Gates to Announce Increase in Active Duty Force Strength

…According to a report from  FoxNews.  Sec Defense Gates is also expected to announce a change in the frequency which National Guard and Reserve troops may be called to active duty.  Currently, for example, A guardsman may be called to serve for one year, and have the next five that he will not be called.  That frequency may change. developing…


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Nuke’s Nephew Re-ups

Christmas 06, on the 50 yard line, pre-game at Texas Stadium, Nuke’s nephew reenlists with the United States Navy, shown in this photo with Nuke’s neice. We love you guys. You make us very proud!

Winning Hearts And Minds In Al Anbar!

For those not familiar with Al Anbar province, it is a Sunni dominated province in the West of Iraq, and is the province where the well known cities of Fallujah and Ramadi are located. Those two cities have been the scene of heavy fighting in the past few years, as the foreign insurgents trafficked in from Syria, have infiltrated those cities, and Al Qaida in Iraq has used it as it’s base since the invasion of 2003. Of course, we were all treated with this agonizingly breathless leaked secret intelligence report, back in September.

It is expected, that in tonights speech from President Bush, there will be an announcement of additional U.S. military troops being sent to Iraq, with Al Anbar being one of the areas to receive additional troops. The U.S. Marines and the U.S.Army, have been fighting, and working hard, to improve conditions there, not only with infrastructure, but security as well, and the USMC in particular, has been training the Iraqi Army for more than a year, to take control of Al Anbar. Of the eighteen provinces in Iraq, only three are not under control of the IA, and still represent a challenge for the Iraqi government. Al Anbar (the largest province in Iraq), Al Basrah, and Baghdad (the largest population center).

What the President will say tonight, and what will be the plan of action for the near future, is unknown to all, but a small few, at this time. What I do know, is that in order to gain control over the foreign insurgents, Al Anbar must be dealt with militarily, politically, and rebuilding infrastructure to improve quality of life.

Michael Fumento completed his second embed in Ramadi, this past summer, and was encouraged by much that he saw.
Currently, Bill from INDCJournal is embedded in Fallujah, and has written a superb piece about life in Fallujah, and the challenges the MNF and the Iraqi government face there.
In Iraq Journal.

INDC: Why did you decide to [work to quell the insurgency]?

Yusef: “Because I found that this is going to be the best solution to serve my city and my country.”

He then said that he’d like to tell me two things, but warned me that one may anger Americans, and he hoped they didn’t get upset.

Yusef: “Through my [experience as an enemy], the way I look at Americans, I look at them and feel like they are occupiers, occupying my country when the invasion happened. But when other parties showed up – especially the radicals and the Iranian militias, both who are not Iraqis – now I prefer the Americans. I’ve met [various Americans working for Fallujah]. It is my feeling that [they are] working hard, and (before I knew) you (Americans) I had a different image. Now that I know the Americans, I have a different impression. Now I deal honestly with them and feel they are really working for the benefit of my side.”

“I think the Americans are more for Iraq than the Iraqis themselves.”

He then moved on to his second point.

Yusef: “I want to ask you for something: a one month vacation in the United States to get away from all of this. And if they give me refugee status, I’m marrying an American woman and not coming back.”

He laughed.

Air Force sends F-22s abroad for first time with Japan deployment

With yesterday’s news that Stealth Fighters had been were on a “routine deployment” to South Korea, this news of the Raptor deployment to Japan is certain to make L’il Kim lose some sleep tonight. Probably wouldn’t hurt to blast some Celine Dion music at him either.

HONOLULU (AP) _ The U-S military plans to send its most advanced fighter jet abroad for the first time.

The Air Force will deploy 12 of the F-22 planes to the southern Japanese island of Okinawa next month.

The planes will train with Japan’s air force, U-S F-15’s, and the U-S Navy while at Okinawa’s Kadena Air Base.

The U-S military presence in the region will get a boost with the deployment. More than 250 personnel will accompany them.

The planes are based at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia and are expected to stay for a few months.

The F-22 can cruise at the supersonic speed of a thousand miles per hour and has stealth features.

At 360 (m) million dollars per plane, including research and development costs, the F-22 is among the world’s most expensive jets.


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School district muzzles Al Gore

This is one school superintendent who is going up against the “global warming is a religion” crowd. Expect to see him tarred and feathered by the gaiaists.


The Federal Way School Board Tuesday night put the brakes on schools showing Al Gore’s global warming movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

The board required that an opposing view be presented in order for teachers to present the film. Board president Ed Barney said he’s received about a half-dozen complaints from parents that their child was taking the film as fact after viewing it at school.

“We have to ensure that our schools are not being used to politically indoctrinate anyone,” said board member Dave Larson. The board voted 3 to 0, with two members absent.

In “An Inconvenient Truth,” the former U.S. vice president is shown presenting a slide show around the country on the catastrophic dangers of climate change and his crusade to combat it. A number of the nation’s top climate scientists have given the film high marks for scientific accuracy.

But Larson pointed out two articles presenting counter-views. One is by journalist and author John Stossel, who writes that many scientists laugh at doomsday predictions by Gore and other environmentalists. Some scientists, Stossel writes, say the result of global warming may be benign.

Barney said the film has been shown at some high schools in the Federal Way School District, and one middle school wants to present it. Barney said he doesn’t know if an opposing view was presented.

Larson stressed the district needs to follow its policy requiring that an opposing view be presented when a controversial issue is examined in school.

The board has courted controversy in the past with some of its restrictions. In June, it considered banning flip-flops but backed off after an outcry.


Banning Flip-flops, heh.   Just don’t ban my Crocs!

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