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Liberal blogger Justin Rood is doing his best to stir up a reaction to Virgina Republican Virgil Goode’s immigration worries, outlined in a letter released earlier this week. I suspect he’s not going to have a lot of luck on the Friday before Christmas, but with an opportunity to use the ultimate weapon in PC politics – calling a conservative a racist – you have to admire Rood for working late in the last few hours before a long Holiday weekend.

It would probably be about as difficult to get a Democrat reaction to Sandy Berger’s story that his theft of classified documents wasn’t the result of being “sloppy” as previously characterized, but was indeed intentional, and Berger himself extremely fortunate to not be in the Federal Pen for his crimes.

But, let’s look at Rood’s most recent post.

Capitol Hill is all but empty, and I have to admit defeat in my effort to find one Republican lawmaker to substantively address Rep. Virgil Goode’s (R-VA) argument to reduce legal immigration and end visa policies which have “allow[ed] many persons from the Middle East to come to this country.”

Apparently Rood in particular, and Democrats in general are in disagreement with Goode’s immigration argument. Does that mean that they want to increase, rather than reduce legal immigration and buttress rather than reduce visa policies policies aimed at allowing many persons from the Middle East to come to this country? If so, then I think they may have found a policy that will be popular in Keith Ellison’s Minnesota district, and possibly in John Conyer’s Michigan district. But, outside of those two, I don’t think the Democrat immigration policy is going to play well at all. And the reason has nothing at all to do with bigotry and racism.

Perhaps I’m being naive in still believing that most Democrats, if given the facts, are still willing to put Country before party. I think that they’ve been badly misled the past few years into feeling that the greatest threat to their freedom is from George Bush, Republicans, and Christians, so much so that they perceive a conspiracy to do away with the Bill of Rights and establish some sort of police state theocracy. It is a perception driven by their own aspirations for political power, and has shielded their ability to see what has been happening overseas in most every country that has reached the critical mass of 8 – 10% Muslim population.

There are nightly car burnings and attacks on police in France, with cries of “Allah Akbar”, and actual “no-go” zones for the French authorities. Norway is seeing an eight-fold increase in violent crime and rape. Bombings in Britain and Spain. And still, the liberals believe that if they just embrace the model of multi-culturalism a little more carefully, spend more money on educating the majority about Islam, and showing the Muslims that they mean them no harm, that somehow it is going to work out.

It’s not working out.

Australia is struggling with their own immigration problems. Indonesia, Thailand, India are all experiencing similar difficulties. Certainly all of us realize that all Muslims are not terrorists. But, in all of these instances, all of the terrorists are Muslims. I suppose I’m not ready to cry a river of tears over the alleged bigotry and Islamophobia faced by Muslims in America, Israel, and Europe. The fact is, they have much more religious freedom and economic opportunity than do Christians and Jews in Islamic countries.

In the next few weeks, the Democrats will take over the houses of Congress in a peaceful, democratic transfer of power. They will have the opportunity to craft legislation to affect the future direction of the country. Let’s hope the immigration policies put forth by people of Mr. Rood’s political party will be based on common sense, and not on some knee-jerk reaction to appeal to the gods of multi-culturalism and political correctness.

update: WaPo breaks out the big guns, uses the “b” word (bigot)

Angel: Holiday Calories and OTB Weekend, Blue Star: Soldier’s Silent Night, Rastaman is thrilled,

Update: from CNS, Masters of Victimization“,    Atlas Shrugs: CAIR uses freedom of speech to kill it

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  1. “Racist” has been so overused and misused that when I hear the appellation being applied, I generally just give a heartfelt eye roll because I know that it doesn’t so much mean “racist” as “person refusing to regurgitate lefty ideology”.

  2. Hmmmm. Slow night. Or…..maybe everybody was too busy to celebrate National Orgasm and tonight they’re doing their part, so to speak, to celebrate.

  3. There’s doin’s afoot, Swampie…big doin’s.
    /and not much time

  4. National Orgasm Day (winter solstice). Does that mean that it is once a year for vegans?

  5. Representative John Dingell on global warming, Detroit, and other sacred cows.

  6. Hey, I went out shopping today! (Who is bravest of them all? Yeah, baby, I’m BAD.)

  7. And, I’m gonna take my bad self back to cleaning lest the break extend for waaaaay too long. G’nite!

  8. I don’t shop, I buy.
    Between work, traffic, stupid people with drivers licenses, and the pace quickening, this has been a tough week. Some company this weekend, running to and from the kitchen. You should be glad I have any time to post at all.
    Still haven’t made the rounds through my bookmarks, yet.

  9. Okay, then.
    Cleaning…dang, I knew there was something else I needed to do.
    At least I have an appointment with my barber for in the morning. Called him Tuesday, and the soonest he could see me is in the morning. Gonna be rough out there tomorrow.

  10. Aaaaaargh! I forgot to get fresh yeast to mix and refrigerate the dough for the coffee cake, caramel rolls, and cinnamon buns.

    /dope slap.

  11. Well, at least you gots hair to trim!

    /Attitude of gratitude off.

  12. Shopping might be a misnomer. I got most of it handled in a few minutes. The remaining time for the people that I don’t know very well was spent wandering around, hoping that I would get a personal message from God about the perfect gift that would magically make their lives complete. I didn’t see any burning bushes, though, so I can only conclude that God doesn’t like ’em all that much.

  13. I got my daughter to finish my shopping for me.
    /ahhhh, life is good

  14. That’s their pennance for knowing you.

    Book burning in Iran. Can’t be allowing any thoughts of being connected to Persia, now can they. They are muslims first, last, and foremost.

  15. Well-well-well!
    Dirty Deeds Done Not So Cheap, for Dhimmi Carter.

    To understand what feeds former president Jimmy Carter’s anti-Israeli frenzy, look at his early links to Arab business.

    Carter’s Arab Financiers.

  16. holy cow.

  17. Yes…and holy sheep-dip!

  18. The elections in Iran…three card monty?

    Khamenei and his cohorts staged a neat political melodrama in two acts to deliver this message. The recent protest on the campus of Amir Kamir University in Tehran was no surprise; Iran is constantly riven by public demonstrations against the regime. The news was not the demonstration, but the amount of attention it received. Why this one and not the scores of others? The answer, I think, is that this protest was covered by the official Iranian media, which made it safe for foreign correspondents to report it. And why did the official media cover it? Because it was the first move in a campaign — culminating in the “election results” — to demystify Ahmadinejad and his messianic allies, one of whom had declared himself a candidate to succeed Khamenei. So Act One was the protest and Act Two was the “election.” Maybe there will be a third act, maybe not.

    Faster Please!

  19. Seems like the way I find these blogs is they find me first. Ennyhoo, soon as I leave this comment I’ll add you to my blogroll. Meantime, thanks for the link on the above post, and Merry Christmas to all!


  20. TY, and Merry Christmas to you too

  21. Hmmmmm. I had wondered if Mr. Carter had become senile and an object for pity, or a bought and paid for lapdog, an object of contempt. Guess that explains that.

  22. Yup, it explains quite a bit. Corrupt bunch of bastids.

  23. “The Amir Kabir Newsletter,” as reported by the intrepid passionaria of the Iranian-American community, Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi, says that the student demonstrators have gone into hiding, most notably the student who bravely held up the sign “Fascist president, you don’t belong at the polytechnic.” Thoughtlessly, various foreign newspapers published his photograph.

    Maybe it was thoughtless; maybe it wasn’t.

  24. What is shocking, to me, is how little it took for him to prostitute himself.

  25. That question belongs up there with, “why did Bill Clinton only hit on homely women?”

  26. Because he figured they’d be grateful?

  27. it was rhetorical. Heh 🙂

  28. I’m nodding off, so I’ll say g’nite.

  29. Seriously, I think he hit on financially challenged and powerless women that really didn’t have recourse. If they accused him, their names were dragged through the mud, they were ridiculed for being unattractive, and couldn’t afford representation.

  30. Bullies always seek out the weak and least able to resist.
    As for Dhimmi, I had a link to a pdf from Defense and Foreign Affairs, that spelled out what Carter’s actions were prior to the fall of the Shah. That link has been removed from the net, but can be found here, in it’s entirety.
    The carefully crafted image of being a nice little ol’man from Plains, is being peeled away, like a veneer in a hot and humid climate. The less we like him, the more we find out, and the more we find out, the less we like him.
    /which was already substantial

  31. U.S. airstrike kills Taliban commander.
    Even Satan gets a new toy for Christmas, this year.

  32. Ooooh, that’s gotta hurt!

    SwampMan just grinched that I am NOT to have more than 5 veggies/casseroles/side dishes or combinations thereof. FIVE! Aaaaargh! He’s breakin’ my ovaries here. How can I set a holiday table with only 5? I noticed he didn’t bat an EYE at his mamma’s house where she had about 20.

    Well. He hasn’t thought to put a limit on dessert yet. And he hasn’t said a thing about salads. And he can just keep his big ol’ nose outta my kitchen anyway.

  33. You tell him Swampie!
    He can’t tell you how many you can have, only how many he will have hisownself.

  34. SwampMan helped carry in part of the groceries and then squawked “You spent $200 on groceries for Christmas dinner?”

    Silly man. Of course not. That was just the grocery store; I need to run by the meat store, too.

    /Sigh. My planned Christmas dinner sheep were killed by dogs.

  35. And you thought YOUR roads were bad? Check out the 5 most dangerous roads in the world!

  36. Hiya Nuke!..ty for the link!..The terms multi-culturalism and political correctness are not only quickly becoming the ugliest words but the most dangerous in our culture!..have a blessed holiday despite the madness! 🙂

  37. Thanks Angel. And Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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