Global Warming Is Real!

And it’s happening on Mars…………………..

NASA scientists are reporting that the climate on Mars appears to presently be warmer than it has been for at least several decades, possibly even centuries. This is based on pictures of Mars dating back to 1999. These images document substantial changes in the polar ice caps that Michael Malin, the principal investigator for the Mars Orbiter Camera describes as shrinking at “a prodigious rate”…..


Somebody’s gonna have to tell those Martians to park those dang SUV’s.

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Schilling could be John Kerry’s opponent in 2008 senate race

schilling.jpgBOSTON — A pitch for Red Sox ace Curt Schilling to replace John Kerry in the U.S. Senate.

Today’s Boston Herald reports there’s a move to draft Schilling as Kerry’s opponent in the 2008 senate race.

An online poll of 800 voters has Schilling leading Kerry by 96 percent.


Let’s do the match…..leading by 96 percent could mean Schilling 98%, Kerry 2%….out of 800 votes, that means 16 people actually voted for Lurch.  Amazing.

(h-t hotair) 

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…You just might just be a patriotic terrorist

With a wink and a nod to Jeff Foxworthy’s “redneck” jokes, here are a few tell-tale signs to determine whether or not you are a “Patriotic Terrorist.” , (which I liberally “bidenized” from Greg Gutfeld’s Huffpo piece).

If you are intensely critical of the US, while tolerating homicidal enemies who condemn everything you previously claimed you are for – human rights, voting rights, gay rights, women’s rights, porn -…….

You just might be a patriotic terrorist.

If you talk about tolerance constantly – and hilariously tolerate genocide and suicide bombers because those actions undermine your more intimate opposition, the American right…..

You just might be a patriotic terrorist.

If you believe that believe the US desires to control the Middle East, empower evil Israel and expand it’s power base at the expense of innocent Arab lives. …..

You just might be a patriotic terrorist.

What is a patriotic terrorist?

It is an American who claims to love his or her country while enjoying the enemy’s success against said country. It is a person who gets deeply offended if you question their patriotism, while also appearing to share the same ideals of the more spirited folk who like to blow up innocent people.

Patriotic terrorists love America with so much intensity that it appears to the untrained eye that they hate it. But it’s actually the most powerful form of “tough love” known to man, woman and Rosie O’Donnell. Patriotic terrorists love America so much that they realize it needs an intervention – and real terror is the only way to enable that intervention. In fact, to keep a mammoth, arrogant superpower like America in check, terrorism is the only thing we’ve got. Noam Chomsky knew this from the start, making him a patriotic terrorist of the highest order.

This is why he gets the chicks.



A Boost For Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research


Science Daily — The development of hydrogen fuel cells for vehicles, the ultimate green dream in transportation energy, is another step closer. Researchers with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) have identified a new variation of a familiar platinum-nickel alloy that is far and away the most active oxygen-reducing catalyst ever reported.


h/t swampwoman,

Also, this story from earlier this week:

A secretive Texas startup developing what some are calling a “game changing” energy-storage technology broke its silence this week. It announced that it has reached two production milestones and is on trackto ship systems this year for use in electric vehicles.

EEStor’s ambitious goal, according to patent documents, is to “replace the electrochemical battery” in almost every application, from hybrid-electric and pure-electric vehicles to laptop computers to utility-scale electricity storage.

Very cool. (a Texas company, what? Right in the middle of evil big awl country? Heh™)

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A Boost For Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research

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