Hillary gets religion

The Hill is reporting that Burns Strider, one of the Democratic Party’s leading strategists on winning over evangelicals and other values-driven voters, will join Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) as she prepares to launch her 2008 presidential campaign. 

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Obama – size shouldn’t matter

The Rock Star is very sensitive about his ears. This little tidbit of information came to light after a press conference. TRS headed toward NYT liberal columnist Maureen Dowd and berated her for a comment she made that his “ears stick out.”

ears7.jpg“I just want to put you on notice,” he said.

“I was teased relentlessly when I was a kid about my big ears.” To which Doears2.jpgwd replied, “Just trying to toughen you up.”

TRS does have big ears, and they do stick out.

But, so does Prince Charles.

And what about all of these famous ears?

One of them is even BLUE.

And that reminds me of an old Richard Pryor routine.

TRS is a charismatic candidate. He looks good. He gives a nice speech.

But, frankly, I don’t give a rat’s azz about TRS’s ears.

What does concern me is his lack of experience, and a word that got a lot of buzz in the recent past…


TRS just doesn’t have it.


ears9.jpgDavid Drake has discovered previously unpublished photographs of TRS’s ears.

Osama Hussein Obama’s Enormo-Gigantic Ears

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Stoking the Flames of Victimization

Thank you Washington Times for reporting the words of a muslim who recognizes the need for CAIR to chill out.

0404jasser-on-autosized158.jpgBut M. Zuhdi Jasser, a Phoenix physician and chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), said the announcement by CAIR “continues the tired stoking of the flames of victimization.”
“They are unfortunately exploiting, for purely political reasons, what should be a sacred and purely spiritual story of our faith’s annual holy pilgrimage to Mecca,” Dr. Jasser said.

“We need new leadership and organizations which use their passions and the bandwidth of the media to lead the ideological fight against radical and political Islam rather than this tired pre-emption of supposed discrimination.”

I’ve never heard of the AIFD, but I’m darn glad to know that they’re out there. I encourage Dr. Jasser to continue to speak up and be heard, and media orgaizations to seek out the comments of rational people instead of their normal “go-to” guys at CAIR.

Profiles in dhimmitude

Angel is reporting that primary schools across Britain have included some special treats along with normal school supplies:

papercrafts3.jpg A guide to Is–lam is being given to primary schools across Britain containing a headscarf, a prayer mat, a prayer cap, sacred Ih-ram clothing worn during the pilgrimage to Ma–kkah, a poster of the Mus–lim prophets and a compass to locate the direction of Ma–kkah.

the teaching resource, provided by the Mus–lim Council of Britain, is intended to provide children aged seven and 11 with information about true Isl–amic beliefs.

What, no suicide bomb vests?


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