Challenging the Meme

Ted Carpernter’s essay is representative of the MSM celebration of reaching another grim milestone in Iraq…

The U.S. mission in Iraq has now lasted longer than America’s involvement in World War II. That should be an occasion for sober reflection. In less than four years, from December 1941 to August 1945, the United States and its allies managed to defeat two of the most powerful militaries in the world. By contrast, today, we are still mired in an endless conflict in a single small country after the same amount of time.

No2Liberals weighs in on this with a few thoughts of his own.

I refuse to allow this comment to creep into the Iraq lexicon unchallenged. The actual war with Saddams regime in Iraq took twenty three days. Let me repeat…twenty three days. The actual war in Europe, with U.S. involvement coming after 7 Dec 41, took until May 45.

Now, as to the rebuilding effort, and the democratization process, it has taken from Apr 2003 until now, and is ongoing. The rebuilding and democratization process in Germany took much longer, and we still have a strong military prescence there. The war with Japan lasted from Dec 41 until Aug 45, and took even longer to rebuild and democratize.

The LameStream media started that absurd comment the other day, and I haven’t seen anyone in print, radio, or tv challenge this false assertion.

Sure it fits perfectly into the defeatist mentality, that we need to cut and run, it’s hopeless…blah-blah-blah. The short war with Saddams regime, and those of Hitler and Hideki Tojo, don’t correlate at all, and neither does the amount of time it took, following each of the three previously mentioned regimes, to become stable functioning states. The fact that in Iraq there are many more outside influences disrupting the democratization and rebuilding, certainly doesn’t correlate to WWII.

This misleading comment needs to be refuted each and every time it is mentioned.

I think you did it quite well, amigo.

Wizbang has a pretty good response,

GCP – Flawed Comparisons

Silly String Helping Save Lives of Troops

sillystring2.jpgSTRATFORD, N.J. – November 27, 2006 – It may seem odd, but Silly String is helping to save the lives of soldiers in Iraq and one local community is making a big effort to ship it overseas.

Among the dangers faced by the military fighting in Iraq are booby traps.

Nearly invisible wires trip the explosions, but soldiers and marines have found Silly String is one way to spot the sinister mechanism without setting off the trigger.

Sixth grade teacher Jane Maugeri demonstated Silly String’s use in revealing otherwise stealth threads for students at St. Luke’s School in Stratford on Monday.

It’s all part of a drive by the student council and the parish community to collect cans of silly string to send to Iraq.


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The Next Few Days …

Monday, I saw this headline:

“The future of the Middle East, certainly the future of Lebanon may well be decided in the next several days,” U.S. envoy to the United Nations John Bolton told BBC radio.

Bolton is not a man given to hyperbole. To say that he is direct is probably an understatement. His assessment of the situation in Lebanon and the Middle East in general is significant: he understands that the Democrat majority will most likely not allow him an opportunity to continue in his present position. He has nothing to lose by speaking frankly.
Yesterday, I read this assessment a The Adventures of Chester:

The next few days may be decisive in Iraq. Things to look for are:

-a collapse of the national government
-a mass exodus from Baghdad (Westhawk’s post points to evidence that 150 Baghdad residents are entering Fallujah daily)
-de facto partition lines in the city (geography would indicate the Tigris, but you never know)
-the declaration of shadow or oppositional governments…

Chester isn’t given to hyperbole either.

Here is how Michael Freund at Jerusalem Post sees it:

Without realizing it, we are standing at a defining moment not just for the Bush presidency, but for the future of the entire Jewish people and the Western world itself.

Enormous pressure is being brought to bear on the president to embrace diplomacy as the means for resolving the various crises in the Middle East. In recent months, the president has come under harsh criticism for the conduct of the war in Iraq. The results of the midterm elections earlier this month gave control over both houses of Congress to the Democrats, who will surely push for a more conciliatory approach.

And as The New York Times reported on Monday, the bipartisan Iraq Study Group headed by former US secretary of state James Baker will recommend that Washington engage rogue states such as Iran and Syria and open a dialogue with them. In other words, it is sounding more and more like 1940 all over again.

The daily tally of treasure is enormous, as are the sacrifices being made by our military and their families. And even though the number of days in this struggle has now exceeded that of WWII, the future uncertainty and the increasing sense of impending conflict makes me believe that we are much closer to the beginning of this struggle than to the end.

Ode to Billie Joe

Four D Blues at the Tallahatchie. Good stuff, and more to see at Terrains of the Heart.


G’nite yall.

Another One Bites the Dust

The dreaded “Illegal War” meme officially bit the dust this afternoon: (AP via Yahoo)

The U.N. Security Council voted unanimously Tuesday to extend the mandate of the 160,000-member multinational force in Iraq. The council acted quickly in response to a request from Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki who said a top government priority is to assume full responsibility for security and stability in the country but it needs more time.

Faster, Please.

Incoming Chair of Homeland Security Wants Open Borders


A Mississippi Democrat in line to become chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee has warned the nation’s largest uniform supplier it faces criminal charges if it follows a White House proposal to recheck workers with mismatched Social Security numbers and fire those who cannot resolve the discrepancy in 60 days.


Yes, you read that correctly. Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS), the incoming chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, has decided that it is discriminatory against illegal aliens for their employer to terminate them for being illegal aliens. Never mind that they have already committed several criminal offenses, the least of which is perjury for knowingly signing a false I-9. Never mind that the employer faces stiff fines and penalties for hiring illegal aliens. Thompson plans to bring the full weight of the Federal government down on Employers who are trying to OBEY the law.

Earlier this month, he also said Democrats planned to “revisit” the Secure Border Fence Act mandating 698 miles of fencing on the US-Mexico border and might seek to scrap the plan.

“Tougher and Smarter” was the campaign slogan. With Thompson at the helm of Homeland Security, it is neither.

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Read More at The Washington Times

hat tip- cnI redruM (FR)

Jesse and the PC police

Kramer received a lot of attention last week for flinging the N-bomb at some rowdy hecklers. YouTube had the video, and it was all over the net. Now, Kramer is going to take the Trent Lott mea culpa tour, starting with an appearance with Jesse Jackson, who has his own pastracist remarks to try and live down.

Michael Irvin of ESPN thinks the only way for a white quarterback to excel is for him to have some Black blood somewhere in his ancestry. The fan hasn’t been turned on “high” yet for Michael, but when it does, there’s enough excrement to last several news cycles, and get his own tour off to a good start.

And what about the hate speech from the muslim world? A book in Turkey with the title, Who Will Kill the Pope in Istanbul? The imam in Australia comparing rape victims to pieces of meat? Exploding grandmothers…The list is long, and growing longer every day.

Angel has weighed in on this subject, also. Here’s the link.

Also blogging, The Hill Chronicles


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