Khamenei gravely ill

From Mchael Leeden, via PjM 

 20061013khameneiak47-04.jpgThree days ago,

Iran’s dictator, Supreme Leader Ayatollah ali Khamenei, was rushed to the vast medical facility traditionally known as “Vanak” hospital (it now has an Arabic name that means “the 12th Imam Hospital”), a 1,200-room facility that saves half of its beds for the leadership.

Khamenei is known to be suffering from cancer, and taking considerable quantities of an opium-based pain killer. He has lost more than 17 pounds in the past ten months, and was told last spring that he was unlikely to see another New Year (In the Iranian calendar, the New Year begins at the end of March).

Sad news like this would just break my heart, if I had one.

Meanwhile, Leeden reports that thousands of student demonstrators chanting “Death to  the dictators” have gathered at Tehran University, despite brutally repressive measures by the regime.  (Link to IranPressNews)

The received reports from other cities also indicates that brave students in many other parts of Iran also took to demonstrating and protesting against the Islamic Republic.

In the city of Kerman more than 500 students gathered; in Shahr’eh-Kord more than 400 and cities such as Zahedan, Bandar-Abbass hundreds of student held demonstrations. Also in Tabriz universities, Zanján, Ghom, Karaj and Mazandaran similar demonstrations were held. Students of Sahand University in Tabriz chanted slogans such as “Student prisoners must be freed” and “If I rise and you rise, everyone will rise”. The student anthem Yaar’eh Dabestani was sung at every campus by all student protestors.

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  1. Christians being “too Christian”?

    I figured out what’s number one on my Christmas wish list y’all.
    I want the Hag-ia Sophia returned k?

  2. I hadnt seen this Nuke..linked up to ya!..thank u, 🙂

  3. thanks!

  4. Yeah, been waiting for that info for months now, while the other members have all been jockeying for his position as Grand Ayatollah. If Yazdi takes his place, the ghost in the well will have the leader of the Supreme Council and the Prez dropping urgent notes down the well.

    Ahmadinejad spoke of his belief in the return of the Twelfth Imam. One of the differences between Sunni and Shi’ite Islam is that the latter, who dominate Iran and form the majority in Iraq, believe that Allah shielded or hid Muhammad al-Mahdi as the Twelfth Imam until the end of time. Shi’ites expect the Twelfth Imam, which Jews and Christians would recognize as a messianic figure, to return to save the world when it had descended into chaos. Shi’ite orthodoxy has it that humans are powerless to encourage the Twelfth Imam to return. However, in Iran a group called the Hojjatieh believe that humans can stir up chaos to encourage him to return. Ayatollah Khomeini banned the group in the early 1980s because they rejected one of the primary commitments of the Iranian revolution: the concept of Vilayat-i Faqih (Guardianship of the Jurist). In other words, they opposed the notion of an Islamic republic because it would hinder the Twelfth Imam’s return on account of it being too just and peaceful. Today, in addition to the possibility of Ahmadinejad himself being a member (or a former member), the group has connections to Qom ultraconservative cleric Mesbah Yazdi whom Iranians frequently refer to as the “crazed one” and the “crocodile.” Four of the twenty-one new cabinet ministers are purportedly Hojjatieh members. Some reports state that cabinet ministers must sign a formal pledge of support for the Twelfth Imam.

    The Twelvers.

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