If we wanted, we could burn down Gaza

This is interesting. Ibrahim Daher of Aqsa Radio spreads the love as the Palestinian civil war of words reflects the internecine fighting in the streets. Which side will prevail? Hamas, who wants to destroy Israel immediately and says so in both Arabic and English? Or, will Fatah, who also wants to destroy Israel, but only says so in Arabic, reserving English for taquiya to the Western media?

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – The fighting between Hamas and Fatah militants hasn’t played out just in the streets of the Gaza Strip. The rivals also pummeled each other over the airwaves with such epithets as “mercenary death squads,” “child killers” and “Zionists.”

The rhetoric, coupled with the stations’ power to quickly rally their armed supporters in the streets, has led to fears that the broadcasters could fan the flames into full-blown civil war.

“If we wanted, we could burn down Gaza,” said a smiling Ibrahim Daher, director of Aqsa Radio, the Gaza voice of Islamic Hamas.

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