Somali Christian Blog Abandoned?

A few days ago I promised myself to try to find out what has happened to the ‘Somali’s for Jesus’ Blog. It monitored the killing of Christians in Somalia by Islamists and the Islamic Courts. Of course the history of the country has moved on and a rout of the Islamists form Mogadishu is now well documented. But this blog stopped suddenly on September 17th. Here is a sample of the posts there finishing with a very poignant one which at the time hit the world headlines. Then that was it – silence.

Somalis For Jesus! condemns in the strongest terms possible the barbaric murder of Ali Mustaf Maka’il on September 7, 2006. Ali was shot and killed in Mogadishu by a militia member of the jihadist Union of Islamic Courts after he refused to join a Qur’an chanting crowd in response to the lunar eclipse.

Ali converted to the Christian faith eleven months ago and his killing is an attempt by the Taliban style jihadists to eliminate the Somali Christian community.


The Legal Encyclopedia defines genocide as “the crime of destroying or conspiring to destroy a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group.”2 The Encyclopedia continues to say “Genocide can be committed in a number of ways, including killing members of a group or causing them serious mental or bodily harm, deliberately inflicting conditions that will bring about a group’s physical destruction.”

Powerful Muslim leaders in Somalia have repeatedly called their supporters to eradicate, to kill, to slaughter and to dispossess the Somali Christian community. These Muslims were able to kill many Christians and harass others but they failed to eliminate the Christian community. This community of faith is the Lord’s and He is their protector.


Nairobi – An elderly nun shot four times at the Somali hospital where she worked forgave her killers as she lay dying, her colleagues have revealed. Sister Leonella, 65, muttered the words “I forgive, I forgive” in Italian after being targeted by gunmen in an apparent execution-style killing, Father Maloba Wesonga said at the nun’s memorial mass in Nairobi on Monday.

I intend to try to find out what has happened . If anyone else has any ideas please let me know in the comments below. I fear the worst – with good reason.

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  1. o yes…on that note u may want to mosey over and check my post on the Somalis as well…u wont believe it!..G’mornin Vitmo and Nuke and 🙂

  2. This is a perfect example of good followup. The Main Stream Media (MSM) will not cover the killing of a nun. It is often white washed as “accidental” or not a hate crime.

  3. Oh, shucky durn, I misspelled his name. One minute you’re the ultimate power holder in a terrorist country and likely the main cause of W’s hemorrhoids aside from Pelosi, the next some sheepherder in Florida can’t be bothered to look up the correct spelling of the name. Death sucks.

  4. Now, how shall we properly celebrate mourn the alleged passing of Ali (Geezer) Khamenei? I think maybe lounging around on the back patio of a beach bar with a tropical rum concoction would give the ol’ fart a suitably dignified and decorous send off as long as I don’t switch over to tequila. Oh, dang, I don’t have a black bikini.

  5. How about a pulled-pork sammitch, and a Cuba Libre?

  6. Hey, that sounds real good.

  7. A chuck of swordfish and a mohito. How about a whie bikini swampy?

  8. Or a big ol’crawfish boil and a keg.

  9. Gad, the Hugh Hewitt show interviewed somebody from “The World Can’t Wait”. Lordy, can’t have George Bush setting up a sexistic society (whatever the hell that is). It is odd listening to people that are of very limited understanding that are smugly convinced they are smarter than everybody else.

  10. Nancy Pelosi is a collaborationist. Heh.

  11. Thanks for linking Nuke…its truly maddeneing when u stop to think bout what is going on around us..No wonder so few people do!

  12. Hey Angel!
    It’s a crazy world we live in.

  13. Ali(Isse) I am one of the somali chiristian in Kenya, and we face alot of A lot discrimination with in the society,every days life we face threats and abusive words.
    and as somalia Christian refugees we have no difference, the muslim have rights Christian have no rights according to our stage, I mean we are in the hot spot, but never consider as minority Group, Somali christian are two times refugee but never, ever, listened what they are saying but we trusted God who we are refuge in his powerfull hand.

    we don’t have lowyer we don’t people to speak on our behave lawyer try to tak about this essure. bu who gonna listened to them.

    Somali christian face a double tragedy when they encounter further hardship and persecution in Kenya. Their situation is deeply concerning and it is vital that the international community mobilize behind the UNHCR to ensure urgent protection for these Somali refugees and their families”

    we have never get any support, any Christian Organization.

  14. In Mogadishu there were about 10 Somali Christian in Banadir area now non of them remain because they became targets, we need to tell the rest of the world That Somali Christian are suffering and very view people can sustain there lives in Africa wherever they are living. One we don’t belong to any society, when I met with African man/woman they will say what is this Somalia or brown color guy doing here, is carrying bomb or what!!

    Secondly when I met with Somali he will say I should have time to kill this “Gaal” gaal means apostate.

    Let suggested that women and children are the most effected specially widows.

    We lost about 30 men in Somalia since Siad Barre Government collapsed.
    No body takes about this No Christian or Organization interest to take about.
    Now we have got a time to tell every one who need to know and I am of the somali christain who is concern my brother and sisters.

    We need people who stands a long with us.

    Saying we are there with you brothers or sisters

    I have more to say but no time…

    Isse Ali

  15. I feel for the Christian faith. I have read your blogs and I am saddened by your words. From this distance it is hard for me to believe what is right or wrong. But, if I know nothing else, It is that God and Jesus is on my side and yours. God bless all of you!! I live in Canada and go to a College. I have an assignment to do on Somali religion. Please write me an tell me your views on Somalia religion. Thank you.

  16. iam somali age of 23 years old i like to meeet some one who tell me about jessus so how i can get

  17. Why does the West ignore the horrible things being done by Muslims to Christians in Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq and other countries and import Muslims? Answer: their governments are run by history ignoramuses when it comes to Islam.

    Don’t be like them, catch up with 1400 years of the hairy horrible history of Islam fast and free with the Historyscoper. Check it out and tell your friends.

  18., how do you do it?

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