Thursday Jam

thanks y’all…see ya’ in a few

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  1. Who is this?

  2. Take it easy, Nuke. I just talked to lil’ bro (whose birthday is today) and he said that it’s 10 degrees in MO. Heh. Like a naggy big sis, I enquired as to whether he has a subzero sleeping bag and plenty of PBJ in his truck. (I figure enough Peanut Butter and Jelly and a good sleeping bag, he could get stuck until spring.) The odds of him getting stuck until spring on a street in KC MO, though, is pretty slim and there’s bound to be a BBQ place open.

  3. Yeah, good journey nuke.
    Remember, no loud praying, no switching seats, and no seat belt extensions.
    Then hurry back for some etouffe.

  4. Well, it is that time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nuke might need that seat belt extension if his wife is a good cook.

  5. And it is 17 days, 1 hour, and 20 minutes until Christmas.

  6. Sorry you are talking to yourself, Swampie.
    Kind of involved in something right now…actually, several things.
    I’m glad you and many others are looking forward to Christmas. To me, it’s just unwanted time off, anymore. Glad I had so much fun with it when I was younger.

  7. It’s the excitement of the little ones, N2L. And I will concentrate on work now, and bid you goodnight as you work on figuring out the dashboard.

  8. Night.
    Oh, I understand the fun folks have with Christmas, it’s just I have no involvement with little ones anymore.
    No, work related stuff, catching up on some reading, and researching Buddy’s condition. The best treatments for his hyperthyroidism are scary, but so is cardiomyopathy and hypertension.*sigh*

  9. I know about scary. Talked to mom about her doctor visit today. The doc said her weight was great, her blood pressure was great, her cholesterol was great, and she had leukemia.

  10. Oh, that’s just wonderful!
    I came across a report today, concerning a highly effective drug therapy for leukemia. Can’t remember where I saw it, though.
    As for ma’boy, his thyroid condition is going to kill him, so I need to decide what we will do. God Bless him, he’s such a sweet little guy.

  11. Happy trails nuke!
    Catch you on the flip-side.

  12. no2liberals-


    Do you remember 1984?

  13. Coz, I remember 1984 very well. Uhh…why?
    As for the vid, it was titled, and I couldn’t quite tell who it was, and was guessing/inquiring if it was Yingwie.

  14. Maybe he thought you were a young pup.

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