Winning Through Intimidation

Although this isn’t what Robert J. Ringer had in mind, Islamist front group, CAIR has sucessfully intimidated Internet web company Hostgator, to shut down the website of blogger Vilmar of Right Wing Howler. Here are excerpts of the press release, interspersed with some photographic incongruities.

TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 14 /U.S. Newswire/ — The Tampa, Fla., office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Tampa) is calling on an Internet web hosting company in that state to drop a hate site that supports calls to “kill all Muslim kids.”

Under the headline, “Love Your Kids? Fear For Their Future? Kill All Muslim Kids,” the Web site’s owner, who lives in the Tampa area, wrote: “Makes sense to me. After all, if Muslims are raising their little crumb- snatching, curtain climbing, ankle biting rug rats to strap on bombs in order to kill us, it is logically correct to assume that in order to stop that from happening we need to kill all Muslim kids. Starting now.”

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In a letter to Boca Raton-based LLC, CAIR-Tampa Executive Director Ahmed Bedier wrote: “While we respect an individual’s right to freedom of speech, we oppose hate-filled speech that calls for violence against innocent people…”

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10 Tech Concepts You Need to Know for 2007

Bendable Concrete

The nickname for Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) is self-explanatory: bendable concrete. Specially coated microscopic polymer fibers slide past each other instead of snapping under stress, so ECC bends without breaking. The material has been used to create stretchable expansion joints for a Michigan bridge, and to allow the coupling beams in a 41-story tower in Yokohama to flex during Japan’s frequent earthquakes.

PRAM (Phase-Change Random Access Memory)

Flash memory, with no moving parts to break or wear down, is the data storage technology of choice for devices such as iPods and digital cameras. But phase-change RAM is set to overtake flash entirely—it uses a chemical found in rewritable discs, which is alternately heated and cooled to store data. The result is memory that’s 30 times faster than flash, with more than 10 times the life span.

Printed Solar Panels

Tomorrow’s solar panels may not need to be produced in high-vacuum conditions in billion-dollar fabrication facilities. If California-based Nanosolar has its way, plants will use a nanostructured “ink” to form semiconductors, which would be printed on flexible sheets. Nanosolar is currently building a plant that will print 430 megawatts’ worth of solar cells annually—more than triple the current solar output of the entire country.

Passport Hacking

Starting this year, all new U.S. passports will include a radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip


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Really interesting article from Popular Mechanics.  Read it all. 

So, you want to have a podcast?

But, you don’t know where to start?

Welcome to Web 2.0. So many new applications, and new Betas constantly hitting the market, it is a real challenge to keep up. The internet is constantly changing, and growing at a phenominal rate. Check out these stats from Blogpulse:

Total identified blogs: 38,204,413
New blogs in last 24 hours: 44,003
Blog posts indexed in last 24 hours: 764,802

Mind-boggling numbers, indeed. And, even though there are predictions that 2007 will see a leveling off of new blog activity, I think that only shows that the percentage rate will be declining because the overall number of blogs will be so much higher.

So, what is a podcast? Is it something you want to know about, or participate in? One thing for sure, the internet is one of the more democratic forms of communication out there. Anyone can participate, anyone can have a blog, and it is absolutely an inexpensive way to reach out and affect the opinions of others. Same with podcastsing. It is just like blogging, except that your recorded voice is the medium rather than the computer screen. And, it is equally inexpensive to do.

But how? I ran across a great blog over at my Pageflakes site called “Howstuffworks”. Their article shows you exactly how to create your own podcast–everything you need to know.   Here is the link. Check it out.

FireFox 3 is now avalable for beta testing


Mozilla has officially released the first public alpha build of Firefox 3.0.

Codenamed Gran Paradiso, Firefox 3 includes the new Gecko 1.9 rendering

engine which leverages the open-source Cairo rendering framework and

features heavily refactored reflow algorithms that improve Firefox layout

functionality and resolve some long-standing CSS bugs.


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Link to Edge of I-hacked

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