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Palestinians living in Iraq have been warned that they will be killed by Shia militias unless they leave the country immediately….

Now the Shia militias are stepping up their campaign to drive out Iraq’s 20,000 remaining Palestinians – half the estimated 40,000 living in the country at the start of the war, all of whom were welcomed by Saddam Hussein and provided with housing, money and free education….

“We are sure that all the Palestinians in Iraq are involved in killing the Shia people and they have to pay the price now,” he said. “They lived off our blood under Saddam. We were hungry with no food and they were comfortable with full bellies. They should leave now, or they will have to pay.”

Source: telegraph.co.uk

One of these days, the Palestinians are going to understand that the only way they can survive and prosper is to build their own state. The opportunities are there. It’s up to them, unfortunately, they can’t see past their hatred for Israel to seize the opportunities before them. Sad.

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Can we question their patriotism now?

Update3 Faisal Khetani on Monday
told FOX News that the person responsible for the email reply had been
The Web site, meanwhile, has been temporarily taken down. 

Hess emailed that he has since found two mat suppliers willing to ship to an APO address in Iraq.


Update2 Discount Mats, based in West Allis is confirming that it sent an inflammatory email to
a US soldier. The email has been making its rounds on the blogs. It was
first reported on the website snopes.com. …A Vice President with Bargain Suppliers, the website’s parent company,
confirms the email was sent. He says the employee who sent it is being
held accountable and will be dealt with.


Update: The following message appears on the discount-mats.com website: Discount-Mats.com is Experiencing
Technical Difficulties…If you are inquiring about your order,please contact us via phone or email. …Thank you for your understanding patience….


A Wisconsin retailer has shown their true colors, and shame on them. This is a disgusting display of anti-Americanism, and leftist rhetoric that is completely over the line. The bastards even encourage the Sgt and his troops to desert their posts. (h/t Euphoric reality)


One of our soldiers emailed a retailer in West Allis, Wisconsin, inquiring whether they could ship floor mats to an APO address. The NCO wanted to buy better gear for his troops to sleep on. You won’t believe the company’s response*. (Their email address is included below, if you’d like to let the company know what you think of their business.):
From: SGT Jason Hess
Sent: Tue Jan 16 3:25
Do you ship to APO address? I’m in the 1st Cavalry Division stationed in Iraq and we are trying to order some mats but we are looking for who ships to APO first.

From: contact@discount-mats.com
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 9:44 PM
Subject: Re: Feedback: from discount-mats.com

SGT Hess,
We do not ship to APO addresses, and even if we did, we would NEVER ship to Iraq. If you were sensible, you and your troops would pull out of Iraq.
Bargain Suppliers

Euphoric reality concludes:

Apparently, Discount-Mats prides itself on its customer service: “Outstanding Service – As a customer, you’re part of our family. You can expect friendly, courteous, responsive service before and after the sale.” Unless you’re an American servicemember, that is.

Source: euphoricreality.com

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How cool is this?

TVU Player gives you free Cable TV……. direct to your PC.

Looking for a cheap and easy way to watch TV from your home PC? Can’t afford cable? Well TVU and the TVU Player offers free P2P streaming of many of your favorite cable TV channels.

From FOX to the USA network, from Comedy Central to the Cartoon Network, it has all the “pillars” of cable TV without all the bills.


I’ve got the Saints-Bears game on right now. Very cool, indeed.

The download takes about 5 minutes, so be patient. Unzip the file and follow the install directions. Then, just select your channel, and watch free TV.

Wonders of modern technology… Love it

News from over the pond to brighten your morning.

Good Morning America! Well at least you now know that Mrs Clingon is setting out her presidential stall. Over the pond we grapple with more mundane things like this news that has got me very angry!

A Muslim woman police officer has sparked a new debate by refusing to shake hands with Britain’s most senior police chief for religious reasons. The incident happened at a passing-out parade where Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair was inspecting a line-up of 200 recruits.

In addition to refusing a traditional congratulatory handshake from Sir Ian, the WPC – who wore a traditional Muslim hijab headscarf – also declined to be photographed with him as she did not want the picture used for ‘propaganda purposes’.

The woman had earlier insisted that it was contrary to her religious teaching for her to touch a man. Now The Mail on Sunday has learned that her gesture has sparked top-level discussions at Scotland Yard. Some officers argue that her attitude towards men might impede her ability to detain offenders. However, it is clear that she is happy to come into contact with men, just not shake their hand or kiss them.

On the other hand I’m not sure what to make of this. I’m pleased the Muslims are being checked but not pleased that it’s spread all over the newspapers. This was meant (I assume) to be a covert operation for a few years to come…..

THE intelligence agencies are monitoring every Muslim who travels from Britain to Mecca on pilgrimage in a wider effort to piece together intelligence on suspected Al-Qaeda terrorist activity.A senior Whitehall official has disclosed that the operation targeting trips to the holy city in Saudi Arabia by more than 100,000 British Muslims is part of a trawl by MI5 and MI6 for information about movements of suspected terrorists. It follows evidence that British Islamic terrorists have visited the city before carrying out attacks in Britain and abroad.


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