He’s Dead, Jim

verthusseinap.jpgAl Arabia reported saddam is dead.

CNN: Iraqi Dictator Saddam Hussein Executed

AP photo

UPDATE: Metalfist has the exclusive video of the Execution of Saddam Hussein (parody)h/t N2L

(Photos from aazmaaish website)


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  1. arab wire services are reporting the butcher of bagdhad is dead.

  2. That would be about the right time.

  3. Bush did it.

  4. dang right

  5. Um, SwampMan quickly bored with Greta and Saddam’s lawyer and turned back to the Vampire/Werewolf slay fest.

  6. Vampires and Werewolves?
    Screw saddam, where’s the remote?

  7. catch up with yall later, I’ve got a global warming troll that needs bashing, errr, educating

  8. Something on Starz–probably the attraction is the woman with an improbably tight outfit, big gun,and tall boots.

  9. Hit’em in the head, nuke, then kick’em in the crotch…after that, stomp on their toes.
    /play nice, now

  10. Give it history of the world part I, Nuke.

  11. Ahh…Wonderworld. I don’t have Starz, but have seen that one.
    The Fifth Element is on, too, but think I will watch the last of Dog Fights, for a while, now that the Hangman Cometh.

  12. You know, it is scary that you know exactly the program I’m talking about.

  13. The 5th Element is on?


    Al Hurra agrees that Saddam is in the dear departed category.

  14. Bye-Bye saddam, we’re gonna miss you so
    Bye-Bye saddam, now it’s time to jet.

    Yeah, the Fifth Element just came on, she is about to meet Dallas. It’s on TNT.
    Catch you after a while, I’m tired of this chair.

  15. Later, then.

    /Will be up spreading germs for awhile, I fear.

  16. quick comment: don’t ya just feeeel sorry for my little pony? He announces for President, then Jerry Ford dies, then saddam gets kilt, and all the news oxygen gets sucked up. Muwahaha

  17. Heh. I was just reading woman charged with malicious castration because I had to know what malicious castration was. She didn’t use a weapon.

  18. You’d almost think that the universe was looking down on his candidacy and exclaiming “oh, hell no!”.

  19. Too me, the malicious castration if far more interesting, and newsworth, than the Silky Pony trying to find a job he is neither qualified for, nor will even be seriously considered for.

  20. Dang, to many pimf’s to correct.
    I better go watch tv.

  21. Thinking about malicious castration probably does things to a man’s concentration.

  22. I’m going to take a steamy shower in a futile attempt to open my nasal passages. What I really need is some Thai food.

    While I appreciate that Saddam was a probable sociopath and a source of trouble for years to come were he imprisoned and furthermore, were I a member of the government and/or jury, I would have recommended and upheld the death penalty, I take no pleasure in the death of a man and regret that it was necessary.

  23. Nah, just tired of this chair, staring at the screen, and want to kick back.
    Plus that half gallon of sumpin’-sumpin’ need’s work.

  24. I don’t celebrate the death of any man, but I do celebrate justice, and that the Iraqi people can now rest assured, that a long nightmare is over, and he ain’t coming back to harm them again.

  25. Yep. One of the reasons (in my view) that it was absolutely essential that he be executed–to prevent any possible combination of pressure and/or kidnappings of families to force his release.

  26. Not accusing anybody of inappropriate feelings of joy at Saddam’s demise; everybody’s feelings are there own business and none of mine. Was just sorting out my feelings about it.

  27. And it’s none of my business when you take a hot shower. 😛

  28. Are you telling me to pry myself out of the chair and just do it?

    /I’m melting, I’m melting…..

  29. Henh.
    Nope, but since you are still here, check this out.
    Saddam Swings.

  30. That’s really sick.

    /So of course, I like it.

  31. I got a little bit wordy, but this is what I told the troll:

    I want to congratulate you for your comment. It is wonderfully arrogant, managing to capture not only the condescending nature of your argument, or lack thereof, as well as being emotionally self-righteous, all in one simple paragraph.

    Evidence of global climate change is all around us. But to immediately jump to the conclusion that it is man-made, and that it can be stopped by behavioral changes cannot be scientifically supported beyond a reasonable doubt. No one that I read has any doubts that the world is warming. So, your comment that this story is somehow a “big splash of cold, wet, shocking reality” is simply more hyperbole.

    What science cannot tell us beyond a reasonable doubt is whether or not these changes are cyclical, or indeed caused by CO2 emissions.

    And, if is because of CO2 emissions, then why were the Middle Ages much warmer than today?

    It would be presumptuous of me to speak for all of the “ignorant global warming is just hysteria” mob, but the fact is, you enlightened, “reality-based” folks do yourself no good at all by printing and supporting whoppers like the Lohachara story. Most of us would welcome a discussion of the facts, rather than hearing that the debate is over, and that there is no other choice but to accept your prescription for solving a problem that man may, in fact, be completely powerless to affect.

    And, if the latter, then mankind will do as he has always done: adapt, improvise, and overcome.

  32. So where was this love fest conducted?

  33. Over at NowPublic. LINK

  34. ohhh man, that’s too much

  35. Oh well, enough with the gloating.
    See y’all dudes and dudettes tomorrow.

  36. Nuke – goodness what a moron. I just saw it – I’ve been busy with other things lately.

    Guess that article of mine really lit that moonbat up.

  37. N2L wrote “I would have recommended and upheld the death penalty, I take no pleasure in the death of a man and regret that it was necessary.”

    I totally agree. Yet, and here is the paradox -it is that which makes an execution powerful – it should shock us folks – it should send out a message that this crime was evil and cannot and will not be tollerated,- see how we have to deal with it!?

    Judicious use of the death penalty values life – over use devalues it. That is why I believe abolition of the death penalty devalues it’s citizens and contributes to moral relativism.

  38. Conjugal visits, cable television, supervised physical exercise, and maybe even Internet access would have made Saddam’s days tolerable, if not enjoyable.

    But, alas, Saddam was captured in Iraq, not America. So instead of conjugal visits, large contingents of lawyers, and prison amenities worthy of a king, Saddam got—Ramsey Clark.

    Perhaps the Lord does have a sense of humor, after all. That would explain the irony of Saddam Hussein having his very life boiling down to the competency of Ramsey Clark. That is a good one, Lord!

    Executing the Law in Iraq.

  39. I’m waiting, but not breathlessly, for Ramsey Clark’s statement, concerning his client’s justifiable demise.
    Here are a few of Clark’s(piss be upon him) in recent days:
    21 Dec 06

    Clark said that while executing Saddam would incite more violence in Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq and the Middle East, removing U.S. forces would bring calm to the region.

    “You will have less violence if you remove the U.S. troops immediately,” he said, promising to work toward bringing troops home immediately.

    27 Dec 06

    Deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s life is in President Bush’s hands and should be spared, said former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark on Wednesday.

    Clark, a member of Saddam’s defense team, said the decision Bush makes following an Iraqi court’s rejection of Saddam’s appeal “will have long-term consequences for the peace and stability of Iraq, and for the rule of law as a means to peace.”

    29 Dec 06

    Kristinn Taylor, president of the local Free Republic chapter, was walking through the concourse of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Wednesday afternoon when he spotted one of Saddam Hussein’s attorneys, Ramsey Clark, who was attorney general under President Lyndon B. Johnson.
    “As we walked by each other in the uncrowded terminal, I made a slashing motion across my neck and said to him, ‘It’s too bad about Saddam,’ ” in reference to the deposed Iraqi tyrant’s failed judicial appeal to avert his death sentence.
    At that point, he said, Mr. Clark “glanced back at me with a hangdog look and nodded his head in sad agreement.”

    I will continue to follow any and all comments by Clark. He may be considered by some as a “long-time peace activist” or an “American contrarian,” but to me those adjectives are inadequate. I consider him to be Anti-American, a manipulator of legalisms for his own agenda, suffers from senility, and a supreme hypocrit. If America is such an evil force in the world, above all others, then he should renounce his citizenship, move to say…Zimbabwe, and forfeit all of his U.S. retirement pay and benefits, from his service as U.S. Attorney General.

  40. Great Headline, just LOL / ROTFL Funny: “He’s Dead, Jim”


  41. Heh, ‘preshate that 😎

  42. Certainly one of the stories of the year. Now will it fall under 2006 or 2007 ??

  43. I think it would have to be an ’06 story.
    How does it go?

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery.
    What are you doing about today?

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