ezboy recliner and the naproxin for a few months. I try to stay active, but that taught me a tough lesson.

  34. Memo from Ken Mehlman.
    Another poll shows trend.

  35. It startles me to catch a glimpse of the white stripe in the hair. Son was laughing at me, telling me “Dang, Mama, you finally have more white in your hair than I do!”

  36. Yeah, gave up the softball leagues several years back, too. All those years of playing ball wrecked my rotator cuff. Shoulder sounds like Rice Krispies sometimes, and throwing that big ol’heavy ball got to me, as I was a catcher. Had to give up racquetball, too, after a weird ankle break, that took forever to heal, and when I tried to return to the court, couldn’t push off, and hence, couldn’t play at the level I was accustomed to. Pi$$ed me off bad. I loved racquetball.

  37. Well, I didn’t put much faith in the polls when they were slanted heavily Democratic; I’m not sure whether to have much faith in these, either.

  38. Some good youtube vids about Chuck Norris in Iraq, over at B5.

  39. You can believe this: It ain’t gonna be no cakewalk. It’s going to be very close. Ohio, again will decide who gets the House. I think the Senate is safe.

  40. I’m checking out friends. See yall tomorrow.

  41. Polls…smolls.
    Call me when the votes are counted.
    I will agree with what I’ve seen and heard about the independents. I think they stay out of this one…big time.

  42. Yeah me too.
    Night y’all.

  43. I’ve got a rotator cuff tear, too, (right shoulder, dammit). Doing shoulder presses is very difficult for me, and I think from now on, the left arm will be stronger.

  44. Well, if y’all are gonna retire for the evening, guess I will too. G’night. I think the elections are going to be extremely close and bitter. I just don’t want to hear the sniping anymore.

  45. Henh!

    Hat Tip To Karl Rove

    Hugh Hewitt has an interview with Karl Rove. But the hat tip is for what has to be the ultimate accomplishment for a political operator. The SOB got a Prime Minister to lock down his captial for two days to avoid any last minute surprises. And Kos and crew are so obsessed with poll numbers, no one has even gone off about it. At least not that I have seen.

    Have we seen the first October Non-Surprise in History?

  46. Jet legged mice die younger:,22049,20715814-5001028,00.html

    Perhaps mice’s CNS has not sufficiently adapted to traveling across time zones, but apparently this is supposed to mean that those of us that work weird hours are gonna die shortly. Aaack! Choke. Gasp. Thud.

  47. ROFL, jet LAGGED mice die younger. I’m gonna go to bed.

  48. Funny!
    Get those meeces a Timex, and really screw them up.

  49. Hi Nuke and posse, I’ll be tuned in to the radio today to find out how your elcetions are going. Best wishes and prayers. It matters to the world.

  50. Hey vimto!
    It do, don’t it?
    Of course, if the dhimmicrats should somehow win or get their way, it would do wonders for job growth…in Iraq.

  51. But first a message from President Bush.

  52. I just wanted to wish y’all good morning before I started out on an incredibly busy day; hope I get time to check in later on tonight.

  53. Mornin’ swampie. Hang in there!
    You might be interested to know that I got an email from that evil bastid who is trying to get young Lillien’s money from her daddy’s cocoa and gold holdings in Africa.

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    I dont’t trust this guy. His eyes are too close together. And You think it’s a coincidence that he has cocoa money too? I think not. Evil Bastid.

  54. I wonder if he was ten when he went to high school, too?
    I have been hearing about these scams for years, usually from Nigeria, but have never gotten one.
    How is it you have gotten two in two days?
    /you might want to change sumpin’

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