When Photographers Arrive, The Shooting Starts

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mark2.jpgMark Schneider, Editor of NowPublic.com is reporting a developing story of peaceful protests which are underway in Bagdhad, and have received little if any reporting from the Green Zone Media. In a series of photographs received from Citizen Journalist “Woodkern,” Schneider reveals interesting snippets of the struggle by normal Iraqi citizens to make their voices heard.

If you go through the photos one at a time, they do tell fragments of a story.

In the first, you see a bunch of Iraqis gathering to protest the dismantling of an anti-corruption organization, called CPI.

They are carrying a banner that says in Arabic, “Stop Shooting“. The caption reads that when photographers arrive, the shooting usually starts.

“Woodkern’s” photoset can be viewed at this link to NowPublic.

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  1. Patterico’s Pontifications has an article as well about the LA Times repeating enemy propaganda and apparently not even bothering to fact check with the military.

  2. I saw that. It’s a great story

  3. Great find Nuke!..ty for linking this!

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