Vimto zots Britney


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  1. Did any of you happen to see those photos of Britney the other day, where she was going commando.?

  2. Um, no, no I did NOT. That’s definitely not on my list of things to do.

  3. Just read a wonderful post over at Ranting Of A Sandmonkey, by a Canadian poster. Check out this teaser:

    Therefore, my advice to Islamists is to just give up fighting the US and forget about it. Your hate will not even be reciprocated, and you will probably still be welcomed as immigrants during the conflict. In the meantime, remember it’s not the Americans fault that your son wants to play with X-Box, or your daughter wants to wear Prada. If you don’t like Coca-Cola, don’t buy it. By flaunting your hate, you expose your jealousy, and humiliate yourselves. At the end of the war on terror, those who hate will be no better off than they were, while the US, by not hating, will be ever brighter, as “the shining city on the hill”.

    The Whole Enchilada.

  4. I wish I hadn’t Swamps.
    She is rapidly approaching applicant status for the KrispyKreme calendar, and she….shaves!

  5. I do not want to hear about the Krispy Kreme calendar, as I fear it may be in my future. What do you mean, she shaves? I’m sure she waxes.

  6. I mean she shaves…down yonder.

  7. ROFL, I went to over to Rantings of the Sandmonkey and read it in its entirety. That was great!

  8. Sheesh. Men. Brazilian wax.

  9. Why isn’t she worried about leaving smears? Brittiny Smears.

  10. Oh…so that’s what a Brazilian wax is. I didn’t know. Seems dumb to me.

    Hey Mick. Did you see those pix? That booty is succumbing to the effects of gravity, and adipose.

  11. Gotta cancel the game, too cold.

  12. the sandmonkey rant was beeeeutiful.
    thanks for that link

  13. It’s never too cold for football…what are you thinking?
    It’s also never too wet or muddy. Now lightening, that’s different.

    Hey nuke. It was a beaut, weren’t it?

  14. Well pooh!
    On the above link, scroll down to “Laugh Until You Cry.”

  15. Whoa! I gotta get me one o’ dem then.

  16. Whoa! I gotta get me one o’ dem then. Hmmmm. Now, who can I test it on? I probably ought to scope out where the cameras are at Wal-Mart before I do any testing.

  17. Ooops. Must have hit “send” before I finished.

  18. I’ve got one, but it’s only 80,000 volts, and you can see and hear the voltage when you hit the go button. Never heard of one that didn’t.

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