Grim Milestone Alert

abortion.pngSome time late tonight or tomorrow, the 5,000,000th unborn American child will have been killed since the start of the Iraq War by Big Abortion.

You may have noticed this counter in the sidebar. This is one milestone that the death cult Democrats will celebrate as a measure of how far women have come in their efforts to be fully liberated.

“San Francisco Liberal’s” well thought out response to this post reminds me of this golden oldie:

We in the progressive community are much smarter – we don’t believe in sin. It makes us invulnerable to criticism. That’s why we’re taking over this stupid country. However crazy, irresponsible, and outright criminal our behavior is, you can’t call us sinful because that would be forcing your values on us. You can’t call us hypocrites because we never said we were perfect. You can’t say we’ve lost shame because we can’t lose what we don’t have. Human imperfection is our standard, our goal, or breeding ground, our primordial soup if you will. We stand for nothing and have no values except those that may hypothetically exist in a distant socialist utopia that may or may not happen.

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  1. So what?

  2. LOL!
    Hey nuke, you either got a death cult member for a firstie, or Henry Waxman.

  3. nostrils, heh

  4. I’ll never forget Ol’Nostrils at the Whitewater hearings, when he finally said that even if Her Royal Thighness had been involved in illegal activities…”So What?”
    I’m grateful for the reminder from the firstie that there is no right or wrong, when the actions of a leftard are concerned, as your ‘golden oldie’ addendum illustrates.

  5. OMG As if a nick such as “san francisco liberal” was even necessary, considering the comment that followed. [roll eyes]

  6. “That’s why we’re taking over this stupid country.”

    Ha! I wish…

    No really, there are hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of medical procedures that occur each year…abortion is just another procedure, hopefully done in a safe, regulated clinical environment.

    Seriously, it’s great that there are many people like you who have deep feelings about the matter; but unless you are a woman who is actually faced with the choice of terminating your pregnancy, you should just let it be.

    Why force your religious beliefs and personal opinions on everyone else regarding abortion and lawmaking?

  7. …and I actually DO live in SF.

    and, of course, I’m a Liberal.


  8. 5 million dead American babies since March of 2003.
    It doesn’t take a deep religious belief to understand that this is a repugnant statistic.
    And, any religious person who needs a verse of Scripture to tell them that this is sinful is not much of a religious person.

  9. You’re calling a medical procedure repugnant. I’m sure MOST medical procedures are somewhat gruesome…abortion included.

    Sure, it can be described as tragic and sad…but it’s a choice that no one but the pregnant woman can make.

    You oppose abortion? Fine…don’t have one. Raise your kids to think the same way.

    But do not try to ban it for everyone else.

  10. The bigger picture, on this matter, is that people should take responsibility for their behavior aforethought, and if they just hav’ta, which I’m not opposed to, then they should take precautions. After all, the sex act between a man and a woman, is a natural and pleasurable reproductive act. If one doesn’t want to get pregnant, then both parties should take precautions, so that a murder of a completely innocent life won’t be the result. The fact that so many murders have been carried out in this way, since Apr 06, shows not only a lack of responsibility on the part of a not insignificant percentage of our population, but shows a cultural shift that should give cause to any reasonable person, that the value of life in this society is declining. Further, in the event you missed the added point, that the loss of just over 3,000 of our troops in the same period of time, pales in comparison in the number of murdered unborn children. The fact is, the troops were acting as free agents when they enlisted, and joined the fight. They didn’t need protection from their mothers, they were adults that went to war voluntarily. The vastly larger number of the unborn that were murdered by their mothers and physicians(do no harm?), were not able to make a choice in anything, and needed to be protected.
    Reducing the act of murder to a notion of a simple, messy, medical procedure, is not even a clever rhetorical device.
    Speaking for myself only, and not from a religious perspective, but from a concerned citizens desire to preserve our culture and society, if one wants to have sex, but not cause a pregnancy, then show responsibility and take precautions, or keep it in their pants.

  11. Of course I agree that people should be better prepared for the consequences of sexual activity – who in their right mind doesn’t think this way?

    That’s why I and many like-minded people support strong and effective sex-educations program in our public schools. Sure, talk about abstinence, but also repeatedly stress the use of contraceptives. Don’t shy away from it…

    If many of these pro-life conservatives would stop their knuckle dragging on sex-education for kids, the number of abortions would be certain to drop even further than it already has.

    Now regarding troops in Iraq and aborted pregnancies…I think it’s kind of silly and pointless to try and compare the two. I really don’t see a connection.


    “Reducing the act of murder to a notion of a simple, messy, medical procedure, is not even a clever rhetorical device.”

    And yet, that’s the reality of it. Sorry, but it’s true. Abortion is a medical procedure that is performed in a clinical setting, with trained medical professionals and is monitored and regulated by the state.

    Calling it “murder” is also not much of a clever rhetorical device.

  12. re:12

    Millions of abortions also performed BEFORE 1973.
    Abortion is not new; obviously it’s been happening for thousands of years. The difference between then and now is that now the procedure is performed by trained and licensed doctors in a clean, clinical setting.


    I’m 110% sure that “thousands of women have suffered physical and emotional injury” in the years BEFORE 1973, by having their pregnancies terminated illegally and in unsafe conditions.


    The “disposable man” ethic has been around for thousands of years, too.

    War (for all you pro-war folks), can be argued, as a continuation of the disposable man ethic.

    Legal Abortion did nothing to further this idea.

  13. Actually, it’s your reality of it, and not true for all. Abortion is a medical procedure, that murders an unborn child.
    Comparing the deaths, in the same period of time, with combat causing fewer deaths, than the number of unborn children murdered in the U.S., is only connected in the sense that the anti-war crowd proclaims to care about our troops so much, they should all be brought home, as well as saying a soldier in a combat zone, has a statistically lower chance of being murdered than an unborn child in this country.
    I’m all for our young people being educated on the realities and consequences of having sex, and am encouraged by the reduction in the number of teen pregnancies, but the idea of a disposable person gaining ground in our society is deeply troubling to me.
    I don’t think I could eat Soylent Green.
    Lunch is over.

  14. “I don’t think I could eat Soylent Green”

    Well, that’s one thing we have in common!
    Thanks for letting me post, I will leave you all in peace now.

    Take care!

    SF Lib.

  15. As usual I’m late to the party. Most who oppose abortion have no interest in pushing our religious beliefs on others. This debate is about protecting those that cannot protect themselves. To say that it is not about murder but rather a clinical medical procedure is purely false and irresponsible. In NO OTHER medical procedure does someone DIE. At least that is NEVER the desired outcome. As for comparing it to murder in war, again that is completely a smokescreen argument. Grown men and woman who in most cases volunteer, go to war. The unborn have no voice in their fate when it comes to an abortion. Those that value the US Constitution and the American Way of life recognize the RIGHT to the PURSUIT of LIFE. While our consitution affords us our freedoms in that pursuit it also gives us the responsibility to protect that right for those who CANNOT. Protest war all day long, SF Lib. Those people can be influenced to accept your point of view (hopefully never happens). The unborn children cannot make that decision for themselves and for you to compare the death of such to a removal of inflamed tonsils or an infected appendix shows you to be a sad result of the depravity of what the liberals have become.

    Sick, absolutely sick.

    /rant off

  16. OK, I had to jump back in…

    Abortion is going to happen whether you like it or not.

    It has been happening for thousands of years…and it’ll probably happen for thousands more.

    I think the best thing about keeping it legal here in the US is that we provide a safe, regulated, and licensed clinical environment for the procedure.

    Were it to be banned as some would wish it, women will still find ways to end their pregnancies, and it probably won’t be safe.


    I myself am “pro-life” in that I’d like there to be no unplanned pregnancies and I hope for a world where women wouldn’t need to make such a hard decision.

    But I am also a realist, and therefore 100% PRO-CHOICE, in that I believe no one should take that choice away from the woman…

    Don’t like abortion? That’s great! Don’t have one. But don’t try and take that choice away from a woman.

  17. you’re welcome to jump in any time.
    Since you’re from SF, you might enjoy theZebra thead, if you’re old enough to remember

  18. Don’t take that choice to live away from the baby.

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