Thursday in Mississippi

North to the home of the Delta Blues,

South to the home of Dixieland Jazz.


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  1. I went outside, and fwoom! it seems last night all the trees decided to drop their leaves in the courtyard areas. There are several inches of maple and pecan leaves covering my sidewalks and danged if the breeze didn’t start blowing and the live oak trees starting drifting leaves over me. Sheesh. The live oaks aren’t supposed to lose their leaves until March. Maybe we’re gonna get an early spring.

  2. never been there…looks nice. solid ice and snow up here, cold as h*** too.

    Swampwoman…me a pessimist?…no…I thought about it once but figured it wouldn’t work out for me.

  3. Only thing about that picture, you can see the dead lovebugs on the windshield.

  4. hey nuke, I’ve been wanting to do something with that NowPublic but it requires firefox. I use IE and they say it is coming soon. hope to benefit from that if I can figure it all out. looks like its doing well for you.

  5. No, no, no, Coz. Hell is a summer in Florence, Arizona.

  6. I take that back. Hell was a summer in Arizona when my beloved spouse took a very low-paying teaching job with rez kids during the dot com bust and I was competing for jobs with thousands of suddenly unemployed white collar workers and illegal immigrants and couldn’t afford the electricity to run the air conditioning.

  7. Well coz, I think you would like firefox. If you want, I’ll send you a download link. It’s pretty straightforward.

    swamps–you had me at no air-conditioning, you had me at no air conditioning
    /channelling what’s er name

  8. Good thing you weren’t channeling Team America, in the scene when Lil Kim was stopped.
    /you had me at ___ ___ ___.

  9. oooooo, an avatar.

  10. Yeah, it took long enough to show up…and it’s so tiny.
    /videe well..oh my brothers!

  11. Shouldn’t avatars be all decorated and festive?

  12. and it’s so tiny
    /avatar envy!

  13. Not envy, just want everyone to see it.

  14. Hmmm…abra-cadabra…avatar!

  15. nuke,

    could you leave that link on my webblog? and haven’t figured out how to link email yet.

    /total webtard

  16. it’s on your website.

  17. thanks nuke,

    I might even get to try and mess with it yet tonight.

  18. Hey nuke,

    I notice you link to WLS 890AM. Roe Conn fan?
    I listened back when it was Roe and Gary. Hilarious nutjobs they were.

  19. Well, generally, it’s so I can listen to Limbaugh. Plus, vimto and Nemesis are over in the UK, and they can’t get Rush–so I put the link up to help us all out.

  20. you’re a good man, nuke, doin’ the Lord’s work.

  21. Don’t tell him that, coz!

    /He’ll make us call him The Great Prophet Nuke again.

  22. uuh, what I meant nuke was that, um, you’re ok, and doing “somebody’s” work.

  23. swampwoman…./wink

  24. And a big grin back atcha, coz!

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