“Dhimmi Bishops”, part 3


The Foreign Office responds: “We think it is intolerant extremism of people who want to cause pain and suffering and chaos in order to promulgate the societies in which they can impose the way of life they want on people who have clearly voted for democracy and democratic government.” LINK

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  1. Amen amen..dang wouldnt it be nice if the extremists relocated to another planet!..happiest and warmest holiday wishes to ya Nuke and your whole group of readers!!

  2. Morning Calm thanks to a MarinE

    What are the holidays like when you have to wear 60 pounds of body armor to dinner? A Marine describes Christmas in Iraq.

  3. Calling St. Anselm…Calling St. Anselm!
    You are desparately needed back at Canterbury!

    However, some British subjects agreed with Williams.

    His comments were backed by the Muslim Council of Britain umbrella group

  4. Rowan is the disaster we expected him to be. Lovely guy with his head…well lets be polite and say in the clouds.

    Meanwhile the unoffical head of the Anglican Church in Englans is fast becoming Archbishop John Semantu.

  5. In the clouds?
    I was thinking quite a bit lower, in a fetid, and festering sort of way.

  6. Me too – I was being very polite like we gentlemen should be. Actually he is more of a parody of an Archbishop than I could ever invent.

    Archbishops of Canterbury do say the darndest things, don’t they?

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