Chavez to shut down opposition TV

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said he will not renew the licence for the country’s second largest TV channel when it expires in March 2007.

In an address to troops, Mr Chavez said he would not tolerate media outlets working toward a coup against him.

Radio Caracas Television, which is aligned with the opposition, supported a strike against Mr Chavez in 2003.

Correspondents say this is Mr Chavez’ first significant political move since his re-election earlier this month.

“There will be no new operating licence for this coupist TV channel – the measure has been drafted so go turn off the equipment”.

Mr Chavez, who was returned to power by a wide margin on 3 December, said the head of the television channel, Marcel Granier,
was mistaken in believing “that concession is eternal”. “It runs out in March. So it’s better that you go and prepare your suitcase and look around for what you’re going to do in March.

“There will be no new operating licence for this coupist TV channel called RCTV. The operating licence is over… So go and turn
off the equipment,” Mr Chavez said

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Couple pleads guilty to kissing in public during Ramadan

Dubai: An Australian manager and a Filipina receptionist are pleading guilty to hugging and kissing in public besides consuming liquor, a court heard yesterday.

The 37-year-old manager and 35-year-old receptionist confessed to the Dubai Court of Appeal yesterday that they committed an indecent gesture in public after they were caught hugging and kissing during Ramadan in a coffee shop.

The Dubai Court of First Instance earlier sentenced the defendants to one month in jail for kissing and hugging in public and fined them Dh1,000 for consuming liquor.


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Edwards announces for Prez

mylilpony.jpgspicoli.jpgI just noticed the blurb on cable news, John Edwards (trial lawyer-NC) was in the lower 9th in NewOrleans. He announced his candidacy for the ’08 Democrat nomination.
The photo op was framed nicely. Edwards in his starched work shirt and blue jeans, toting a shovel full of dirt, smiling for the cameras as he dutifully pitches the dirt into a pile.

The shovel looked brand new. My guess is the handlers made a quick stop by Home Depot before the photo op.

The first thing that popped in my head was the Katrina photo of Spicoli, frantically trying to keep his fishing boat from sinking with the Red Cup.

Heh™. Priceless.


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