Intelligence czar to leave post, go to State: NBC

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The director of national intelligence, John Negroponte, will leave his post to take a senior position at the State Department, NBC news reported on Wednesday.

Negroponte was the first U.S. intelligence czar, filling a post created to bring all federal intelligence agencies under a single umbrella.


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Edwards campaign sinking, borrows the Red Cup

spicoli.jpgLast week John Edwards (trial lawyer-NC) announced his intention to run for litigator in chief. At the time, I remarked about the well-framed photo opportunity, and how it reminded me of Sean Penn’s famous Ninth ward photo op …

A lot has happened since John decided to toss his hat into the ring. That sucking sound you hear is the sound of all the campaign oxygen being sucked from the room by the Events of the Day…

–The RoPers began attacking unarmed Buddhists in Thailand.

–The RoPers got their tails kicked in Somalia, when they attacked someone who will shoot back.

–Saddam Hussein was hanged by the neck until he was dead.

–Gerald Ford died.

John Edwards has got to be wondering, “WTF, Now?” His campaign boat is taking water fast, maybe he needs to borrow Spicoli’s Red Cup.

On the appointment of Ban Ki-moon to the head of the United Nations


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Muslim On Trail Over Danish Mo’ Cartoon Protest.

Muslim on racial hatred charges

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You might remember back to the dark and rainy days of February 2006. A demonstration in London against the publication of Mo’ Cartoons in Denmark took place outside the Danish Embassy. It was an occasion for much Western ‘bashing’ by the Muslims who turned up. Many good people all over the world were appalled by the placards and speeches. They seemed to go much further than freedom of speech would allow. Moreover there was a general unease that the police had neither stopped the protest nor arrested the most provocative of the protesters. The only person threatened with arrest seemed to have been a truckdriver who stopped and asked the police why they were allowing this to ‘protest’ to happen.

Well British justice moves slowly but now one of the protesters is in the dock at the ‘Old Bailey’ (soon to close it’s doors forever!). Here’s some of the Times take on it.

A Muslim protester called for the bombing of Denmark and the United States during a demonstration against the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, the Old Bailey was told yesterday.Umran Javed is accused of soliciting to murder unbelievers and Danes and Americans, and of inciting racial hatred, in a speech outside the Danish Embassy in Central London in February last year.

Police video of the protest, played to the jury, showed Mr Javed, 27, leading chants of “Bomb, bomb USA. Bomb, bomb Denmark”. Officers in charge of monitoring the demonstration told the court that they did not arrest any of the protesters on the day because of fears that it would lead to violence.

Mr Javed, a British citizen, of Washwood Heath, Birmingham, said in the speech that the Western world would pay a heavy price for declaring war on Allah and the Prophet Muhammad.

He said that “disbelievers” should learn from the murder of the Dutch film-maker Theo van Gogh, who had made a film critical of Islam. Mr Javed also referred to the slaughter of the Jews of Khaybar, which is recorded in the Koran.

Mr Javed told the crowd that Denmark should watch its back because “Zarqawi was coming back”, a reference to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the dead al-Qaeda leader in Iraq.

David Perry, QC, for the prosecution, said that Mr Javed appeared to be one of the leaders of the protest and used a loud-hailer to address the crowd.

“He addressed the crowd in terms which encouraged killing and incited racial hatred.”

Mr Perry said that the words used were plainly criminal. “The words used were straightforward and plain. If you shout out ‘Bomb, bomb Denmark; bomb, bomb USA’, there is no doubt about what you intend your audience to understand.

“The prosecution case is that the defendant was clearly encouraging people to commit murder — terrorist killing.”

Mr Perry told the court that the case was not about freedom of assembly or freedom of speech. He said that even a society that enjoyed freedom of speech had to have rules. 

This should be very interesting. Will it put down a marker for decency and draw a line over which Muslims must not step? Ho,hum.


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