Unedited Video of Saddam Execution

Bodiaz over at the revver video hosting site has uncut video of the hanging. WARNING Very Graphic.
see also: He’s dead, Jim

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npp1view-rankedposting-1.gifI want to thank all of the readers from Now Public for making this the top ranked post on the front page. I apologize to all who have been unable to get the NP Thumbprint tool to function properly. So, I have decided to post the video here.

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  1. Not so very graphic. Could offend some sensibilities, but certainly not as disturbing as some of the skateboard accidents I’ve seen on the net.

  2. I can only imagine

  3. I’ll just take y’all’s word for it.

  4. Yep.

  5. Watched “Everything is Illuminated” over HBO this p.m.

  6. No idea what that is, don’t do HBO. Never will.

  7. it is their extreme levels of self love and their compulsive need for public attention.

  8. I’m shocked, I tellsya’…shocked!

  9. It’s a waste of time watching this. I hate people who film things with their cellphones. This is typical of the quality of mobile films. Crap.

  10. Wait a minute Ariane5. Are you saying that if you had been there with your cell phone, then you wouldn’t have filmed it?

  11. “Hey! I said I wanted to be WELL HUNG for Christmas- not ACK! ERK!”

  12. Heh. I wish I would have thought of that. 😆

  13. Justice, a necessary prerequiste of democracy,
    prevailed in Iraq with Sadaam’s hanging. Maybe Bush was right all along.

    It’s a good time for Sheites to make a deal with Sunnis. Sunnis would be well advised to get while the getting is sgood.

  14. Hahah, you see his head fall off and roll away! That’s classic 😀

  15. damn right thats what im talking about it’s been a long time comin who’s runnin the show now lol

  16. […] UPDATE: Nuke has the cell phone recording of the actual hanging of Saddam Hussein, though it’s not nearly as graphic as Reuters makes it out to be . . . or at least in my opinion. Maybe scouring jihadi message boards has made me immune to video of death? […]

  17. Egzekucja, i co dalej ? Kolejne lata balaganu w Iraku .
    Time for Fidel !

  18. iraq is a shit nation the new goverment look like a bunch of twats. probably end up even worse than before. if the americans leave it will become worse if they stay the same will happen no win situation. they found nueclear bombs in george bush’s ass.

  19. Didn’t you hear, wez?
    A WMD was found hanging on the end of a rope in Iraq, just a few days ago.
    There is even video!
    Not everyone is as obsessed with President Bush’s anal functions, as you.

  20. nuke. I don’t even own a cell phone.

  21. Ariane5. Count your blessings!

  22. How do you exist without one?
    /I can’t remember

  23. Wrap your mind around this, then, N2L. I don’t even know where my cell phone is. Haven’t used it/seen it for months.

    What a change/mellowing out from a former type A personality, huh? (I’m devolving from a high-tech redneck to a no-tech redneck.)

  24. Oh how ridiculous old man couldn’t barely get up the steps he’s is 69 years old one more week and he would have been to old by there laws to even hang and what did he do well he killed 1400 or so members of another group that was not in power that they were having an interior war with so we went in because of what? Well, he didn’t personally but his military did OK lets think on that I hope you get the thought. The nukes he had dam they weren’t found then we got him and what turned him over to his enemies to what to put them in power This is total bull. If he was to be tried he should have been tried here for what he supposedly had done that they never found so go figure. Same as our government they go in and kill people you hear nothing someone has to be in power as you can see there no better then before just the other side is at hand now. Has Bush been charge for all the citizens that were killed? wonder how many that was how about our men? A thought there? Where the hell is Ben Laden didn’t he order the hit on the trade buildings that was over 3000 Americans! Well that’s my opinion on it What ever

  25. Sugar, would you like to go back and punctuate that correctly so that we can make some sense out of what you are trying to say?

  26. Great example of tangential thinking, though.

  27. Don’t listen to her, Fire. No need to come back. There aren’t enough punctuation marks in the universe to help you elucidate your lack of knowledge or reason.

  28. […] Unedited Video of Saddam Execution […]

  29. thanks for video

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