Best Protest Money Can Buy

paidprotestors.jpgImagine, if you will, a sea of protesters in front of the White House for tonight’s State of the Union message. A sign-wielding brigade of like-minded activists of all races, all ages, and all on the same page:

We support the President.

GWB: Defending the Free World.

News cameras, videos, interviews, the whole bit. Now suppose that a journalist discovers that a conservative PAC has paid these protesters to be there. Do you think the lead in the news stories would be about the protests, or about the fact that the protesters were in fact paid employees of the conservative PAC? That’s a rhetorical question, we all know what the answer would be.

Interestingly enough, the only reason that the above scenario would be unusual is because it is about conservatives. This is standard operating procedure for progressives, and others on the extreme political left. And now, Hizballah has decided to take a page from the Leftist Handbook by paying Lebanese citizens, and non-citizens alike to participate in their massive “demonstrations” against the nascent Lebanese democracy.

Do you think the lead in the news stories will be about the “protests”, or about the fact that the protesters are in fact paid employees of Hizballah? This is a rhetorical question, we all know what the answer will be.
(h/t In the Bullpen)

OTA, Something and Half of Something

Angel:  Respect thru Opression 

Hizbollah shuts down Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Hezbollah-led protesters paralyzed Lebanon Tuesday by burning tires and cars on major thoroughfares in and around the capital to enforce a general strike that aims to topple the government.

Clustering in small groups to man the blazing roadblocks, opposition supporters escalated their nearly two-month protest. Commuters were stranded and silence hung over many commercial districts amid reports of scattered violence.

Chad reports that there’s money to be made in these Hezbo protests:

Do you not have a job? Do you like adventure and the thrill of being
an infidel among the ‘party of God?’ Do you like to sit around holding
up signs and looking at pictures of a bearded man all day long? Do you
like to talk to people who can’t explain their positions of why they
support a radical Islamic group?

If the above is you, fly to Lebanon and participate in the
Hezbollah-sponsored sit-in in an attempt to push the democratically
elected government of Lebanon out of power. The pay is $20 per day,
which isn’t great, but when you realize you get the chance to scream
out ‘death to America’ every fourth hour, it’s well worth the flight.
Tents for sleeping are arranged, but if you are an American you might
want to wear chain mail.


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