What’s next? Global pandemic of deadly strain ofTB

WMD? Nope. HN51 Bird Flu? Nah. HIV? Not even close. Global Warming? Wrong again. The latest entry into “what’s going to kill us all now” is a deadly strain of TB that has already killed hundreds in South Africa. Just great. This bitch of a disease has a 98% mortality rate that is the stuff of a Stephen King novel. Oh yeah, one more thing, it’s extremely drug resistant.

South Africa is considering forcibly detaining people who carry a deadly strain of tuberculosis that has already claimed hundreds of lives. The strain threatens to cause a global pandemic, but the planned move pits public protection against human rights.

The country’s health department says it has discussed with the World Health Organisation and South Africa’s leading medical organisations the possibility of placing carriers of extreme drug resistant TB or XDR-TB under guard in isolation wards until they die, but has yet to reach a decision.

Source: guardian.co.uk

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Handshake? Er, no! But at least the S.A.S are in town!

Two items culled from todays Times UK.

A Muslim woman police cadet refused to shake hands with Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner.

The incident happened at a recent graduation ceremony where Sir Ian was inspecting a passing-out parade of 200 new recruits.

The woman, who has not been named, told officers just before the ceremony began that her strict Muslim beliefs meant that she could not exchange the traditional congratulatory handshake with the commissioner.

She also refused to be photograped with Sir Ian, reportedly claiming that she did not want the image to be used for “propaganda purposes” as the Yard endeavours to recruit more female Muslim officers.

Sir Ian was said to be incensed when told of the woman’s refusal.

Tahir Butt, spokesman for the Association of Muslim Police, supported the woman’s behaviour. “The actions demonstrate strength of character, challenge social norms and educate others as to the diverse practices of communities of London,” he said.

Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said that the public should not be alarmed by the officer’s beliefs.

He said: “If she is called to a male victim who has been shot, the laws go out of the window. Muslim law will say, ‘Forget everything, save this life’.”


So that’s all right then?

Well Mr Butt, let’s be more honest shall we?

Firstly, Her actions did not betray a ‘strength of character’. They were manipulative. They were announced at the last minute to put the senior officers at a disadvantage.

Second, she was not ‘challenging social norms’, she was imposing Islamic practice. Arguably it was Sir Ian Blair who was challenging Islamic social norms by extending a warm decent handshake with no sexual overtones to this woman. Mr Butt. we are fed up with our social norms being challenged by Muslims. We like and are proud of being British, and you live here so get used to them.

Thirdly to suggest she was invloved in ‘education’ is laughable. This was cynical and

rude action directed at the leader of the Metroplitan Police, quite unworthy of any officer. She should apologise right now unreservedly, or be booted unceremoniously out of the Met.

Lastly, Mr Butt you say that if someones life was in danger she would forget everything and act. Well that’s a relief. Yeah yeah, something like, “Kaffur, but better do my duty”.

Message to Mr. Butt: “don’t you patronize us mate”‘

An SAS unit is now for the first time permanently based in London on 24-hour standby for counter-terrorist operations, The Times has learnt.

The basing of a unit from the elite special forces regiment “in the metropolitan area” is intended to provide the police with a combat-proven ability to deal with armed terrorists in the capital.

The small unit also includes surveillance specialists and bomb-disposal experts.

Although the Metropolitan Police has its own substantial firearms capability, the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, the Brazilian electrician who was mistakenly identified as a terrorist bomber on the run, has underlined the need to have military expertise on tap.

For those who say we are not at war with Islamic terrorists, explain the deployment of the elite S.A.S in London?

see also: BBC


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