Jakarta bird flu hospital “overwhelmed” with patients

One of two hospitals designated to treat bird flu cases in the Indonesian capital has been overwhelmed with patients with symptoms of the disease, a doctor said on Monday.

In response to a new surge in cases, two Indonesian ministers said the government was pressing for a ban on backyard fowl in three provincial areas worst hit by the H5N1 bird flu virus.

Four Indonesians have died this year after a six-week lull in cases, taking the number of human deaths from bird flu in the country to 61, the highest of any country.

Nine people with bird flu symptoms, including a 5-year-old girls in intensive care, were being treated at Jakarta’s Persahabatan hospital and its isolation rooms could accept no more patients, the head of the hospital’s bird flu ward said.

“If we get more patients, we will send them to Sulianti Saroso,” Muchtar Ichsan told Reuters, referring the country’s main bird flu treatment centre in North Jakarta.

Seven of the patients at Persahabatan came from Bekasi, a town east of Jakarta, said Muhammad Nadirin, a doctor at the bird flu information centre.

An 18-year-old man being treated in Persahabatan has been confirmed to have bird flu after his mother died of the disease on Thursday.


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Stupidity, cowardice, political expedience, and the democrat party

Much has been made of the poll numbers reflecting dissatisfaction with the Administration’s prosecution of the War against islamic fascism, with Democrats and MSM-types (is there really any difference) proudly proclaiming the latest weekly numbers as further evidence of America’s great mistake in Florida 2000.

liberals4.JPGMy own opinion is often reflected in these numbers, and I have been upfront about voicing my disapproval with PC rules of engagement being imposed upon our military, and the Administration’s inability to put up a concerted effort to fight the PR battle for public opinion. Either the threats that face Western civilization are as serious as many on the political right say, or they are not. I believe that they are, and the case has been made on these pages, as well as on websites across the right side of the political blogosphere.

The behavior of the political left has been, and remains unforgivable. Laconic Blog expresses this in a way that I would like to, if I were able to turn a phrase the way this author does. Here is an excerpt:

And why have they done this? What proud motives have spurred them on? Honest intellectual differences? Grief over wiser, more effective paths not taken? No. Simply this: their own political advantage. The Left has concluded that the most important equation for them in this decade is the Kennedy-Durbin Inverse Result Formula: good for Bush=bad for Democrats/bad for Bush=good for Democrats. They have been so fixated on damaging Bush that they are willing to countenance a defeat for their own country.

The irony behind this disgraceful conduct is that these fools think that they can ride out an American defeat. In their delusion they think that America can face ignominious defeat in Iraq, Israel can be thrown to the wolves, Iran can become a nuclear power and their world will continue undisturbed. They will be allowed to get on with urbane reading of the New York Times Sunday Magazine unmolested, peaceful lattes and chai teas at Starbucks, and cocktail party fundraisers for Planned Parenthood while the French keep the peace and John Kerry subdues Al Queda with subpoenas and injunctions.

Pretty good, huh? Here is a link. Go read it all.

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Archbishops: March to say ‘SORRY’ for the slave trade.

THE Archbishops of Canterbury and York are to lead thousands of “pilgrims” carrying a giant cross through London to repent for the Church of England’s complicity in the slave trade. Moments of quiet reflection will punctuate the procession as African drummers beat a sombre lament. The march will culminate in a symbolic “release from the past”, possibly in the form of a replica slave auction notice being torn up or shackles being removed from the cross.

The “walk of witness” on March 24 coincides with the bicentenary of the abolition of the slave trade. It is the latest stage in the church’s repentance since February last year, when the General Synod voted to apologise for its involvement in slavery.

vimto’s rant:

Well our good and great Anglican leaders are showing the world the way! Instead of seeing the past as a weave of the noble, glorious, unfortunate, and ugly (and much more) that are a part of our cultural heritage, that we can learn about and have pride in and learn from, they isolate the ‘in crowd’ luvvie-liberal issues of today, remove them from their historical context and then rejoice in the spectacle of self flagellation. Bah!!!


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