A Conservative’s Response to Michael Moore’s “Pledge”

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tgiving.jpgHappy Thanksgiving. Our home is the center of an extended family gathering, full of the love of family and friends, things which give our lives pleasure and meaning. We have much to be thankful for, indeed.

And even though Michael Moore is of the opinion that our country is now in the hands of the Left, we take great comfort in knowing that the fate of our nation is in the hands of a much higher Power.

Last week, Mr. Moore extended an olive branch to the political Right which had all of the sincerity of a John Kerry apology. At first, I treated his missive with the same response that I usually give Mr. Moore’s work – I ignored it. But as different organs of Big Media gave greater exposure to his words, I changed my mind, and decided to respond as well as to reach out to others in the blogosphere. Their contributions are acknowledged in the last paragraph of this post. Mr. Moore’s sense of humor usually involves the ridicule of his target which is portrayed as high-minded social satire. Frankly, I think he is just plain mean. In this post-election victory dance, Moore reveals in addition, a stunning lack of understanding of many of the things that we on the Right take for granted as common knowledge.

Thus, here is “A Conservative’s Response to A Liberal’s Pledge To Disheartened Conservatives.”

1) We will always respect you. We will never, ever equate respect for a person with respect for another’s actions or ideas. When your actions are unpatriotic, we pledge to continue to bring it to your attention. When your words border on rhetorical arson, we pledge to continue to extinguish the fires which offer aid and comfort to our enemies.

2) We pledge to continue to marry whomever we want. We weren’t aware that we needed your either your permission or your blessing.

3) The Federal checkbook is balanced by either increasing revenues to the Treasury, or by decreasing outlays. Revenues have been increased to unprecedented levels because of tax-cuts and other incentives built in to the Tax Code. What reductions do you pledge to support in order to bring the equation into balance? And, just a reminder, cutting Defense expenditures won’t help you reach the stated concern for the fiscal security of future generations of Americans. Without National security, fiscal security for future generations is moot.

4) Our men and women who serve in the Armed Forces will continue to follow the orders given by the chain of command. And, until the Commander In Chief decides differently, your ‘cut and run’ pledge is just wishful thinking on your part. By the way, Lt. Kerry voted for (at least once) military action, and I’m quite certain that he was in the military (of course, until we see his 180, we can’t draw any conclusions). Are you saying that he did NOT serve? Have you seen his 180?

5) We welcome an honest debate on paying for the general health and welfare of our nation’s citizens. All options are on the table. Deal?

6) Since you have all the answers regarding global warming, how do you propose to end the causes which are natural and not man-made? Mother Nature isn’t too concerned about your legal team, and cycles of climate change aren’t affected by demagoguery. BTW, your side doesn’t want clean air and clean water any more than our side does. Where we disagree is on the means of achieving these goals. And, while we’re at it, can we at least consider the fact that allowing our forests to go unmanaged and unchecked by under-growth simply adds to the risk of serious wildfires? A uniform dense forest is a poor habitat for wildlife. (hint: Google-“Monarch Butterfly”).

7) We find it interesting that you still don’t consider OBL to be a terrorist. I remember your statements just after 9/11/01 that “There is no terrorist threat.” I take your pledge, “We will protect you,” with a great skepticism, developed after years of watching your actions rather than listening to your words.

8) We pledge to not to stick our noses, or anything else, into your bedrooms. But, it’s just not serious for you to put abortion into the same category with sexual preferences, unless your purpose is simply to obfuscate the issue.

9) We agree that you will never take away our guns. Now, enough with your silly gun phobias. Different firearms are for different purposes. We don’t need a 30-06 to do the job of a .22 rat shot round, and vice-versa, and there are times when we would definitely prefer a .357 or a .45 over a 9 mm. A 12 gauge and a .410 are also used for different purposes. We would no more dream of using the wrong firearm than we would try to chop down a tree with a spoon. You’ve already told us of your secret admiration of our tree-chopping abilities, so just expand your reasoning to understand that the correct choice of tools goes a long way toward successful completion of any mission. Plus, since infringement against our right to bear arms is unconstitutional, we are comfortable in knowing that this right has a greater degree of legal weight than certain judicially derived prenumberances.

10) When the minimum wage is raised, and it will be, can we acknowledge that it is being done to keep pace with inflation rather than to fulfill your noble political cause to improve the financial lot of women, and the working poor? Since we own most of the small businesses which will bear the brunt of your perceived largesse, please understand that wage and income are merely indications of a person’s value to an employer. It also has to do with negotiating skills, personal assertiveness, and an individual’s marketable skills.

11) We certainly pledge to continue to acknowledge the blessings of liberty, and the grace and blessings from The Almighty, although we understand that the definition of “blessing” has changed as our relationship with The Almighty has deepened. Some of the greatest blessings in our lives have presented themselves as problems, challenges, and crises. We’ve learned that we must not quit or retreat when confronted, lest we miss the blessings which inevitably follow to those who overcome.

12) We pledge to support you in your efforts to remove corrupt politicians from office, and we encourage your side to follow the example of Republicans who have been confronted with their mis-deeds: Resign. We would be happy to provide you with a short-list to prove your good intent, but the fact is, you know who they are. Let us see if your actions support your words.

I realize the presumptuousness of “speaking for” the political Right, and I would be remiss if I didn’t admit as such. But, whatever the future holds for our great Nation, we do understand the fragile nature of our liberty, the need to defend it, and the willingness to be governed by the consent of the voters. We may not wish you luck, but we do wish you well.

As far as the Frappuccino, thanks for the invitation, I’m looking forward to it. Perhaps we can get together here in Flyover Country, and you’ll see that we really aren’t the monsters that you fear us to be.

Special thanks to Mick, SwampWoman, no2liberals, Sarah D., GCP, Ann, and Engineer (who bravely supplied Sarah D. with the beer)

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  1. This calls for a tune.

    See y’all later.

  2. wowza…nice goin!..Amen and hear hear!..Happy holidays again Nuke..to u and your friends and fam!

  3. Thanks for that!
    We finished a big Thanksgiving dinner and it’s nap time 🙂
    Best to you and yours.

  4. TBone Walker. great vid n2l.
    I think that will be the next feature video

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all!
    In the big picture, we must remember these things:
    1. God is in control
    2. Michael Moore is as stupid as he is fat
    3. You can help ignorance, but you can’t fix stupid

  6. Double D, you saw ol’Tater Salad’s new DVD, didn’t you?

  7. Nice response Nuke, you might want to clean it up a bit, there appears to be some code tag snippets in the post.

  8. Thanks Thanos–
    This is wierd. When I read your comment I wondered if this was an Internet Explorer thing. Sure enough, the snippets are only visible if you are using IE. They are totally invisible in Firefox.
    Thanks for dropping by

  9. There– I went into IE and edited out the snippets. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

  10. Snippets?
    What snippets?
    /danged ol IE

  11. I think we need another tune.

  12. There were some strange looking snippets in the numbered list that were visible in IE, but invisible in Firefox.

    /go figure

  13. Henh.
    I meant because we use firefox.

  14. Thanks from me for bringing that to my attention.

  15. 2006 Turkey-of-the-Year Awards

    As you may recall, the Turkey-of-the-Year awards have been appearing on this website since 1953 (the very early days of the Internet, to be sure) when Nikita Kruschev was the winner…

  16. Hmmmm. Since I have the day off, I turned on Fox to catch up on things while I turned the house upside down for after Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas cleaning and decorating. Russian spy poisoned by Polonium. Shiites burn mosques and Sunnis. Sunnis blow up Shiites. Granny bombers for Hamas…. Well, then. Time to switch over to Dirty Jobs.

  17. Well-worded comeback to Michael “The Hutt” More, Nuke. Moore is a true socialist. He was rasied by an union autoworker. His United Auto Workers priced him and thousands like him out of jobs. And it’s Republicans to blame. The Democrats are for the coorperative “It Takes a Village” to raise your kids. They want the 1950s “Seperation of Church and State” to destroy any independent thinking that takes power from The State, want to extend of “teaching” to even the pre-school level.

    We have to articulate their hidden mission. They are not honest enough to come out with it.

    I like the idea of posting photos and descriptions of our flyover country Thanksgiving, to let the smarmy left see what they are missing.

    We went for a bike ride through winding, wooded paths to a lake.

    My wife and daughters made three pies from scratch, two pumpkins one apple and one peach.

    I took care of the turkey, coated with olive oil and herbs on a mat of fresh rosemary.

    We stopped by friends shared pie and funny tales of dogs and cooking events.

    I took some phots I will post later. Have a nice four-day Thanksgiving weekend.

  18. It sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for Mick.
    Best wishes to you and your family.

  19. I give Thanks today for all of the college football games today and tommorrow.
    Not to mention what may be the first ever Texas High School football playoff game to be played in Louisiana, this afternoon.
    I give Thanks for having such a wonderful dear, sweet Mom, who we layed to rest two years ago today. Thanksgiving will never be the joyful holiday for me, that it always was, but a reminder of how fortunate I was to have had a Mom like her.
    This is the song I hear when I think of her.

    Now, it’s time for Texas A&M vs. Texas.
    See y’all later.

  20. Congratulations Nuke! Top 20 is hot, big time!

  21. The Aggies won! First time since ’94.

  22. Yeah, they saved Coach Fran’s bacon for one more year. Heh

  23. Thanks for a reply to whatever Fat Mike had to say. Not sorry I missed whatever it was but based on your reply it was obviously more of his Moron Mania. That’s one funeral I hope I’m home from Iraq to attend despite your having wished him well. Thanks for supporting the 2nd Amendment as that is one of the things I expect of the people back home while we try to make the world safe for Democracy. I’m sorry that the Republican party became so enamored of the political feast that they couldn’t maintain the course we sent them to Congress to uphold. I would also like to thank those who went to the polls in their separate states to keep the Left Wing Democrats from achieving total victory it may have gotten me out of Iraq faster but my nieces and everyone else’s sons and daughters would have had to come back to clean up the mess in about ten more years. With that idiot Rangle promising to implement a Draft maybe more Americans will take note of the crowd that they allowed to get back into power. If we Soldier’s, Sailor’s, Airmen and Marines can take the time away from our schedule to vote by absentee ballot maybe more Americans who were home could have dropped by the Ballot box to record their vote. Apathy toward the system is what won the election for the Left not the war in Iraq as they would have you believe. Truth and Justice must prevail so hold the Politicians accountable but you had better look to the Main Stream Media because they are Stearing the Steamroller across our right’s.

  24. not sure where that “an” came from

  25. Heh. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting, Kerry.

  26. Yep. Ceding the forest to the predators doesn’t make ’em go away; they generally eat up everything there and go looking for more game.

  27. Here’s a great rendition of Star-Spangled Banner> by Take 6.

  28. Whoops. Guess I forgot to close the tags.

  29. There. I fixed that “an” for you, KF.
    I certainly appreciate your comments. Drop by any time.
    And thank you for your service.

  30. I have the tag-fixer set on auto-pilot. Don’t sweat it.

  31. KF, great post. Thanks man! You are right on with your assessment of our politics. Stay alert and send many more of those bastards to their perfume gardens filled with virgins.

    Watch the Dem/Socialists go for an all out gun crackdown in February. All it takes is another nut with a .22 and they will go for it. They were smart to leave the gun issue off their agenda running up to the election, it would have brought out more Republicans than they could handle, even with all the ballot stuffing the Dem/Socialist activists do, they would have lost everywhere but the East Coast.

  32. Well, good to know.

  33. This is truly a great blog! Keep on posting such interesting subjects and you will get far! James Spade from HealthReviews.org

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