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Japanese pol calls WWII A-bombing “inexcusable crime”

Shoichi Nakagawa, a senior Liberal Democratic Party politician has called the U.S. atomic bombing of Japan in 1945 a crime and inexcusable.Nakagawa, policy chief of the ruling LDP, made the comments after visiting the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, a ruling party official said.The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, would only paraphrase Nakagawa’s comments late Sunday, but Kyodo News agency and a newspaper quoted him directly.”The U.S. decision to drop such a thing was truly unforgivable on humanitarian grounds,” the reports quoted Nakagawa as saying. “Dropping an atomic bomb is a crime.” link

nagasaki.jpgSixty-one years ago, President Truman made a decision which brought to an end the most brutal war in the history of mankind. The decision saved the lives of tens of thousands of Allied servicemen, as well as the many thousands of Japanese civilians were were prepared to fight to the death to defend their home islands.The fact that some sixty years later, a Japanese politician makes this kind of statement is no great surprise. It is no different than many leftist hand-wringers in the U.S. have made over the past decade, and should be taken with the same degree of seriousness. Given the choice of either extending the war for months or years in an expensive conventional struggle, or ending it with a nuclear strike, Truman rightly chose the latter. There will be no hand-wringing or second guessing from me. He was right. And, given the same options today, it would still be the right decision. Iran and North Korea would do well to pay attention to history.

Senators for Terror

By Joe Kaufman
Frontpage Magazine 18th December 06.

When the Democratic Party overtook the House and the Senate this past November, it signified that Americans wanted change. What the country didn’t have in mind, though, was for that change to be an embrace of terrorism. From looking at the recent actions of two prominent Democratic Senators, that is exactly what we have gotten. Senator Bill Nelson and Syrian President Bashar Assad

Syria’s role in Iraq has been apparent – to look the other way, whilst terrorists (a.k.a. insurgents) pass over the border. Syria’s role in Lebanon has been apparent – to take part in assassinations of heads of state and to prop up Hezbollah, both politically and militarily.
Syria’s role in Iran is apparent – to form a partnership with a nuclear, genocidal fanatic. And
Syria’s role in Gaza has been apparent – to harbor the leaders of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, so that they can conduct activities from afar without fear of reprisal from
Israel. Syria is, by our nation’s standards, a terror sponsoring entity.

That is reality.

Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida), on Wednesday, December 13, 2006, chose to ignore this reality – and the advice of the White House and the State Department – by meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad. The mission, which was said to be one of “diplomacy,” was to ask for Assad’s help in Iraq – essentially to ask a man partly responsible for what has happened in Iraq for help in Iraq.

The end result is that we have sent a message to our enemies that terrorism indeed pays, even when it is aimed at arguably what is the most powerful nation in the world. And we the
United States, through our representation by Senator Nelson, have been reduced to playing the part of beggar, while waving a white flag.

Hat tip to Thoughts of a Conservative Christian.

Zotting Pelosi’s first 100 hours….

Nancy Pelosi’s plans for the first 100 (very flexible) hours is already hitting the rails. But just in case you think Pelosi’s passion has gone and the subject of fabrics are far from her mind, read on….

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Soldier’s Death in Iraq: No Body Armour.

“We’ve got nothing, it’s disgraceful what we’ve got out here. It’s pretty demoralising,” Sergeant Steve Roberts had told his wife.

Today a coroner  said that this brave British Tank Commander died in Iraq because “he did not have any body armour.” He was “the victim of an “unforgivable and inexcusable” failure by the Government. “

An Army Board of enquiry found that Sergeant Roberts would have survived if he had been wearing the standard body armour. He wasn’t. In fact he had handed his armour in just 3 days before – there wasn’t enough to go around so soldiers were sharing them. Not for the first time we have discovered our forces were sent to Iraq dangerously under-resourced. 

The failure of the U.K. government to give the proper back-up to our soldiers is a national disgrace. They say all is ‘hunky dory’ now. Will anyone be held to account for this? We’ll see.

Islamist Somalia – E.U points the finger at the U.S.

You gotta love the MSM. Somalia is set to attack Ethiopia. Lets spell this out as a soundbite: Islamist vs, Christian. The Ethiopian troops are guarding Somalia’s official Government but the de facto Islamist government have served a 24 hours notice to quit or else. The Shiara court has sanctioned the attack and the imams are whipping up support with loudspeakers from the backs of trucks. It’s all set for more killing fields.

So here are two gobbets from the Times article this morning…

Fears of war between Somalia’s Islamists and Ethiopia are rising as a rift develops between Western powers trying to avert it.”

“The chances of a last-minute compromise have been seriously undermined by a deepening rift between the US and governments in Europe over the nature of the problem and how to address it. “The Americans are simply not prepared to listen to anyone else’s point of view,” one diplomat complained angrily. “They have made their mind up.”

So, this is really the fault of America. The EU has pointed the finger of blame. It’s good at that.

These are strange times when making your mind up about a clear-cut situation is a sign of weakness and ridgidity, but there we are. As the conflagration fans out to engulf adjacent states and imperil the region, at least the EU can sit back and spit in the general direction of America while wondering what would have become of negotiations with an illegitimate, murderous, terrorist hiding, Islamist regime.

Ho hum, pass me the sick-bag willya!

source: The Times UK online.


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