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  1. According to an Israeli human rights group, seventeen “big, bad” people of Israel were killed in 2006 as a result of Palestinian violence. Meanwhile, Israeli forces killed 660 Palestinians in 2006. This number includes 141 minors and 322 of those killed were not involved in any violence at the time they were killed. These deaths could not have taken place without U.S. aid (an Israeli charity!). The sensationalism of this cartoon speaks to the ignorance and the artist and a failure to consider the context and lack of symmetry in the “conflict.”

  2. symmetry in an asymetrical conflict?
    Sorry, but I just don’t buy into the proportionate response theory.

  3. A proportionate response? Are you sure you want to go there? Israel’s Jewish population is @ 5 million people. The Muslim population of their neighbors is about 230,000,000. If Israel is to mount a proportionate defense, they need to hurry up and get their quota in before the new year so they don’t have to start 2007 with a deficit.

  4. I like that qualification, too, about the people killed: “This number includes 141 minors and 322 of those killed were not involved in any violence at the time they were killed”.

  5. nice catch swamps,
    “noticeable” sounds almost clintonian in his word-parsing

  6. How about those bombings in Thailand, huh? Has anybody worked out exactly how many Muslims would have to be killed in order to have the correct “proportionate response” for that?

  7. It’s a moving target. I mean, when do you start the count?

  8. Hey love this! I had a roasting a few days ago for a toon – the one of the American Soldier hand tied by Democrats. Provoking a repsonse is what ‘toons are about, they are a polemic. So I take this as a badge of honor. Lil Pup’s gonna rock and roll and the libs better be tuned to Nukes Site if they wanna take issue!!!

  9. I’m going to go take a couple of prophylactic aspirin, then, because I just know I’m gonna need ’em.

  10. good show vimto

  11. Oh Man!
    What a great firstie for vimto’s toon.
    I better email Carl In Jerusalem, and see what he has to say.
    Look out firstie, you are about to get scolded.

  12. Heh ..I always refer to them to them as CAIR bears in my one Vitmo!

  13. Yeah, vimto said he was going to come up with another CAIR toon. He excelled with this one.
    I wonder where firstie came up with those numbers? From the House of Pancakes?

  14. So he gets his info from an “Israeli Human Rights Group,” eh?
    Does Code Pinko or moveondotcom have a branch over there?
    I don’t know about y’all, but whenever the words human rights group are mentioned, my BS detector gets pegged.
    I care about human rights, and as it pertains to Israel, that includes the vested martyrs, and kassams killing innocent Israeli’s going about their daily lives.

  15. Does this sound like a peaceful, human rights group?
    Somali Institute for Peace and Justice in Minneapolis.

  16. Oh boy, 2 more bombs in Bangkok. And the TV talking heads actually had the gaul to say…”No word on who might be behind this…”
    How ’bout you, Mr. Noticeable? Any idea on who might be exploding bombs in Thailand?
    /Oooo…oooo….oooo, I know, it’s the jooooooooooos

  17. OOH-OOH!
    Nuke…I know, ask me-ask me!
    It’s members of the Religion of Perpetually Offended.

  18. that answer just plumb humiliates me.

  19. Henh.
    Better kill somebody quick, and get your honor back.

  20. that’s a super article N2L. I just added Imani to the blogroll. Thanks for the link

  21. I’ve linked his stories before. If you get the opportunity, go into his archives…he writes very well, presents excellent info, and is passionate. He also gets posted at some well known blogs.
    Have you considered adding Free Thoughts to the blog roll? Stefania has excellent info, and recently had an article posted at American Thinker, as well as TownHall. She is one of the best sources for what is going on in Cuba, as well as the ME, and Europe.
    Just a thought, as I have read her blog for a long time, and we email some, and discuss things.

    Also, after emailing with an old acquaintence of our’s, from the lgf days, last night, he wants me to write a book or a collection of short stories, based on the ‘Sweaty Young Man’ story I posted the other day. While I have considered that idea for many years, I don’t know if I’m ready to tackle such an endeavor. I told him I had lot’s of stories, some of which I could post on a public forum, with my story from when I came home from overseas, being a Stanley Kubrickesque story that some might enjoy. With that run-up, if you would allow me, I will post a short story tomorrow, ‘Welcome Home, G.I.,’ only it isn’t really that short.

  22. I just added FT, and I am looking forward to reading your Welcome Home GI short story.
    Also, I am adding a tag “N2L” to the category list. We’ll start marking your posts like we do with vimto.
    That will also help me do some re-design of the layout that I have planned for ’07.

  23. Cool!
    I do prefer lower case, though…n2l.
    An 07 redo?
    Sounds almost ominous.

  24. Trust me

  25. Next time you’re talking to Stefania, please let them know that Free Thoughts has been added.

  26. I’ll do it.
    We’ve already swapped some mail today, and she has her Happy New Years post up, so I will just go add a comment.

  27. First of all Happy New year to Nuke and all the Posse.

    N2L – I will look forward to reading more of your stories. I bet you’ve got a goldmine there! This is a good, good site and it’s just getting better all the time.

    To infinity and beyond!

  28. Thanks vimto!
    Yes it is, isn’t it?
    Onward Through The Fog!

  29. I don’t know if y’all are familiar with the website, Family Security Matters, but it is an excellent site, with many contributors that write excellent, and informed pieces.
    This one is particularly interesting to me, as I have conferred with a number of people, some from the ME, on the correct use of terminology for the Islamofascist movement. You may have seen me use the term ‘Global Hirabah’ or ‘mufsidun’ in some of my posts, and could supply the DOD study that brought those terms to my attention. But this post, which is long, explains it very well.
    Is It Holy “JIHAD” — Or Unholy “Irhabi Murderdom” ???

    But imagine, if you will, how much more difficult it would become for al Qaeda and its clones to recruit suicide mass murderers once these young Muslims begin to perceive themselves as waging not a holy “Jihad” but an ungodly Hirabah against Allah Himself — and as being destined, therefore, not for Allah’s Paradise but for Satan’s Jahannam, instead.

    In this ugly context, al Qaeda’s much-ballyhooed 72 black-eyed virgins would presumably become 72 evil-eyed porcine and canine demons. And is this not a long-overdue and a truly “nightmare” disincentive to al Qaeda-style suicide mass murder?

  30. just had our 2,000th hit today. 2nd best day ever. Thanks everybody!

    This is the #5 Blog on WordPress Blog of the Day

  31. Nuke, thanks for adding me to your blogroll.

  32. My pleasure, freethoughts!

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