Sally Quinn’s morality play

I did something today that is out of character for me: I read Sally Quinn’s WaPo column. Ms Quinn had a lot to say about herself, and a little bit to say about our Bravest in harm’s way.

And while it was refreshing to actually read something written by a liberal that wasn’t breathlessly hysterical or laced with vulgarities, Ms. Quinn did us a great favor by exposing the great void of analytical thought passing through the liberal prism of morality without morals and thought without thinking — an emotionally based reaction to a situation that doesn’t respond to intimidation, distortion, or white guilt.

We have three choices here. All three are immoral. We can keep the status quo and gradually pull out; we can surge; or we can pull out now. When I think about those young soldiers on that plane coming back from Japan years ago, I believe pulling out now is the least immoral choice.

First, there are many more choices that the three which Ms. Quinn uses to frame her Kibuki theatre. And, I agree that following the Soros left and pulling out immediately is certainly immoral, cowardly as well. Also, following the ISG report to gradually pull out and cede regional authority to Iran and Syria is equally disgusting and immoral.

The third option is one that seems to frighten the leftists even more than global warming, if that’s possible: victory. And, victory is neither undesirable nor immoral.

And, if anything, that is the lesson of Korea and Viet Nam as well.

HotAir sees “good-ish” news

Angel is PO’d at PC

Angel gets a Halo

halo.pngCongratulations to our bud, Angel of Woman Honor Thyself.

The list of nominees was pretty impressive, and just being nominated is pretty cool.



Angel has been a good friend to me, and to this blog. This award is well-deserved.

Here is a link. If y’all get a chance, drop by and tell her “congrats”.



SlingCatcher. PC/video enthusiasts take notice

Slingcatcher brings PC-to-TV vids for $200.

SlingCatcher represents a different approach to the merging of television and computers than other attempts, such as Microsoft’s Media Center and Apple’s upcoming iTV . The former uses a Windows PC as a personal video recording device, and can stream video—although unfortunately not videos encoded with DivX or Xvid—wirelessly to a television through the use of a Media Center Extender such as the one found in the Xbox 360. Apple’s solution leverages the iTunes Video Store to allow users to view content that they have purchased online, but it is build atop QuickTime and is not expected to play or stream video in other formats.

The SlingCatcher, on the other hand, is media-agnostic. It doesn’t care what codec videos are encoded with, nor whether or not they have been purchased from an approved online store. It is designed to take video output and stream it, which means that you could use the SlingCatcher with video purchased from other online services, such as the iTunes Store or CinemaNow. In this way, the SlingCatcher may turn out to be a one-size-fits-all solution in a field populated with specialty products.

See other cool tech/vid stuff at SlingMedia .

It isn’t as much fun as going to the building supply store, but it ain’t bad either.

WaPo allows Syrian propaganda

We will never forgive–or forget–the UN for standing by and watching the US invade Iraq in 2003. Washington did not receive clearance from the UN but went on with the war, caring little for the family of nations that assembled in San Francisco in 1945 to make the world “safer for democracy.” Mr. Kofi Anan was both unable–and unwilling–to say no to the Americans. And by no means has the world become “safer for democracy” after the fiasco in Iraq.


Poor Sami Moubayed. Perhaps he would be willing to tell his arab brethren to stop seeking revenge, and accept the opportunity to build their own state. They actually have the support of the first US President who has called for the creation of an independent Palestinian state. But instead of seizing opportunities, and receiving encouragement to stop the violence and learn to live, the arabs have people like Moubayed who wish to keep the fires of vengeance hot with emotion, and countries like Syria, who use them to fight their proxy war against Israel. The brave and noble Syrians are willing to fight Israel….down to the last Palestinian arab, with creeps like Moubayed cheering them along the whole way.

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What a day!

spectre-vulture.jpgI don’t know how to categorize this…but it’s been an interesting news day. Dead birds in Texas, unexplained natural gas odors in NY, more drama at the Port of Miami–this time involving a positive hit for C-4. Dick Cheney went hunting, as did the US military in Somalia. Cheney used a shotgun. The military used Spectre gunships.

Oh, yeah, and Florida routed Ohio State. After a Ted Ginn return for a TD, he left the game with a sprained ankle and didn’t return, and neither did the Ohio State gameplan.

Go Gators!

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