The Silver Lining

From Brussels Journal, This is the concluding paragraph of Konraad Elst’s review of the late Anwar Shaihk’s Islam and Terrorism.

The one silver lining to the dark cloud of Islamic terrorism is that it alerts non-Muslim societies to the specificity of the problems which Islam poses. Westerners often feel guilty of xenophobia, “fear of what is strange or foreign”, when they criticize Islam. But the problem of Islam is not one of strangeness or foreign origin, as will readily become clear when you compare it with Buddhism. In Western culture, Buddhism is even stranger than Islam, which shares certain common roots with Christianity, yet people find Tibetans in their native dress colourful rather than threatening. There are no Buddhist gangs attacking peaceful citizens, nor are there Buddhist associations making separatist political demands such as the right to observe a separate law system. Buddhism may be strange, but informed people will agree that it is an enrichment to our society. Islam is less strange, yet its enriching contributions are unclear while its nuisance value is all too palpable. The stark reality of Islamic terrorism blows away the fog of doubt and timidity hitherto surrounding the painful question of how to evaluate Islam.

For the last five years, we who oppose islamic terrorism have been trying to find the words to separate the moderate muslims from the terrorists: the jihadists from the pious practitioners of the Religion of Peace™. Attempts to do so have been declared by many muslims to be unnecessary, or an outright “attack on islam”, and not just by the jihadists. Organizations such as CAIR have adopted the language and tactics of both the multi-culturalists, and Civil Rights groups to claim status as oppressed victims of discrimination. The advantage to them lies in the perception that anyone who questions their victimhood status may be attacked as racist, islamophobic, or insensitive.

“The stark reality of islamic terrorism blows away the fog of doubt and timidity hitherto surrounding the painful question of how to evaluate islam.”

Indeed it does.

Pyramids built by pouring concrete, not hauling giant stones, new study


The Ancient Egyptians built their great Pyramids by pouring concrete into blocks high on the site rather than hauling up giant stones, according to a new Franco-American study.

The research, by materials scientists from national institutions, adds fuel to a theory that the pharaohs’€™ craftsmen had enough skill and materials at hand to cast the two-tonne limestone blocks that dress the Cheops and other Pyramids.

Despite mounting support from scientists, Egyptologists have rejected the concrete claim, first made in the late 1970s by Joseph Davidovits, a French chemist.

The stones, say the historians and archeologists, were all carved from nearby quarries, heaved up huge ramps and set in place by armies of workers. Some dissenters say that levers or pulleys were used, even though the wheel had not been invented at that time.

Until recently it was hard for geologists to distinguish between natural limestone and the kind that would have been made by reconstituting liquefied lime.

But according to Professor Gilles Hug, of the French National Aerospace Research Agency (Onera), and Professor Michel Barsoum, of Drexel University in Philadelphia, the covering of the great Pyramids at Giza consists of two types of stone: one from the quarries and one man-made.


(more to come after BSG)

Now, whatever happened to the “ancient astronaut” theory that said ET engineered and built the pyramids?  That’s what I wanna know.

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Kerry Apologizes “if anyone misunderstood”

kerrypr0.jpgI watched a small portion Kerry’s TV interview last night. Small portions of any Kerry interview are about all I can stomach.

In short, Kerry is ready to forgive us for ‘misunderstanding’ him.

Damn large of him, don’t you know.

And, he’s not sure yet if he will give us another opportunity to elect him as President. That might just be because his poll numbers suck, as described by IHT

According to a Quinnipiac University poll taken the week after the congressional elections, he would have some work to win over the hearts of many Americans. He got the lowest popularity ratings of 20 national leaders in the survey.

“I would have voted myself last, based on when it was taken,” Kerry said, joking again. ======================================

And, just in case anyone would like to review what it is that they misunderstood, here is my original post “Kerry Apology Fails Global Smell Test, which includes a transcript, a link to the video, and Cortney Fielding’s Pasadena News report.



Update: Mercy! I just came across a transcript of Kerry and Rita Cosby on pMSNBC from last night, talking about his botton-of-the-heap poll numbers:

KERRY: I have to tell you something. It came out one week after all of that hurly-burly a few weeks ago. I probably would have voted against myself, as I said yesterday.

Look, clearly you have moments where you are up and you are down in these things and I understand the sentiment that was caught up in a lot of bad understanding about something that was really quite innocent.

I think it is time to move on from a misplaced word and deal with the really serious issues that face America and polls change and life changes and we just keep on moving.

COSBY: And then a real quick — can you come back again like you did in ‘04? Are you planning to run?

KERRY: Well, I haven’t made — look, what I am concerned about right now is getting Iraq right. What I am concerned about is dealing with global climate change, dealing with major issues of the economy that we face and I think the American people voted overwhelmingly in November…

So, global warming has transmogrified into global climate change. And I thought liberals wanted to keep religion out of politics. Well, at least now the Gaiaists have an apocalyptic vision of their own to embrace.

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The Pope turns turkey.

“How is it possible that he changed so much?asked a young Islamist girl called Merve Celikkol, who concluded to the New York Timesreporters on the ground that the Pope is “a hypocrite”.

The answer to the charming Merve’s question is clear. He has changed because he has been forced to pacify the Islamic beast, and because support for Turkish entry is clearly in the Pope’s calculation the least he can offer.As the numerous mea culpas given out by the Vatican after the summer’s events made clear the Papacy does not want to antagonise Islam. And with good reason. The result of quoting a medieval source in a lecture at a German university was the murder of a nun in Africa, the torching of churches in the Holy Land and the murder and mutilation of Christians in Iraq . No leader of a billion believers could help reflecting that his flock may be equally if not more at risk from the consequences of any further scholarly citations.

….He has signalled to Islam that there are concessions he can make, and reactions other than outrage in the face of intimidation and violence. It is a shame. We needed Benedict, and his withdrawal from the debate is a considerable loss for the forces of reason and Western preservation.”


The truth is, I was very impressed by this Pope’s willingness to go Turkey in the face of such opposition. But he has clearly bottled out and made the situation worse by going back on his opposition to Turkey joining the E.U. which any dullard could see would be a disaster. 

As an aside: the Turkish Muslims  were responsible for the Armenian Genocide – a historical fact that they still deny. Having read a great deal about the genocide I cannot understand how the European Union could even begin to consider an application of membership while they are still in such a state of denial. 

Please read this….

….. Earlier, Armenian soldiers in the Ottoman forces had been disarmed and either worked to death in labor battalions or outright executed in small batches. With the elimination of the able-bodied men from the Armenian population, the deportations proceeded with little resistance. The convoys were frequently attacked by bands of killers specifically organized for the purpose of slaughtering the Armenians. As its instrument of extermination, the government had authorized the formation of gangs of butchers—mostly convicts released from prison expressly enlisted in the units of the so-called Special Organization, Teshkilâti Mahsusa. This secret outfit was headed by the most ferocious partisans of the CUP who took it upon themselves to carry out the orders of the central government with the covert instructions of their party leaders. A sizable portion of the deportees, including women and children, were indisciminately killed in massacres along the deportation routes. The cruelty characterizing the killing process was heightened by the fact that it was frequently carried out by the sword in terrifying episodes of bloodshed. Furthermore, for the survivors, their witnessing of the murder of friends and relatives with the mass of innocent persons was the source of serious trauma. Many younger women and some orphaned children were also abducted and placed in bondage in Turkish and Muslim homes resulting in another type of trauma characterized by the shock of losing both family and one’s sense of identity. These women and children were frequently forbidden to grieve, were employed as unpaid laborers, and were required to assimilate the language and religion of their captors.

From Armenian Genocide Website.

Final note from vimto:

Sorry for hijacking your site on this Nuke. It is a subject very close to my heart in many ways. I hope that any Catholics reading this do not think I’m taking a pop shot at their religion. Not my intention at all.  

Letter to Mahmoud

Earlier today, n2l pointed me to a blog called Rantings of a Sandmonkey. There was a video with Arab children in military garb, guns, and banners, one of them even dressed up as a suicide bomber. It was ghastly. It was also the kind of thing we’ve come to expect from the death cult followers over the past few years.

Also on the thread was a response written by a Canadian who goes by the name of Democracy Rules. “DR” addressed his essay to Hizbollah, and other Islamic terrorists, and I thought, especially in light of this week’s open letter to America from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, that it was also a very appropriate response to the Iranian’s missive.

ahmadinejad.jpg I give you one piece of advice: Do not incite the American people to war. We in Canada know a lot about the US, and how they think, and how they live, much more than the average person in Bam, Iran, or Tyre, Lebanon, knows. You think that you can use hate as a weapon to build an attack against he US, but you know not what you do. The US has over 300 million people, and they are all soldiers. The US built its country by its own hands, and from the beginning, they all accepted that freedom, liberty, and democracy were not negotiable. If by some miracle, an invasion force of Iranians attempted a landing on US soil, every man, woman and child would be there to meet them. They would not relent until it was finished. On United Airlines Flight 93, a random assortment of 40 civilian Americans was suddenly called to arms in a miniature Middle Eastern war. The ex-policewoman air hostess, the environmentalist, the marketing executive, moved against the Islamists as one, and collectively said, “We are not afraid”. Americans did not become timorous, or afraid after 9/11, instead they “got busy on yo’ ass”. After 9/11, America did not back down, and they will not back down, because the attack incited individual Americans against every Islamist, and every person who supports Islamists, or gives comfort to them. Americans are not the same as the Russians in Afghanistan, or the French in Algeria. To defeat the US, you will have to kill every one of them, and you do not know how to do that.

You clearly do not understand how rich Americans are, how many resources they have at their disposal, how intelligent, perseverant, and creative they are. Their wealth is enormous, with massive amounts of built structure: large houses, soaring office towers, highways, schools, universities, hospitals, and military bases everywhere, spanning a continent. Honestly, if you had even an inkling of what you are up against, you would cease your pointless reverse crusade immediately.

Within the last century, Americans have become extremely interested in war. They think about it, talk about it, plan for, it and rehearse it constantly. They spend huge amounts on their military every year, building installations and weapons, many types of which you have never even heard about. Tens of millions of Americans have served, do serve, and will serve in their military. We Canadians sometimes stand back and look at the Americans bemused, because one seldom even sees any of the Canadian military presence in Canada, whereas the US National Guard units stationed near Buffalo, New York, alone, have sufficient resources at their disposal to kill every Muslim on earth. Of course the Americans are right to prepare for war, because there is always another one coming, and they know that they will probably be the main target. The US even declared a “War on Poverty” in the 1960’s, but thankfully they relented before they began bombing the slums.

People who do not understand democracies constantly underestimate them. Hitler and Stalin certainly underestimated democracies. Many of those living in non-democracies think that in the current situation in the US, with huge internal dissent, Democrats shouting misgivings about Iraq, and Republicans pontificating about treachery, and the enemy within, it may seem that the factions will cancel each other out, or with more Democrat influence, the whole tide of war will change. Instead, the US is exposing its power to the world, by thinking out loud, disagreeing publicly, and nit-picking endlessly over details in floods of political television programs. The election is over, and, the war on terror will go on, as all previous US wars have done, irrespective of the party in power. To understand US policy, look carefully at what is not said, because that is where they have reached implicit consensus. Neither side is talking about ending the war on terror — instead they are bickering about the best way to kill Islamists.

For the Middle East, the scale of this war is enormous, which is clearly evident in the reportage of Al Jazeera, which mainly features events related to the war on terror. In contrast, this war has had no real effect on the US whatsoever. It is completely trivial. The US media talks about the war a lot, but Americans are always very interested in war in general, and there are no interesting sex scandals going on at the moment. If JonBenet Ramsay’s murderer were to be found, CNN would focus completely on that, and behave for weeks as if the war on terror did not exist. So far, the war on terror has cost the US roughly 6,000 lives since 9/11, while over that same period, approximately 2,000,000 Americans have died from smoking. In the World War II epoch, spanning 1933-1945, about 70,000,000 people were killed, but only about 500,000 of them were Americans, and the US became stronger because of that war. Islamists hope to obtain nuclear weapons (in fact there really are no other weapons of mass destruction). With some luck, and perseverance, Islamists may be able to detonate a nuclear bomb in Times Square, New York, and kill 1,000,000 people, but that is 0.3% of the US population. The remaining 99.7% of the US population would then do to the Islamists what the US did to Japan. Later, in the years that followed such an event, some Americans would regret having turned several Middle Eastern countries into blowing ash, but there would be a reluctant final consensus that after the Times Square bombing, it had to be done, and they would be right.

In the meantime, the US grows stronger each day. Their economy is doing extremely well, providing levels of health and prosperity that even Ali Baba could not have dreamt about. Coca Cola is finally getting to challenge Pepsi in Afghanistan. As a bonus, the US military gets to interrupt its constant war games to practice and train in a real war in Iraq. These are almost perfect training circumstances, with lots of troop rotations, a very low casualty rate, a real but evanescent enemy, and a kill ratio of much higher than 10 to 1. It is a general’s dream, and it’s an excellent theatre to test, develop, and refine weapons and tactics, in preparation for Iran, when that battle becomes necessary.

The most powerful method the US has of defeating the Islamists is already in play, and it will ultimately succeed. We Canadians, as the constant neighbours and interlocutors of the Americans, know their secrets. Only 5% of Americans have passports, and their biggest single foreign travel destination is Canada. The Americans’ secret method is that they do not hate very well. They’re terrible at it. They don’t teach their children to hate, they constantly forget who their enemies are, and they forgive adversaries, usually before the last bullet has landed. Islamists, and so many people in the Middle East, cling to hate as an addiction, passing it on to their children, cherishing it inside themselves, using it as the centerpiece of their lives. Hate, quite simply, like other addictions, is a waste of time and energy. Americans can’t concentrate very long on hate. They lose interest, or forget what the fighting was all about, or follow up their wars with reconstruction plans for their vanquished enemies. From time to time, they get mad at “Krauts”, or “Japs”, or “Commies”, but the next thing you know, the epithets are gone from the language, and things are back to normal, with Americans welcoming their former enemies into their country as immigrants, and marrying them, if possible.

Therefore, my advice to Islamists is to just give up fighting the US and forget about it. Your hate will not even be reciprocated, and you will probably still be welcomed as immigrants during the conflict. In the meantime, remember it’s not the Americans fault that your son wants to play with X-Box, or your daughter wants to wear Prada. If you don’t like Coca-Cola, don’t buy it. By flaunting your hate, you expose your jealousy, and humiliate yourselves. At the end of the war on terror, those who hate will be no better off than they were, while the US, by not hating, will be ever brighter, as “the shining city on the hill”.


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