It’s Morning in America, AND it’s 9/10/01 all over again!

I got a great e-mail from pjalpha …(aka Mrs. Nuke)

“I feel so much better”…

“The Democrats new promise “A New Direction For America ”

The stock market is at a new all-time high and America ‘s 401K’s are back.
A new direction from there means, what?

Unemployment is at 25 year lows.
A new direction from there means, what?

Oil prices are plummeting.
A new direction from there means, what?

Taxes and interest rates are at 20 year lows.
A new direction from there means, what?

Federal tax revenues are at all-time high. A new direction from there means, what?

The Federal deficit is down almost 50%, just as predicted over last year.
A new direction from there means, what?

Home valuations are up 200% over the past 3.5 years.
A new direction from there means, what?

Inflation is in check, hovering at 20 year lows.
A new direction from there means, what?

Not a single terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11/01.
A new direction from there means, what?

Osama bin Laden is living under a rock in a dark cave, having not surfaced
in years, if he’s alive at all, while 95% of Al Qaeda’s top dogs are either dead or in custody, cooperating with US Intel.
A new direction from there means, what?

Several major terrorist attacks already thwarted by US and British Intel,
including the recent planned attack involving 10 Jumbo Jets being exploded in mid-air over major US cities in order to celebrate the anniversary of the 9/11/01 attacks.
A new direction from there means, what?

Just as President Bush foretold us on a number of occasions, Iraq was to be made “ground zero” for the war on terrorism — and just as President Bush said they would, terrorist cells from all over the region are arriving from the shadows of their hiding places and flooding into Iraq in order to get their faces blown off by US Marines rather than boarding planes and heading to the United States to wage war on us here.
A new direction from there means, what?

Now let me see, do I have this right? I can expect:
The economy to go South

Illegals to go North

Taxes to go Up

Employment to go Down

Terrorism to come In

Tax breaks to go Out

Social Security to go away

Health Care to go the same way gas prices have gone

But what the heck!

I can gain comfort by knowing that Nancy P, Hillary C, John K, Edward K, Howard D, Harry R, and Obama have worked hard to create a comprehensive National Security Plan, Health Care Plan, Immigration Reform Plan, Gay Rights Plan, Same Sex Marriage Plan, Abortion On Demand Plan, Tolerance of Everyone and Everything Plan, How to Return all Troops to the U.S. in The Next Six Months Plan, A Get Tough Plan, adapted from the French Plan by the same name and a How Everyone Can Become as Wealthy as We Are Plan.

I forgot the No More Katrina Storm Plan.

Now I know why I feel good after the elections. I am going to be able to sleep so much better at nights knowing these dedicated politicians are thinking of me and my welfare.”

Newsbusters notices the good vibes , So does The Anchoress, Chad notices the difference 12 years makes, Doug Ross pulls out his Crystal Ball,

FBI: Cargo Operations Halted at Port of Miami

UPDATE 3:  No Charges Expected…..strange end to a strange occurrence

UPDATE 2: The Port of Miami remains on high alert, 4 arrested. >>VIDEO LINK<<

UPDATE: The FBI detained three men who were caught Sunday trying to enter the Port of Miami. A
truck driver raised suspicions when he made inconsistent statements at
the port’s delivery entrance, FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela said Sunday.“At some point he said he was alone,” Orihuela said. However, police stopped the truck and found two more men in the truck cab, she said. The men, all of Middle Eastern descent, were in this country legally, Orihuela said.The port’s cargo area was closed while authorities investigated. This developing story will be updated.

Developing: FoxNews channel is reporting that the FBI has halted all cargo operations at the Port of Miami after discovering a cargo truck with undisclosed cargo and passengers, except for “two middle eastern men”

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Ramen Noodles – breakfast of champions

A giant among inexpensive packaged food producers has died. If it weren’t for ramen noodles (and potato logs, and beer) then making it through college would have been a lot tougher. (h/t slash-dot)

OSAKA (Kyodo) Momofuku Ando, the founder of Nissin Food Products Co. and inventor of instant ramen, died of heart failure Friday evening at a hospital in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture, his family said. He was 96.

Momofuku Ando, founder of Nissin Food Products Co., stands inside a replica of the hut where Chicken Ramen was developed, at the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Ikeda, Osaka Prefecture, in 1999. Born on March 5, 1910, in Taiwan, Ando initially ran clothing companies in Taipei and Osaka while he was a student at Ritsumeikan University. In 1948, he founded the precursor to Nissin and in 1958 unveiled Chicken Ramen, the world’s first instant noodle product.

Ando was inspired to develop the instant noodle after coming upon a long line of people on a cold night shortly after World War II. They were waiting to buy freshly made ramen at a black market food stall.

The experience convinced him that “peace will come to the world when the people have enough to eat,” according to Nissin.


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Heroic measures after DNR stirs the debate

HOUSTON, Jan. 5 — The rules are different for demigods.

On the final day of 2005, pioneering heart surgeon Michael E. DeBakey,M.D., was alone at home preparing a lecture when he experienced sudden, piercing chest pain that migrated to his neck, symptoms he soon came torecognize as those of a dissecting aortic aneurysm.

Dr. DeBakey was 97-years-old and had decided that he didn’t want to endure the surgery necessary to repair the defect. With an irony worthy of Greek tragedy, Dr. DeBakey himself had helped to develop the procedure and vascular graft in 1953, using a Dacron sheath he devised at home on his wife’s sewing machine.

Yet Dr. DeBakey eventually underwent the grueling seven-hour procedure. “If they hadn’t done it, I’d be dead,” he said. The surgery, performed in early February 2006, bought Dr. DeBakey at least one more year, but at the cost of a long, painful, and difficult recovery marked by kidney failure and dialysis, a tracheostomy, six weeks of mechanical ventilation, parenteral feedings, and the possibility — although not the eventuality — of brain damage.

The bill — no one is quite sure of the amount, and Methodist Hospital here won’t comment — is estimated to be well more than $1 million. Few would argue that the world is richer for the presence of Dr. DeBakey, a man who comes as close as any to the status of a deity in the pantheon of modern medicine and surgery.

But the facts of his case, which he and his physicians agreed to share with the public via a detailed article in the New York Times by Lawrence K. Altman, M.D., raise questions about end-of-life care, patient rights, and the use of limited medical resources.

For example, although he had a “do not resuscitate” order (which helater could not recall having made) and a note in his chart stating that he did not want surgery, and although anesthesiologists at the Methodist Hospital refused initially to put him under because of those directives, the demands of his family and the judgment of his physicians overrode Dr. DeBakey’s wishes.

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Stolen rocket launchers ‘hidden in Vic’

This hasn’t exactly been a slow news weekend.  Here’s some more developing news from our allies down under…

Federal police fear five stolen rocket launchers may have been hidden in Melbourne by a terrorist group.

An Australian Federal Police spokesman told Fairfax newspapers it was “common sense” to assume agents were in Victoria searching for the rocket launchers because the terrorist group had cells in Melbourne and Sydney’s south-west.

Taha Abdul Rahman was arrested at a house in Leumeah, in Sydney’s south-west, on Friday and charged with 17 offences over seven rocket launchers allegedly stolen from the Australian Defence Force.

Police say Abdul Rahman, 28, supplied five of the Light Anti-Armour Weapons to one of the men arrested in anti-terrorism raids in Sydney last November over a plot to blow up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Lucas Heights nuclear reactor.


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