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24 Eyes is an interesting place for someone who wants to be able to scan the news headlines from various sources. I’ve put a launch button in the sidebar if you ever want to check up on breaking headlines, plus finance, sports, and other areas of interest.

24 eyes is also customizable, import your own RSS feeds, add tabs, and make your own newspaper. I’m going to try and figure out if it can be configured with my goodle reader, and have a separate tab just for those sites.

Wonders of modern technology (web 2.0)

And, it is this week’s pick for Website of the Week. 24 Eyes

Update:  I still like 24 Eyes, and I’m not taking away anything from them.  But I also wanted to draw your attention to another site in the same mold as 24E, it’s called Pageflakes, and a launch button is at the top of the sidebar. – nuke



Britain fails fake passport test


passport2.jpgShahida Tulaganov obtained 20 illegal passports – each from an EU country, including the UK – within months.

Those in the trade told her to travel via sea or bus, saying port security was less stringent than airports.

The Home Office said it works closely with the EU to tackle the crime, taking the issue of false documents seriously. ….

Shahida travelled across Europe to obtain her false documents for her Panorama investigation.

They ranged in price from just £250 to more than £1,500. Some were provided within several days, while others took weeks.

She found her first illegal passport dealer in the centre of London – through an advertisement in a Russian language newspaper.

The dealer – Henry – provided her with a genuine Czech passport, by getting someone who looked like her to apply for one, using her photo.

source BBC

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Does C.A.I.R. Care?

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The spy, his wife and his contact: A slow nuclear attack.

A new radiation alert was issued last night after it emerged that a second man on the hit-list handed to the former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko has been poisoned.

Tests have also shown that Mr Litvinenko’s wife, Marina, has been exposed to radiation, although John Reid, the Home Secretary, said last night that there was “no reason for concern in the short term”.

Mario Scaramella, an Italian investigator who had lunch in a sushi bar with Mr Litvinenko and flew back to Britain to help police on Tuesday, has been found with a “significant amount” of the same radioactive element in his body.

The Health Protection Agency said Mr Scaramella, whom it did not officially name, had received quantities of polonium 210 “likely to be of concern for [his] immediate health”.”


This story is gripping the U.K. – a real life ‘cold war’ 007 thriller. 12 sites in London show traces of polonium 210 and at least two British Airways Aircraft have been grounded.

Who dunnit? Well some say Putin is the paymaster but others believe someone has done this to throw dirt at him. Lots more conspiracy theories abound. No doubt the truth (if it ever comes out) will be even stranger.

Dying from polonium 210 is slow and hard. Ironically, those with less dosage may have longer, lingering deaths. That is as may be, but the rest of us are fascinated at seeing a Bond thriller acted out in real life, right before our eyes. Who needs ‘Casino Royal’ with this going on?


Steve’s Remote Clicker has this disturbing image used in an advertisement.

Here’s a photo, but click over to Steve’s site and see the flash image.


I’ve never heard of musiQ, but it might be this benq video

Chinese bastids mispelled “belive”, but the video looks real to me

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