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‘Only military action can stop Iran’

Bushehr Reactor, IranAmidst Iranian calls for “Death to America”, and “Death to Israel”, and promises that Israel will be wiped off of the map, the concern for survival will take on a deeper and more personal meaning for those whose very existence is threatened.

“Our conclusion is that without military action you won’t be able to stop Iran,” Brig. Gen. (ret.) Zvi Shtauber told The Jerusalem Post Thursday.The United Nations Security Council is set to vote Friday on a sanctions resolution against Iran, which has been revised in response to Russian objections. The latest draft, if approved, would order all countries to ban the supply of specified materials and technology that could contribute to Iran’s nuclear and missile programs. The proposed sanctions would also include freezing the assets of a list of companies and individuals involved in the country’s nuclear and missile programs.

Despite the impending vote and increased diplomatic action, Shtauber said he believed it was too late for sanctions. “There is no longer a possibility for effective sanctions to stop Iran,” he said.


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Welp. It’s Official

Ahmadinejad took a giant step towards becoming the most popular dictator of the American and European Left with his characterization of George W. Bush as “the most hated person in the world.”

This will not sit well with Peru’s Hugo Chavez, who just a couple of months ago had wowed and woowed the Left with his temper tantrum at the UN, calling President Bush “the devil”.

Still to be heard from in the “Hit me next, please” contest are NorKom Kim, and Assad the chinless opthamologist.

ahmadin.jpg President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called President Bush “the most hated person” in the world on Thursday, keeping up his tirades against the West despite elections that showed Iranians want him to focus on the country’s domestic problems.

In final results announced Thursday from local elections last week, moderate conservatives opposed to Ahmadinejad won a majority of seats. They were followed by reformists, making a comeback after being driven out of local councils, parliament and the presidency over the past five years.

In the capital Tehran, where Ahmadinejad was mayor before becoming president 16 months ago, his allies grabbed only three of the 15 council seats, while moderate conservatives won seven. Reformists won four, and an independent one. Though the Dec. 15 elections were local, they were the first time the public has weighed in on Ahmadinejad’s stormy presidency.

But Ahmadinejad appeared unbowed. He toured cities in western Iran, telling the crowds that Iran will not be intimidated by Western demands to dismantle its nuclear program, and scolding Bush.

“Oh, the respectful gentleman, get out of the glassy palace and know that you are the most hated person in the eyes of the world’s nations and you can’t harm the Iranian nation,’‘ Ahmadinejad said, according to the official Iranian Republic News Agency.

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Just making a buck


buying (and selling) into the warming hysteria

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Marines charged

Eight members of the Camp Pendleton-based 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, have been accused of crimes stemming from the killing of 24 civilians in Haditha, Iraq, in November 2005. AP Wire


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Revenge of the Artists


“Welcome Danish Readers!”

You gotta love the Danes. From last year’s cartoon extravaganza to this year’s smuggling of a special message to Ahmadinejad.

A group of Danish artists known from their website as Surrend, has slipped one by the editors of the Tehran Times, and given a great big razzberry to El Dinnerjacket. From Spiegel (h/t in the bullpen):

A Danish art group that specializes in targeting world leaders has succeeded in offending its latest victim — right on his home territory. They managed to smuggle an advert insulting the Iranian president into a Tehran newspaper.

Support his fight against Bush

We are also tired of Bush

Iran has the right to produce nuclear energy

No US aggression against any country

Evil US military stay home

What the editors thought they were seeing was a message of solidarity with the Iranian president. But taking a closer look at the first letters of each line, (S-W-I-N-E) the insult was revealed. Heh. I love it.

Another Pentagon Network Penetrated

Yet another U.S. Department of Defense organization is having its computer systems shut down and closely examined for evidence of successful hacker penetration. This time it’s the National Defense University (NDU) in Washington, DC. Last month, it was the Navy War College in Rhode Island. NDU is similar to the War Colleges each of the services have, but teaches subjects of use to all military officers, and at a somewhat higher level.

The NDU situation is different from that of the Navy War College. There does not appear to be a hacker attack, or at least one that was obvious. Instead, the NDU is shutting down its network (including email access) for a month, to coincide with the break between semesters, for “maintenance”. No one is giving out details, so it appears that there is suspicion that the NDU network was penetrated, but that the intrusion was not detected. This is what hackers always try to do. Get in without being seen, so you can collect useful data for as long as you can remain hidden. These are the most dangerous penetrations, and hacker groups (especially those sponsored by criminal gangs and governments) are getting better at pulling off this sort of thing. The United States has organizations that develop penetration tools, and others that study hostile hackers, and what they do. It is known that the number of undetected penetrations is going up, and it may be anticipation of that, which is shutting down the NDU networks for a month.

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