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If we wanted, we could burn down Gaza

This is interesting. Ibrahim Daher of Aqsa Radio spreads the love as the Palestinian civil war of words reflects the internecine fighting in the streets. Which side will prevail? Hamas, who wants to destroy Israel immediately and says so in both Arabic and English? Or, will Fatah, who also wants to destroy Israel, but only says so in Arabic, reserving English for taquiya to the Western media?

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – The fighting between Hamas and Fatah militants hasn’t played out just in the streets of the Gaza Strip. The rivals also pummeled each other over the airwaves with such epithets as “mercenary death squads,” “child killers” and “Zionists.”

The rhetoric, coupled with the stations’ power to quickly rally their armed supporters in the streets, has led to fears that the broadcasters could fan the flames into full-blown civil war.

“If we wanted, we could burn down Gaza,” said a smiling Ibrahim Daher, director of Aqsa Radio, the Gaza voice of Islamic Hamas.

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Counterterrorism Blog – The Real Deal

Jeffery Imm points to some well-deserved kudos:

US News and World Report listed the Counterterrorism Blog as one of the “Best Blogs of ’06” for best “investigative reporting” and “jihadist” research information. As cited by David E. Kaplan, while there are many web sites with “instant experts in counterterrorism”, on the Counterterrorism Blog – “here’s the real deal: some two dozen analysts, scholars, and investigators who have tracked terrorism around the world for years.”

I, for one, agree wholeheartedly. And as a bonus, we get to read Bill Roggio’s excellent front-line reporting.

Congratulations for a job well-done, and best wishes for your continued success in 2007.

CTB is listed in the sidebar blogroll, plus, you can follow the daily syndication by clicking on the “Page Flakes” icon at the top right. This week’s selection for Nuke’s Website of the Week: Counterterrorism Blog.

Angel has a great piece on muslim moderates

Li’l Pup’s Cautionary Tales Continue…

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Conyers (quietly) admits ethics violations

from The Hill:

Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) has “accepted responsibility” for possibly violating House rules by requiring his official staff to perform campaign-related work, according to a statement quietly released by the House ethics committee late Friday evening.

pelosi_jefferson.jpghastings.jpgpelosiconyers.jpg As much as Nancy Pelsosi wants us to believe that her regime will be as ethically pure as wind-driven snow, I think it’s a given that after not standing up for Black democrats in previous controversies, she really cannot afford to dump on Conyers. But the facts are stubborn things. Conyers should not become Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, since he has proven that he is incapable of following the rules of conduct.

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Unedited Video of Saddam Execution

Bodiaz over at the revver video hosting site has uncut video of the hanging. WARNING Very Graphic.
see also: He’s dead, Jim

Welcome WordPress Blog of the Day (#3). Thank you readers

npp1view-rankedposting-1.gifI want to thank all of the readers from Now Public for making this the top ranked post on the front page. I apologize to all who have been unable to get the NP Thumbprint tool to function properly. So, I have decided to post the video here.

Most Popular Names … for Dogs

The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has just released its annual list of the most popular dog names. I will list them below and, just for kicks, I’ll put in parentheses each name’s rank among the most popular boy or girl baby names in the U.S. If a dog name doesn’t have a number next to it, that means it hasn’t been among the 1,000 most popular boy or girl names in the U.S. in the past 15 years.

1. Max (165)

2. Lucky

3. Princess (738)big-dogs.gif

4. Rocky (965)

5. Buddy

6. Coco

7. Daisy (149)

8. Lucy (174)

9. Lady

10. Shadow

Freakonomics Blog

I can’t believe Taco the Wonder Dog didn’t make the list.

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