How Do We Define A ‘Muscular Liberal?’

I came across this term by accident and it was new to me, so forgive me if I’m a bit slow and please accept some responsibility for not informing me(nyah!).
You know how it is, you go to a favorite blog or website, find something interesting, click on a link and the next thing you know you have clicked on a dozen different links since the first and you have all of these open windows, only now you have more questions than before. That’s what happened this afternoon.

I don’t even remember where I came across the term ‘muscular liberal,’ but I’m certain it was in a discussion of Senator Webb’s absurd response to President Bush’s SOTU address this past Tuesday night. The image that first appeared in my mind when I saw the term was a Chippindale’s dancer with a ‘stop the war’ bumper sticker applied to conceal a portion of his male anatomy, or of the Village People singing a jingle for LA Fitness centers, but I quickly chuckled and moved on, as I was now intrigued with this notion of a suddenly physically intimidating liberal presence.
I found some good articles and blog posts that attempt to explain it. Such as this one at Never Trust A Hippy, which is admittedly an alternative definition.

One example I’ve been given is a rejection of the cultural relativism that says that we shouldn’t be so imperious as to criticise limb-amputation or the stoning of adulterous women – especially after what we’ve done to the rainforests.
Another argument is related to the war in Iraq. Do liberal democracies have a right or an obligation to impose democracy on dictatorships?
So, another definition of ‘muscular liberal’ for you to chew on. One that says “if you don’t vote, don’t bitch.” And, on the day after an election, one that says “OK. So you lost. Get over it!”

I found this one informative, but not satisfactory. So I continued in my search and came across an article in Family Security Matters by Ben Shapiro, an extremely bright contributor who at the age of 22 is in his third year of Harvard Law and has already written two books. When I saw he had posted the article, Webb of Venom, I was hopeful it could explain, definitively, what a ‘muscular liberal’ is.

But this is what today’s liberals call “muscular liberalism.” Commentators on the left raved about Webb’s speech. Though Webb called for a “new direction” in Iraq, he offered not a single practical word about how to tackle the situation on the ground.
What, then, makes Webb a “muscular liberal”? His absolute loathing for President Bush. Democrats believe that it takes more courage to obstruct President Bush and Republicans than to fight Islamism. Webb offered nothing but vitriol, and Democrats lapped it up.

That seemed to help, but a Funk-Wagnall definition it wasn’t, just informative. So I muddled on and came across an article at WorldNetDaily by David Limbaugh, The Democrats’ ‘muscular liberal’. Eureka! Here’s the answer, at last…but wait…

Enter James Webb. Who better to square a circle than a man whose resume contains at least two oxymorons: He’s a “conservative Democrat” and a “muscular liberal”?
No less a liberal than Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter gushed over Webb’s SOTU rebuttal, writing, “Virginia Sen. James Webb managed to convey a muscular liberalism – with personal touches – that left President Bush’s ordinary address in the dust.”

Good grief! They are tossing this term around as though it has been a part of our lexicon since Thomas Jefferson. Therefore, I must draw some conclusions on what I’ve learned and hope our dear readers here can provide a qualified, bona fide definition.

Based on the info I have presented, it appears that to be qualified as a ‘muscular liberal’ one must oppose not only the fight in Iraq, but the GWOT in it’s entirety; any plans by President Bush to seek victory in the GWOT and not have any viable alternative plans to replace those already in action, while using their BDS base to give them encouragement as obstructive appeasers, knowing that when the GWOT comes home with our troops they will be able to blame it all on President Bush, anyway.

I can’t accept that as a definition, or as a run-on sentence, just as an explanation. Here’s my simplest definition for the term in question. It’s just another self-adoring term the lefturds can use to make themselves feel better about being weak and worthless, when there is a war to be won.

(photo by zombietime)

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  1. “It’s just another self-adoring term the leftards can use to make themselves feel better about being weak and worthless, when there is a war to be won.”

    After all the searching, reading, linking, etc. That last sentence sums it up pretty well. No actual plan of there own, just Bush Is Wrong. Morons, they don’t even know the damage they’re doing even though it’s as plain as the nose on their face. Wait ’til reality rears it’s ugly head once again. Whom do you think they’ll blame?

  2. Who will they blame, oops, that was your question.

  3. they will be able to blame it all on President Bush, anyway.

    No, that has never really been in doubt. The question is what is the formal definition of the term.
    /brb, American Dad is on

  4. I don’t think there is a definition of Muscular Democrat. It’s an oxymoron, with “moron” being the key word. They are making things up as they go, kinda like “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks”. They make up words all the time: Neocon, Quagmire, Wrong Headed. Some are not made up, but are exclusive to the Dhimmicrats.

  5. What baffles me is I kept finding references to the term ‘muscular liberal,’ but can’t seem to find it’s origins. I mean, BDS came from Krauthammer more than three years ago, so why can’t I find the origins of this term?

  6. I think it’s a new term, just being planted now. You caught it in the infancy stage. Good catch!

  7. I don’t think so, the link from never trust a hippy was written in Oct ’05, and he made it sound as though it had been bandied about for a while, but he’s from the UK, so maybe it started over there.

  8. So it really has nothing to do with our liberals. “Limp Wrist Liberals” are the ones here in the USA. Cowards, afraid to stand up for what is right. Cowards, that vote for useless non binding sh*t that only undermines our country. And add in those cowards on the right too!

  9. Dang R.D., it has everything to do with the leftards in this country, they are tossing this term around like we should all know exactly what they mean by it, but there is no attributable source for it’s creation.
    I think it’s more symbolic, and reliant on imagery, than it is a citable term. It may be they are trying a Goebbelesque image of strength, and power, to conceal their insecurities.

  10. OT, sure wish we would hear from el nuko. I hope his silence today isn’t related to his Dear Grandma’s health.

  11. I think we’re saying the same thing, but speaking another language. 🙂

  12. On the OT. Me too…

  13. I just tried to follow the use of the term, to try and find out where it started, and still hope someone may come along with the original use.
    In any event, as I see it’s use has begun to enter commentary more and more, my post is also a heads-up for future use, and to try and be armed with some info, to respond to any that try and use it as a recognized and forceful idiom.

  14. Oh, found this story earlier, and hate to hear it, but not surprised.
    Barrett-Jackson’s Westworld Tent Turns Out to be a House of Cards.

  15. Weaponology is on Military channel. New episode on body armor, some of which has recent stories on that defense review link I showed the other night.

  16. Discovery channel, future weapons, they are about to test dragon skin body armor against an ied.

  17. I kind of thought some cars were really going for too much, and others were really a bargain. If you listened to Mike Joy and the others, they were commenting on the fact of really good cars going cheap, and others, like the ‘cudas bringing unbelievable prices. Is nothing sacred?

  18. I’m watching Ollie on fox now. I’ve seen the dragon skin episode. I tivo all Future Weapons episodes. Great show…

  19. After reading this piece, and thinking back, there were a bunch of cars that I thought were steals, and also they seemed to be rolling some cars off long before the bidding had settled. I also noticed a lot more bid halting, to try and plug the value of a car, as it seemed Craig wasn’t satisfied with the amount. I even saw Craig go out into the audience and try and help a bidding assistant work a potential buyer to up the bid.
    Some of the things I saw didn’t square with what I had seen for the last ten years, but it never occured to me that there was something nefarious going on, but reflecting back now, there very well could be.

  20. Yeah, it’s a rerun, but I didn’t see the first half.
    I’m back on Weaponology now.

  21. In hindsight, I have to agree with you completely. I saw the same things a few years back though, especially the stopping of the auction to bid up the car. Something is wrong there, that’s for sure. They really are too full of themselves.

  22. Where’s Swamps tonight? Cars, Liberals, Weapons…

  23. It seemed to be more noticeable this year, but I just thought it was because it had gotten more popular. I don’t know, it would seem, based on what the article said, that the complainants have a grievance.
    I don’t know where that ol’girl is, maybe she’s hanging over at GCP tonight.

  24. Well, I need to start turning things off, including the lights. Got an early start in the a.m.
    R.D., have a great tomorrow, and a good week.
    Sure hope all is well with our nuke.

  25. G’nite n2l. I hope nuke all is well with nuke also.

    And a “Mooseknuckle in your dreams tonight. 😆

  26. Henh…I was wondering if you ever checked your email.
    Oh, and I would never wish one of those on you. 👿

  27. hheeehhheeehheee! Just kidding bud! Sleep well. 😉

  28. I sat down in the La-Z-Boy at 8:00 p.m. under a nice warm electric throw to watch T.V., and the next thing I knew it was morning, so I fixed SwampMan some Cuban toast (like French toast, but with a little different flavorings) and bacon for breakfast and just sent him out the door.

  29. Heh. I wanted to comment on seeing Hillary on television calling for the Prez to withdraw from Iraq and bring the troops home before the next President is elected. I believe I can translate that to mean “I don’t have a clue as to how to proceed on any war on terror, so get it all wrapped up now so that I and my team of Hollywood advisors don’t have to deal with it.”

  30. Being a fat child is a criminal offense. All words fail me except for pejorative words.

  31. So Swampie, have you heard the term ‘muscular liberal’ before?
    Has anyone heard from nuke?

  32. Great discussion. The mainstream media loves to fawn over and promote their new leaders. Webb was a Reagan Republican. So, since he switched ideology to win over just enough votes from moderate conservatives. It’s funny, they haven’t had a muscular liberal since JFK.

    Surge, gravitas, the hammer, neocon, (sounds like neo Naz).

    The Dems will try and shape history with these semantic con-games.
    They really think Republicans are a group of dumb, uneducated Bible thumpers (another term they created).

  33. Hey, Mick.
    I thought the photo by zombie illustrated the best visual I could find of a ‘muscular liberal.’
    Like I said, only self-adoring titles for the leftard agenda.

  34. You sure you want that here?

  35. Great article N2L!
    “Muscular liberal” heh that is a new one on me. I prefer leftard myself. :=) Hopefully the left will eat itself alive eventually, and we will be rid of them for good.
    A girl can dream right?

  36. Hey vh!
    That’s why I put zombies pic at the end, so you could have a visual to take away, but not to have throughout the post.
    Yep, leftard works for me too, but they (the leftards) need something more profound and flattering.

  37. Yeah, he’s perfect. Looks like San Francisco’s Ocean Beach and and East Bay loser wearing his teenage kid’s snowboarding hat.

  38. ZombieTime is the stuff! Good idea to place the pic it at the end. I saw that set of images from the beach impeach mob of fools. Did ya notice the tin foil beanies? LMAO

    Yeah they may need something “more profound and flattering” in order to justify their pathetic existence.
    They should all just crawl back into the holes they crawled out of. :p

  39. Hmmmmm. It wouldn’t take very long to felt one of those hats….I have the wool and the Kool-Aid for the authentic artificial grape color.

  40. Dang!
    Filter ate my post…again.

  41. Join Hans unt Gunter, at ‘Liberal Muscle Beach.’
    They will pump you up!

  42. Dang, No2Libs, there must be some kind of mad-vegetable disease that those folks have ingested that turned their brains to mush.

  43. Oh no I looked at them again. The nausea has returned. Perhaps we wont have to concern ourselves with them any longer. Surely the combination of the sun and the tinfoil, fried what was left of their brain matter. LMAO It wouldn’t take much.

  44. You know Swampie, it could be something as simple as that, but I have a theory as to why there is such a large concentration of nutjobs on the left coast. It’s the Pacific Ocean. That’s right, the ocean. It served as a barrier, as the whack-jobs kept getting run off, and migrated west, and when they got to the coast, they couldn’t go back, and the Captains of the ships didn’t want them, so they settled. Just thing, all we need do is build a bridge for them, and they would continue on to China or Russia, where their ideological soul-mates reside. Although, they probably would get run off from there, as well.
    Hey vh, at least we are looking at photos from the winter. You want nausea, go to the photos from Berkeley in the spring or summer…blecch!

  45. Hey, so it was SF’s Ocean Beach! I know my beaches. What a bunch of leftards. I wish they were high enough to go swimming. That is Great White Shark territory.

  46. LOL Mick That would be something now wouldn’t it?
    Breaking news: Leftard lemmings meet Great Whites. Film at 11:00.

  47. Hi,

    As the author of Never Trust a Hippy, here’s a quick clarification.

    The term generally applies (in the UK anyway) to people who – while on the liberal left – were in favour of the Iraq war. I’m more agnostic on the war, but then I’m agnositic on most things – I think agnostic is good when you don’t have actionable expertise. My own personal definition goes something like this:

    Lefty liberals generally SAY that they are in favour of democracy, freedom of speech, etc. But they piss and moan about what they think are right-wing governments. And they piss and moan about them so much that they start to think that ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ – so much so that they forget to defend liberal values against enemies that would stone women and hang gays.

    This book

    …. (i’ve seen an advance copy and I mostly agree with it) largely sets out the muscular liberal position as it’s applied in the Britain.



  48. Hey, Paulie!

    Thanks for definition. I was thinking that it was a glorious contradiction in terms, like “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help”.

  49. Hey Paulie!
    Thanks for commenting, and edifying us on the original definition. As I posted, this term has taken on a new life here in the U.S., and is starting to get tossed around as a credential for the ‘heroic’ anti-Bush crowd.
    It appears, to me, that it is another in a long line of self-adoring nom de guerre’s, that the LLL on this side of the pond glom onto.
    Stop by again, I loved reading your posts.

  50. It such an incongruent term. Actually, Arnold is a muscular liberal Republican.

  51. Henh, count on the Mick.

  52. […] @ 7:01 pm I just listened to Chris Wallace’s interview of Jim Webb, and I was reminded of n2l’s discussion of the coinage of the term “muscular liberalism.” Webb flexed his liberal muscles as he […]

  53. […] just listened to Chris Wallace’s interview of Jim Webb, and I was reminded of n2l’s discussion of the coinage of the term “muscular liberalism.” Webb flexed his liberal muscles as he […]

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